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BEYOND the“ QSure, Hoggy's barbecue is practically world famous,”but our passion for food goes way beyond pulled pork. Each oneof these beyond the “Q” items shares our secret for serving up great food:amazing recipes, fresh ingredients, loads of flavor, ridiculous portions,and a whole lot of love. I f it ’s on our menu, it ’s gonna be great!SMOKEHOUSePRIME RIB **Available Monday through Friday after 4 PM and all day Saturday and Sunday!We take a whole prime rib and hand trim it until we arrive at the perfect selection.We then rub it with fresh garlic, rosemary, cracked black pepper and kosher salt andslow smoke it until perfectly tender. Served with horseradish and au-jus for dipping,a side salad, and your choice of 1 made-from-scratch side.10 oz. $15.99 14 oz. $18.99All entrees are served with fresh-baked cornbread andyour choice of 1 made-from-scratch side.ROSEMARY ROASTeDPORK CHOPSHand-cut boneless loin chops marinated in ourhouse recipe and seasoned with rosemary, garlic,basil and other great ingredients. Served overmashed potatoes and garnished with sweet cornand black bean salsa. $14.99FIRE ROASTED SUMMer CHICKENA chicken breast marinated for hours in our balsamicdressing, grilled to perfection, and topped with sweetcorn and black bean salsa. Served over a bed of grilledvegetables and mixed greens. $11.99FiSHCAJUN TILAPiANew!Fresh tilapia filets seasoned with our cajun spiceand sautéed to order. Served over mashed potatoeswith our homemade tartar sauce. $13.99JAMAiCAN SALMONA 1/2 lb. salmon filet grilled to medium, glazedwith our famous Jamaican sauce, and toppedwith fresh pineapple salsa. Served over a bed ofmashed potatoes. $14.99GRILLED SMOKEDLEMON PEPPerSALMONA fresh-cut salmon filet seasonedwith lemon pepper, served overmixed greens with sweet cranberries,candied almonds and red peppers.Served with fresh-baked cornbreadand your choice of dressing. $10.99New!SALAdS Fresh, crisp, and tossed with love.LeMON SESaMEBBQ SHRIMPMarinated shrimp grilled to orderNew!and tossed in our lemon sesame BBQsauce then served on mixed greenswith green onion, red pepper, freshgreen beans, asparagus, sesame seedsand Bermuda onion. Served withfresh-baked cornbread and yourchoice of dressing. $11.99New! CHIPOtlERanCH GRILLEDCHIcKEN BREASTGrilled chicken breast sliced ontop of mixed greens tossed in ourscratch dressing with sweet corn,black beans, red and green peppers,red onions and fresh-choppedcilantro. Served with fresh-bakedcornbread. $9.99New!CHOPPEDVEGGiEMixed greens, Roma tomatoes,diced cucumbers, green beans, sweetcorn, red onions, sweet cranberries,candied almonds and mixed cheddarand jack cheeses. Served withfresh-baked cornbread and yourchoice of dressing. $7.99CRISPY orGRILLED CHIcKENYour choice of crispy chicken tendersor grilled chicken breast served hoton a fresh bed of crispy greens withdiced cucumbers, tomatoes, crispydiced bacon, shredded cheddar andjack cheeses and fresh basil. Servedwith fresh-baked cornbread and yourchoice of dressing. $9.29{ Dressings }homemade Ranch, Lite Ranch,Italian, Lite Italian,Balsamic Vinaigrette,Blue Cheese, French,1000 Island, Honey Mustard,parmesan peppercornReplace any meat with spiced shrimp for only…$2.99Consuming raw or undercooked meat may be dangerous to your health.

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