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2013Media Kit & Marketing PlannerLead generationThought LeadershipMOBILEProduct LaunchesVIDEOMarket ResearchSEOEmailMarketingCustom Contentsocial media marketingBRANDINGis a Praetorian For more Group information, Company please call (415) For more 962-8314 information, email please Sales@EMS1.comcall (415) 962-8314 or email

A Marketing PartnershipThere’s a reason EMS1 is the leading web destination forEMS: we do online better than anyone.MOST POPULAREMS WEBSITE257k *UNIQUE VISITORSPER MONTH127kREGISTEREDMEMBERS†† VERIFIED BY ALEXA AND COMPETE DATA148k FACEBOOKFANS85k *MOBILE VISITORSPER MONTH*AUDITED BY OMNITUREIt’s not just about our traffic – we have an unparalleled track record for creating unique, innovative marketingsolutions that drive amazing results for our sponsors.As a marketer, you know that being online is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. And when you’re evaluatingwhere to spend your marketing dollars, consider letting us create a custom program tailored toward your needs.Our award-winning, industry-best team of online marketing experts can help you address any challenge –from new product launches and thought leadership to branding, market research, social media and muchmore. More than just a media outlet, we are your marketing consultant, continually optimizing your campaignto best reach your audience and generate outstanding return on investment (ROI).Your customers are already visiting EMS1 every day to research products, watch video demos and read articles.Let us help you reach them at precisely the right time – when they are looking to buy.Let’s discuss what we can do for you – contact us for customized solutions or other promotional a Praetorian Group CompanyFor more information, please call (415) 962-8314 or email

Member DemographicsEMS1 BY-THE-NUMBERS † :Each month, the Network ‡ receives…• 275,000 total unique visitors• 56,000 unique visitors to our EMS1 Product Categories• 730,000 page views, including 130,000 from Mobile devices• 300+ Product Info sales leads† Stats from July 2012 Omniture traffic report‡ EMS1 Network includes,, &ParamedicTV.comWhen you advertise with EMS1, you get directaccess to our more than 127,000 registeredmembers – well-balanced geographically andfunctionally across all ranks and divisions. Getin front of the 81% of our members who eitherinfluence or make purchasing decisions for theirdepartment or themselves.RANK/JOB FUNCTIONWhat is your current (or highest) rank?PURCHASING POWERWhich best describes your role in purchasingproducts for your department or agency?EMS EXPERIENCEHow many years have you been in EMS?GROWTH OF MOBILEWhich of the following mobile devices do youuse when looking at EMS resources?SOCIAL MEDIA REACHDo you follow EMS1 on any of the followingsocial networking sites?EMS1’S IMPACTWould you agree that resources on EMS1 havedirectly impacted your performance and safetyas a First Responder?KEYNUMBERS87 % 89 %...say they purchase EMS products online atleast once a year86 % 80 %...would recommend EMS1 as a productresearch tool to others...say they find EMS1’s Product CategoriesUseful or Extremely Useful in researchingproduct purchases...say websites are their primary resourcefor EMS product infoSource: Registered member data and 2012 Annual Reader Survey resultsis a Praetorian Group CompanyFor more information, please call (415) 962-8314 or email

Rates & ServicesHowever you want to reach the EMS market, we have the answer for you. From website andmobile advertising to innovative email marketing products, we offer more options than anyother EMS website for delivering your message to the right audience at the right time.WEBSITE ADVERTISINGBANNER ADVERTISINGEMAIL BLASTS & NEWSLETTERADVERTISINGProduct Category SponsorshipProduct Category Sponsorship:Our signature sponsorship gives youbroad, targeted exposure in a sectiondirectly related to you and your products.In each sponsored category, you’ll receivea Featured logo, 3 Featured Products,a dedicated Company page, plus theability to post all of your marketingcontent – from press releases to videos,whitepapers and more.$400-$500 monthly for first category;$150 for each additionalAdditional Advertising Options:Homepage ‘What’s Hot’ $150/dayWebsite Top Text Link$750/weekHomepage Featured Video $500/weekWeekly Win Giveaway$500/eaFeatured Deal$200/moDirectory Listing $250/yr; ea. additional $50Exclusive Topic Sponsorship $500/moWelcome adBanner Options:Welcome Ad 640x480$60 CPMTop Leaderboard 728x90 $60 CPMHomepage 160x100$20 CPMHomepage 160x240$20 CPMHomepage 160x600$30 CPMHomepage 336x280$20 CPMROS 160x100$15 CPMROS 160x240$15 CPMROS 160x600$25 CPMROS 336x280$15 CPMROS 468x60$15 CPMTargeted PC 160x600$25 CPMTargeted PC 336x280$25 CPMTargeted PC Roadblock $150-$500/moExclusive Mobile Banner Sponsorships:Mobile Website$800/moiPhone App$600/moAndroid App$600/moeNewsletter ad insertioneBlasts:Dedicated eBlast: (Circ. 38,000)$4,000 exclusiveGeo-Targeted eBlasts:$1,500 min, $150 CPM thereafterPre-Show eBlast: (Circ. 100,000)(EMS Today & EMS World)Top 2 insertions: $750Other insertions: $550Dec. Holiday eBlast: (Circ. 100,000)Top 2 insertions: $700Other insertions: $500eNewsletter Advertising:Member eNewsletter: (Circ. 95,000)Top Ad: $600Middle/Bottom Ads: $400Specialty eNewsletters:Top 10 List eNews: $1,000 exclusiveContact us for customized solutions and additional promotional opportunities (Rates subject to change)is a Praetorian Group CompanyFor more information, please call (415) 962-8314 or email

Facebook MarketingSocial media is no longer an optional part of your marketing plan.Your customers are spending countless hours on Facebook, and if you’re not reaching out to them, your competitors likely are. As theestablished leader in social media marketing for EMS, we can help drive great results for you using the same tactics that helped us grow ournetwork of more than 150,000 Fans on EMS1 and more than 600,000 Fans across Public Safety. Whether you just need help kicking off yourFacebook efforts or are looking for a fresh way to engage and acquire new fans, our experts have a tailored program for you.If you’re looking to reward your fans and acquire lots of new ones…FACEBOOK FAN BLAST PACKAGE Cost: $5,500A fully-built, managed and promoted two-week Facebook contest designed todrive an influx of new fans to your Facebook page, as well as leads, exposureand excitement. We’ll create the contest tab and work with you to implementit on your Page, then aggressively promote the giveaway for two weeks on ourFacebook pages, eNewsletters and website.If you’re looking to build a highly-engaged Facebookcommunity…FACEBOOK PROMOTIONAL BUNDLE Cost: $500/moAs good as your Page is, it won’t grow on its own. Our Facebook PromoBundle is designed to drive consistent Fan growth by using tactics basedon our own successful strategies. The bundle features a managed, multi-adFacebook PPC campaign to drive Fan acquisition, as well as monthly adexposure on, our eNewsletters and promotional posts on ourEMS1 Facebook Products page. In addition, our expert team will reviewyour Facebook page and provide specific recommendations and adviceto optimize your Facebook marketing efforts.If you need a little help getting started right…FACEBOOK QUICK START Cost: $1,000From ensuring your page is set up correctly to giving you tailored tips for how to get the best results from your efforts, we’ll helpyou skip the hassle and start with a solid foundation for future success. We’ll start by creating your Timeline cover photo and profileimage and work with you to complete the setup and configuration of your new Facebook page, or update and optimize yourexisting page. We’ll also provide a tailored orientation package for your Facebook fan page, with specific recommendations andguidelines for successful page operation, from post suggestions to Facebook PPC ad a Praetorian Group CompanyFor more information, please call (415) 962-8314 or email

Grant Assistance &Custom Product VideoProduct Video SolutionsSolve the video challenge with custom product video filmingThe leader in EMS video, offers a variety of custom video solutions tailored to fit your marketingneeds. Below is a brief overview of our current offerings, from custom demos to editorial product placementopportunities. Comprised of veteran public safety and multimedia professionals, our award winningproduction team has the video solution for you.PRODUCT VIDEO DEMOSCost: $2,000(Includes filming, editing, promotion for one year)Product videos build customer confidenceand increase conversion rates. In otherwords, videos sell products – and our teammakes it easy. We’ll consult with you todetermine what makes your product sell,write a script, and then film your productdemo with a leading industry expert as host.INNOVATION ZONECost: $3,000(Includes filming, editing, promotion for one year)“Innovation Zone” highlights the key featuresof a product from an editorial – rather thanpurely promotional – perspective. A low-cost– yet high-quality – three-to-five minutevideo, “Innovation Zone” segments are shotin HD format, placing the product in actualor simulated EMS situations, lending themrealism and credibility.SPONSORED TRAINING SERIESCost: $10,000($2,000 per segment)Reinforce your company’s thoughtleadership position by sponsoring atop-notch video training series. You’ll beprominently positioned as the title sponsorof the complete series, with promotion andproduct-placement opportunities withinthe videos themselves as well as creditanywhere the videos appear – both onEMS1 and in our eNewsletters.Grant Assistance ProgramHelp your customers access the more than$1 billion that is available to first respondersthrough grant programs’s Grant Assistance Program lets you accessan untapped source of potential revenue by directly assistingyour customers in securing access to grants that can be used topurchase your products or services. The Grant Assistance Programgives you brand exposure, lead generation, and sponsored directdepartment support. Our Grant experts leverage their decadesof experience to ease your customers through the complexgrant process from beginning to end. Together, our Grants effortsgenerate more than $15 million in direct funding and 6,000 leadsper year for sponsors and departmentsCost: $1,000/mo; includes assistance for up to 25 leads(Additional lead support packages available – please inquire)is a Praetorian Group CompanyFor more information, please call (415) 962-8314 or email

Custom Content &Marketing ServicesToday, content is king when it comes to marketing your products.More than ever, you’ve got to engage and explain to potential customers why your products are right for them. However, creatingquality, persuasive content can be a challenge with internal resources – not to mention the difficulty in distributing it to the rightaudience. We have an unparalleled track record creating innovative content solutions for companies in the EMS market. Whetheryou’re looking to make a big splash with a custom email supplement or just generate a customer case study for marketing purposes,let us work with you to meet your content needs.Take advantage of these big-impact content-basedpromotions.CUSTOM CONTENT eSUPPLEMENT Cost: $12,000Our premium sponsored newsletter, the Custom Content eSupplement offers all the essentialelements necessary to provide high-impact branding as well as comprehensive educationabout the features and benefits of your product. We’ll write 3 original advertorial pieces –typically a case study, product feature and technical article – according to your specifications,and then promote the complete package to our readership in the form of a full-subscriber listsponsored mailing, as well prominent site and social media exposure. The content createdfor you is very valuable and easily repurposed for a broad range of future marketing uses.CONTENT CREATIONCase StudyCost: $1,200 (600-800 words)Product FeatureCost: $1,200 (600-800 words)“Tech Behind the Product” ArticleCost: $1,200 (600-800 words)Company HistoryCost: $1,200 (600-800 words)Executive Q&ACost: $800 (500-700 words)Technical/Instructional WhitepaperCost: $5,000 for 2-3 pages;$7,500 for 4-5 pagesEDITORIAL eSUPPLEMENT Cost: $10,000Take a strong thought leadership position on a key editorial topic relevant to your companyand products with an Editorial eSupplement. We will fully develop coverage of a mutuallyagreed-upon topic, aimed at educating readers about issues and positioning you as thetitle sponsor. Sent to our full subscriber list and promoted via Facebook/Twitter, thecoverage will include a minimum of 3 original articles, plus a custom case study highlightingone of your customer successes.MARKET RESEARCH SURVEY Cost: $2,500Whether you are thinking of launching a new product, conducting competitive analysisor exploring a new company direction, we can help you gather the right data within aslittle as two weeks. We’ll work with you to create a survey, then drive a large numberof qualified responses by promoting it across our site, our Facebook and Twitter pagesand in our eNewsletter.SPONSORED WEBINAR Cost: $12,000Webinars give you the unique ability to reach large, captive audiences with your brandand messaging while capturing a high volume of qualified sales leads. Whether you’releading a webinar focused on your products or just sponsoring an educational webinar,we can help you plan, promote and execute your a Praetorian Group CompanyFor more information, please call (415) 962-8314 or email

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