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please support usPlease considering supporting this important researchwith a donation. Every gift helps us get closer toachieving our goal of curing type 1 diabetes.I would like to give:r $1,000 r $500r $250 r $100r $50 r $Payment Method:r Please charge my credit cardr VISA r MasterCard r AMEXName on card:Credit card #:Expiration date:r My check is enclosedPlease make your check out to “MassachusettsGeneral Hospital” and include “Cure DiabetesNow Fund” on the memo line. Please mail to:Massachusetts General HospitalDevelopment OfficeAttn: Jocelyn Hoey165 Cambridge Street, Suite 600Boston, MA 02114You can also give online at www.faustmanlab.orgName:Address:City:Denise Faustman, MD, PhD, has spent the lastdecade researching a cure for type 1 diabetes. Thiswork led her to discover a novel way to treat type1 diabetes, accomplishing for the first time ever thepermanent reversal of established diabetes in mice.Dr. Faustman is expanding this promisingresearch to human applications and will hopefullyone day cure type 1 diabetes.Dr. Faustman is the director of the ImmunobiologyLaboratory at Massachusetts GeneralHospital (MGH) and an associate professor ofmedicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Faustmanbecame an independent investigator at MGH andHarvard Medical School in 1987. She completed herinternship, residency, and fellowships in InternalMedicine and Endocrinology at MGH. She is alsoa member of the American Association for theAdvancement of Science and serves as a frequentmember of the Institute of Medicine.Support ACure ForDiabetesState:Phone:E-mail:Zip:Dr. Denise FaustmanFor more information on Dr. Faustman’sresearch, please visit www.faustmanlab.org.r Please sign me up for e-news from MGHYour gift is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

movingbeyond insulinMore than 1 million Americans live with type 1diabetes. Many of them must endure numerousinjections of insulin each day in order to maintainthe proper blood sugar levels.People living with type 1 diabetes must alsocheck their blood sugar many times each day,monitor their diet and visit the doctor frequently.The research being conducted by Dr. DeniseFaustman at Massachusetts General Hospital aimsto offer a chance for people living with type 1diabetes to move beyond managing their diseasewith insulin to actually reversing the condition.The Faustman Lab is now conducting humanclinical trials with Bacillus Calmette-Guérin(BCG), a generic drug that may help to remove thedefective cells that cause type 1 diabetes.Most importantly, the goal of Dr. Faustman’sclinical trials is to develop a cure for diabetes, notjust manage it.With your help, the goal of endingtype 1 diabetes can be achieved.“This research will attempt toreverse established diabetes,rather than simply introduce newpumps or other types of newequipment or drugs to delay theonset of diabetic complications.That is a cause for new hopeand a new vision for people whoalready have diabetes.”—Dr. Denise Faustmantype 1 diabetesfacts:• More than 1 million Americans live withtype 1 diabetes• There is currently no cure for diabetes,but research is offering promise• Living with type 1 diabetes requiresusing insulin therapy — for life• Type 1 diabetes shortens the averagelife span by 15 years• Each year, about 30,000 Americans arediagnosed with type 1 diabetes• Over 13,000 children are among thenewly diagnosed — 35 children each andevery dayALL models used for illustrative purposesthe promise ofgeneric drugsOne of the most exciting things aboutDr. Faustman’s research is that it makes use ofa widely-used, inexpensive generic drug: BCG.Typically, generic drugs offer an affordableopportunity to expand the reach of treatment.The use of a generic drug with a welldocumentedsafety record like BCG also allowsDr. Faustman’s research to move quickly — inclinical trial terms — through human testing.If the BCG therapy is effective, Dr. Faustmanand her colleagues hope to bring an inexpensivetreatment to many patients who will benefittremendously.

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