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ContentsWhy choose gas chromatography? 03The right process gas chromatographfor every measuring task04 – 07Summary of technical data 08 – 09Successful process analytics requiremore than just a gas chromatographMany different industries, varying requirements,one partner for all of your processgas chromatography needsApplication examples for MAXUM,MicroSAM and SITRANS CVComprehensive and reliable:Service and support for process analytics10 – 11121314 – 152

Why choose gas chromatography?“Measure, analyze, optimize!“ This fundamental principle of the process industry sums it up: sustainableimprovements in processes and efficient production are only possible using accurate measurement proceduresand results which are reliable at all times.All sectors of the process industry are facing similarchallenges: increasingly diverse requirements, mountingcost pressure and ever more complex processes. But eventhough the requirements often seem similar, when itcomes down to the details, no process, measuring task,or infrastructure is ever quite the same as any other. Thisis why precise and reliable analytical methods play suchan important role in the success of your business. As atrusted partner of the process industry for many years, weare able to offer our customers state-of-the-art solutionsthat set standards in their discipline.Our process analyzers have been in use for more than50 years, during which time they have steadily built up areputation for quality, reliability, measuring accuracy andversatility. Gas chromatography has a long tradition withus. And especially for this reason, we are able to offersolutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements.Whether it‘s fast chemical reactions and short analysistimes, high safety requirements, maximum redundancyor remote operation you are looking for, our team ofcompetent employees is sure to understand your measuringtask and provides you with an optimum solution.3

The right process gas chromatographfor every measuring taskThere are numerous, varied areas of application in process analysis and each user expects their analyzer to meetdifferent requirements. Our MicroSAM, SITRANS CV and MAXUM edition II process gas chromatographs will provideyou with just the right solution for each and every application.MAXUM edition II and its incredible versatilityThe versatile MAXUM edition II combines various analyticalmodules of different types in one system. This broadbasis means that you can use the MAXUM edition II for allyour different measuring tasks. This significantly reducesyour costs for capital investment, training and spare parts.• The most versatile chromatograph in the world, thanksto a variety of detector types such as FID, WLD, FPD,ECD, HID, PID, which can also be combined into multidetector configurations.• A flexible oven concept with energy-saving airlessovens and airbath ovens (also available in temperatureprogrammableversion). They are all available as dualovens. This configuration makes it possible to implementone complex application or two simple applications withjust one device, where you would otherwise require twoseparate chromatographs. The new modular oven is thenew standard for concise and quick maintenance andhigh measuring uptime.• Parallel chromatography divides a complex applicationinto several simpler sub-applications, which are thenanalyzed simultaneously. This reduces cycle times andfacilitates maintenance.• The patented, valve-less live column switching technologyhas been a tried-and-tested feature of our chromatographsfor many years. It contains no moving partsand is chemically inert, making it maintenance-free.• Electronic pressure controllers provide accurate pressurecontrol without the need for throttles or needlevalves, which is ideal for our live column switching.• State-of-the-art TCP/IP communication and Ethernetstandard hardware mean compatibility with a widerange of different networks. This simplifies communicationbetween chromatograph, computers and operatingpersonnel.• On-site operation with the Color Touch Screen HMI issimplicity itself. Intuitive user interfaces reduce trainingexpenditure and speed up operation of the device.• Remote monitoring of each parameter couldn‘t be easierthanks to flexible PC operation with Windows-basedsoftware and Ethernet communication, as well as highperformanceAnalyzer System Management Software.4

Small size, big performance – MicroSAMWhether you want to refurbish an existing system orare planning a greenfield project, space-saving is alwaysan important issue in the process industry, and a clearcase for MicroSAM. If the micro process GC is installedtogether with traditional process gas chromatographs(PGCs), significantly smaller analyzer shelters are requiredat significantly reduced costs. When combined with auser-friendly remote operation concept, the MicroSAMallows for field-mounted operation directly at thesampling point. This is particularly advantageous in thoseinstallations where analyzer shelters cannot be used forreasons of space or cost. But the MicroSAM is not only anattractive solution in these situations. It is also recommendedfor installation at remote locations with limitedinfrastructure and restricted maintenance potential.• Lower operational costs due to reduced carrier gas andpower consumption; no instrument air necessary• Protection from sun and rain is provided by a canopy or asimple enclosure, rather than using an analyzer shelter• Shorter sample infeed, return, and waste lines• Lower sample extraction volume• Reduced engineering and installation time and costs• Use of MAXUM edition II software reduces trainingrequirements• Communication interfaces and network connection asfor the MAXUM edition IIThe MicroSAM offers considerable economic advantageswhen compared to traditional PGCs, both in the initialinvestment and life-cycle costs:• Simple analyzer maintenance, even without expertknowledge• Fast and simple replacement of the analysis moduleinstead of replacing or repairing individual analyticcom ponentsMAXUM or MicroSAM: Which device is best suited to my application?Do you have an application where space in theanalyzer shelter is a critical factor?Do you need a solution which can be integratedinto your complete system without a great dealof investment cost?Are you looking for a device which can taketime-critical measurements as part of complexapplications?Do you find that device maintenance takesa long time and is very complicated?Do you need a gas chromatograph for sampleswith complex compositions, trace detection orfor liquid samples?The most up-to-date silicon-based micromechanics are integratedinto the MicroSAM. This allows the size of the deviceto be reduced to that of a football while increasing its performanceat the same time.The compact and rugged design of the MicroSAM means itcan be integrated into the process environment simply andcost-effectively.The parallel chromatography of the MAXUM edition II enablesthe distribution of complex applications to several simple units,which shortens analysis times and improves the device serviceability.The average maintenance time for the MicroSAM and MAXUMedition II modular oven is half an hour. And the service can becarried out by staff with practically no training. This increasesthe availability of your plant.The MAXUM edition II enables applications like temperatureprogrammedanalyses, trace analyses with special detectors orthe analysis of liquid, complete and undecomposed vaporizablesamples.5

The specialist for natural gas analysis: SITRANS CVThe SITRANS CV gas chromatograph is based on the innovativeanalytic MicroSAM technology and has been developedespecially for natural gas analysis. It offers all theadvantages of the MicroSAM such as low investment andoperating costs.User software was especially developed for the SITRANS CVto fulfill all the requirements for custody transfer opera -t ion of natural gas chromatographs. Special features ofthis device are: fast, accurate and reliable calculation ofhigher and lower calorific values, the standard density,Wobbe Index and compressibility factor according to internationalstandards. The system delivers information aboutnatural gas concentrations and quality parameters every100 seconds with a repeatability variance of < 0.01%.The SITRANS CV offers significant advantages in termsof analysis and operating costs in comparison to othernatural gas chromatographs.• Linearity over the entire measuring range enablessingle-point calibration – confirmed by the GermanNational Test Authority (Physikalisch-TechnischeBundesanstalt, PTB)• No impact of ambient temperature and pressure• Maintenance-free valves based on MEMS chip technology,this means no moving parts and consequently thehighest reliability• Continuous self-testing and automatic optimization ofparameterization increase availability• Self-explanatory and easy-to-use CVControl software• Flexible installation and assembly – practically anywhere(pipelines, offshore or in general under extremeenvironmental conditions)– Compact design and light weight – only 15 kg– Explosion protection EEx d and weatherproofprotection according to IP65 / NEMA 4X6

Summary of technical dataProductAnalytical systemDetector typesNumber of detectorsOvensTemperature rangesOven optionsSample / column valvesColumnsGas supplySample receipt conditionsPermissible statesSample flowMin. sample pressureMax. sample pressureMax. sample temperatureCommunicationSerial interfaceEthernetProtocolsMAXUM edition IIThermal conductivity (TCD / 8 cells or 2 cells),Flame ionization (FID); Flame photometry (FPD),Helium ionization (HID), Photo ionization (PID),Electron capture (ECD)Max. 3 detector modulesAirless oven (single or dual), airbath oven (single or dual)The temperature of dual ovens can be adjusted independently of one another;both oven types are operated isothermally(for exceptions please see oven options)5 – 225 °C (airbath oven), RT +5 – 260 °C (airless oven)Vortex cooling for applications belowambient temperature, temperature-programmable airbath ovenDiaphragm valves, diaphragm piston valves,rotary slide valves, liquid dosage valves and “valve-less” live switchingPacked, micro-packed or capillary separation columnsUp to 8 electronic and up to 6 mechanical pressure controllersGaseous, liquid50 – 200 ml / min (gaseous sample); 5 – 20 ml / min (liquid sample)35 kPa2070 kPa120 °C Standard (higher temp. optional)RS232, RS485Standard 10 /100 Base T Ethernet, TCP / IPModbus RTU via serial interface and via Ethernet / OPC (ODBC) via EthernetI / OsStandard: 2 AO, 4 DI, 8 DO pneumatic, 4 DO electricalDesign, enclosureWeight77 kgDegree of protection IP54 / category 2Ambient temperature –18 to 50 °CRelative humidity99 % non-condensingCertificationATEX ATEX II G EEx pedmib IIB + H2 T1 –T4CSACSA Class I, Div 1; Group B, C, D with Air or Nitrogen purge8

MAXUM edition II Modular OvenMicroSAM / SITRANS CVThermal conductivityThermal conductivity (micro TCD)Up to 4x4 cells (16 cells in total)Airless oven (single or dual)The temperature of dual ovens can be adjusted independentlyof one another and operatedMax. 8 TCD cellsIsothermal airless oven60 – 80 °C 60 – 165 °CNoneNoneDiaphragm valves M50Packed, micro-packed separation columnsUp to 6 electronic and up to 4 mechanical pressure controllers“valve-less” live switchingcapillary separation columns4 electronic pressure controllersGaseousGaseous,defined energy gas composition (for SITRANS CV)50 – 200 ml / min 20 – 100 ml / min35 kPa 10 kPa500 kPa 50 kPa80 °C – saturation temperature < 55 °C at sample pressure 120 °C1 x RS232C or RS485 + 1 x RS485 RS232, RS4852 x Standard 10 / 100 Base T Ethernet RJ45 Standard 10 Base T Ethernet, TCP / IPModbus RTU via serial interface and viaEthernet / OPC (ODBC) via EthernetModbus RTU via serial interface / OPC (ODBC) via Ethernet1 x RS485 / RS232 Modbus RTU / ASCII (for SITRANS CV)Standard 2 DO (1 x reserved for system fault)2 DI4DI, 4DOMicroSAM (freely configurable),SITRANS CV (DI, 1 = sample flow, 2 = hourly synchronization,3 = revision (results do not affect average values),4 = calibration (DO, 3 x samples, 1 x calibration)up to 60 kg according to features15 kgIP54IP65 / NEMA 4X–18 °C to 50 °C –20 °C to 50 °C–20 °C to 55 °C (for SITRANS CV)99 % non-condensing 90 % non-condensingATEX II G Ex pyedmib IIB+H2 T4CSA Class I Div 1; Groups B, C, D with Air or Nitrogen purgeATEX II 2 G Ex d IIC T4, IEC Ex: II 2 G Ex d IIC T4 GbCSA Class I, Div 1; Group B, C, DClass I, Zone 1; Group IIB + H2 T4Class I, Div 1; Groups B, C, D T4, Factory Sealed9

Successful process analytics require morethan just a gas chromatographThe considerable benefits of gas chromatography can be fully exploited when the outstanding technologiesof MAXUM edition II, MicroSAM and SITRANS CV are combined with other factors.Application“Application” is the term used for customer-specificsystem adaptation to the measuring task. It is here thatthe strengths of the MAXUM edition II, MicroSAM andSITRANS CV show their full effect. Our applicationsspecialists are involved in the process right from the start,bringing years of experience with hundreds of applicationswith our gas chromatographs. They configure thedevice, according to detailed customer specifications,including the oven, detectors, valves and separationcolumns. The appropriate solution is then developed inclose collaboration with the customer and introducedduring the factory acceptance test.Sample conditioningThe quality and reliability of the measured values of a gaschromatograph are in direct correlation to the quality ofthe samples fed into the device. Sample conditioning is anintegral part of a reliable analytical solution and furthermoreis responsible for 50–80 % of maintenance costsand analyzer-related downtimes. We recommend sampleconditioning geared to the gas chromatograph in order toensure the highest level of reliability and simplified maintenance.The future will see a trend toward increased automationof sample conditioning. If the sample conditioningprocess can supply additional measured data such asflow rate, temperature, and pressure, this could help todiagnose faults at an early stage and, as a result, reducemaintenance expenditure.Data managementReliable communication between analyzers and thecontrol system is vitally important for process control.While SITRANS CV is fitted with the operator softwareCVControl necessary for custody transfer, the independentanalyzers MAXUM edition II and MicroSAM use the samesoftware and infrastructure for communication. With thehelp of this infrastructure, measured values can be transmitted,further calculated or corrected if necessary andparameters can be set and modified.In addition, calibration and validation processes can betriggered and tracked and status signals (also externalones) scanned and processed. Alternatively, our AnalyzerSystem Manager (ASM) can take over these functions.TechnologyApplicationSamplepreparationDatamanagement10

SoftwareThe Gas Chromatograph Portal workstation software runson a PC workstation, and provides real-time status forall MAXUM and MicroSAM gas chromatographs in a localarea network. In the event of an alarm, interrogatingthe analyzers is as simple as clicking on the icon for theanalyzer in question. This automatically calls up screensthat are intuitive to use and display all the analyzer’s keyperformance parameters.Every gas chromatograph in the network is monitoredcontinuously with the Gas Chromatograph Portal software,mapping current analysis and operating conditions.The results of an analysis, chromatograms or alarmprotocols are all but a mouse click away. Furthermore,automatic data logging and reporting functions arefully supported in the Gas Chromatograph Portal.The operating software CVControl for SITRANS CV makesa user manual practically superfluous. It is self-explanatoryand enables comfortable operation of the device.The storage of data within the device, the use of logbooks, and the various user levels, including passwordprotection, facilitate the installation and operation ofSITRANS CV in fiscal metering applications according todifferent local meterological requirements and standards.Data communication in line with industry standardsOur gas chromatographs are fully compatible withmodern Ethernet networks and offer, when teamed withthe corresponding software, access to all measuringresults, diagnostics, and key performance indicators(KPIs). They natively support the Modbus TCP / IP-Data-Protocol. This simplifies data transfer for the direct andsecure connection to a plant control system. A systemexpansion into a single joint network is possible withoutproblems and without the practical limitation of thenumber of gas chromatographs. In this way, a system canquite simply grow in step with analytical requirements,over the course of time. Furthermore, it is possible toconfigure the system to be fully redundant, in terms ofnetworking and connectivity, for those applicationswhich demand a high level of data security.Analyzer System ManagerWith the Analyzer System Manager (ASM) we offer a PCbasedoperating and monitoring system for the monitoring,checking and administration of analyzers insubsystems or the entire plant. The intuitive user interfacesprovide easy access from the PC to measurementtrends, equipment statuses and statistical evaluations ormake it possible to start up test routines for the validationof measuring results. A comprehensive reporting moduledocuments the evaluation.Benefits• Just one system monitors, tests and administers themost disparate analyzers• Visualization and operation from simple single-user ordistributed multi-user systems with redundant servers• Evaluation of measuring reliability by checking analyzerswith a variety of validation routines, for example,based on the industry standard ASTM D 3764• Increased analyzer online time• Statistical evaluation of operating conditions and performancecharacteristics (KPIs) such as availability, errorrate and frequency of maintenance• Reduction of maintenance costs through device-specificplanning, implementation and control of maintenancetasks• Documentation of the performance – from individualanalyzers to the entire systemField of applicationThe ASM is ideally suited for all systems and plants whereanalyzer performance documentation and high reliabilityof the measured values are required. Distributed analyzerscan be monitored from a central workstation through thecommunication network. The ASM is especially suitablefor implementation in the oil and gas, the petrochemicaland the chemical industries for the optimization of theanalyzer landscape in existing or new plants.The Analyzer System Manager (ASM) optimizesperformance through its intuitive user interface.11

Many different industries, varyingrequirements, one partner for all of yourprocess gas chromatography needsOur process gas chromatographs are extremely versatile. Customized configurations facilitate use in a widerange of measuring tasks, such as required in chemical and petrochemical processes.The MicroSAM, MAXUM edition II and SITRANS CV arefrequently used to take measurements in the followingfields• PetrochemicalsEthylene, polyethylene, propylene, polypropylene,benzene-toluene-xylenes, phenols, butadiene, andnumerous derivatives; for composition and purity;modern fuel extraction methods, such as gas-to-liquid(GTL) and biomass-to-liquid (BTL)• RefiningAnalysis of light and heavy hydrocarbons; compositionand purity; process monitoring of alkylation andreforming; sulfur content of gasoline and diesel, PINAand measurements with simulated distillation• Natural gas (preparation)Methane, ethane, and other light hydrocarbons, calorificvalue, BTU and specific gravity, NGL, LNG, and liquid-gasprocesses or samples, Wobbe Index and specific gravity• ChemistryFine chemicals, products made by means of polysiliconmanufacturing, chlorine gas, and chlorinated hydrocarbons• Environmental monitoringMonitoring of ambient air, waste gas, wastewater, andcooling water• Industrial gasesNitrogen, hydrogen, gas purity, and air purification, airseparationThis list contains just a few examples of applicationswhere the MAXUM edition II, MicroSAM or SITRANS CVare used. The wide range of applications offered by thesedevices means that many more applications can beim plemented which are completely new to process gaschromatography.12

Application examples forMAXUM, MicroSAM and SITRANS CVPolyethylene plantsWe have been demonstrating our skills in creatingsuccessful analysis systems for polyethylene plants overa number of decades; from planning and engineering toproduction, installation and maintenance. Process gaschromatographs are indispensable components inethylene plants. They derive key data from the processand make it available to the operator or the controlsystem. Our devices play an essential part in increasingplant efficiency, verifying that specific regulations arebeing observed, protecting personnel, plant and theenvironment, and in lowering emissions in an efficientmanner.LNG plantsLNG is natural gas in liquid form. It therefore has a highenergy density, which makes storage and transportationover long distances from the gas field to the consumereconomically viable. LNG is produced from natural gasin large liquefaction plants. Process analytics plays animportant role in terms of ensuring reliable, efficientplant operation and high product quality.Process gas chromatographs are the dominant processanalyzers found in an LNG plant. They are used not onlyto determine process data in order to optimize plantoperation, but also to ascertain calorific values for billingpurposes. With MAXUM edition II, MicroSAM andSITRANS CV we are able to offer solutions for everymeasuring task arising within the framework of theprocess and in connection with settlement of accounts,all from a single source.13

Comprehensive and reliable:Service and support for process analyticsOur range of services at a glance• Plant planning and scheduling• Professional design and engineering of analysis systems(FEED for PA)• Specialists offer advice in selecting your analyticalsystems and process devices• Plant documentation• Installation, testing, and commissioning• Remote servicing• Comprehensive after-sales serviceTrainingTo optimize system availability, we offer you a comprehensiveprocess analytics training program for yourplanning, operating and maintenance personnel. Trainingcan take place at Siemens Training Centers (Karlsruhe,Houston, Shanghai) or at your site and can be carried outon a system- or application-specific basis. Your benefit:After participation in training, your personnel will be ableto carry out servicing work and even certain repair work.14

As your trusted partner, we support you with a complete spectrum of reliable service and support. Our servicesrange from planning and professional specialist support to connecting your device to the control system andbeyond to comprehensive customer service. You can count on our competent specialists no matter what.Service contractsReduced downtimes and the ability to improve planningof your maintenance costs are just two of the many benefitsthat come from having a Siemens service agreementin place. We offer packages that cover preventive maintenance,fault elimination and on-call services. We can alsoput together customized service packages if required.Worldwide serviceYour plants need to run reliably around the clock. Efficientprocess analytics are essential for achieving this requirement.For this, you need to be able to rely on yourproviders delivering quick and professional service.Whether you need advice, a fast delivery, or new devicesto be installed, we offer a global network of experts whoare available in all corners of the globe. By combiningprocess analytics with the latest communication technologies,we are also able to provide effective remoteservicing for our gas

Experience your money on innovationin process gas chromatography– and on 50 yearsof experience.Find the optimal solution for everyapplicationDiscover how to improve your processesin the long termMake accurate and reliable measuringyour recipe for successSimply scanand look atinterestingvideos aboutprocessanalyticsSubject to change without prior notice 03/13Order No. E20001-A360-P720-X-7600Dispo 2790221/45527 MI.SC.PA.XXXX.52.3.01WS 03131.5Printed in Germany© Siemens AG 2013The information provided in this brochure containsme re ly general descriptions or characteristics of perform ance which in case of ac tual use do not alwaysap ply as described or which may change as a resultof fur ther de ve lopment of the pro ducts. An obligationto provide the respective characteristics shall onlyexist if ex pressly agreed in the terms of contract.All product designations may be trademarks or productna mes of Siemens AG or supplier companieswhose use by third parties for their own purposescould violate the rights of the owners.Follow us AGIndustry SectorSensors and Communication76187 KARLSRUHEGERMANY

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