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Flying High

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PRESIDENT’S WEATHER REPORT:AIRWAYSFOURTH QUARTER 2013PUBLISHERAdventist World AviationAirWays is available free of chargeto interested subscribers.PRESIDENT/CEORic SwaningsonPresident@FlyAWA.orgDESIGN CONCEPTBond DesignLAYOUT & DESIGNMatt BrunsonSeminars Unlimited, Keene, TexasPRINTINGSeminars Unlimited, Keene, TexasEDITORPat HumphreyAirways EditorAdventist World AviationEDITORIAL ASSISTANTSMarjorie Alcorn SteiningerC. H. YorkElaine WashkuhnPROOFINGMakala ColemanBOARD OF DIRECTORSTom Chapman, ChairmanRic Swaningson, SecretaryLloyd JanzenCONTACTSend all inquiries or change ofaddress notices to:Adventist World Aviation9323 West Greenfield Ave.West Allis, WI 53214-2733Phone: (414) 226-5195E-mail: info@flyawa.orgWebsite: www.flyawa.orgMISSION STATEMENTAdventist World Aviationexists to provide aviation andcommunications support to thoseserving the physical, mental, andspiritual needs of the unreached andforgotten peoples of the earth.ADVENTIST WORLD AVATIONis a 501(c)3 nonprofit missionarysendingagency. Funded by privatecontributions, AWA enablesmissionaries to reach the unreachedaround the world.IN CANADAPlease send donations to:Wings for Humanity Foundation1281 Highway 33 EastKelowna, B.C. V1P 1M185432 2922 RR0001STOCK ARTDreamstime Stock PhotographyPresident’s Weather ReportHave you ever had a need? Ofcourse you have—we all haveneeds.In the Bible we read stories aboutpeople with needs. Esau had theneed for food, but Jacob had theneed for his father’s blessings. Noahhad the need for the people to repentand join him and his family in theark. Daniel had the need of the angelto protect him while in the lion’sden. The disciples needed the powerof the Holy Spirit.Not only do people have needs, sodo organizations. Adventist WorldAviation’s greatest need is to fulfillthe Great Commission that Jesusleft behind when He went to heaven.(See Matthew 28:19-29.)Through our mission aviationministry we are fulfilling the needsof many in such places as Alaska,Philippines, and Guyana—and soonwill be ministering to parts of Braziland Argentina. Yet, as we tend tothe needs of others, we realize ourministry has needs, our missionarieshave needs, and our planes haveneeds.Let me illustrate:In June 2012, Greg VanFossen, anAWA missionary pilot in Guyana,had an accident with the ArcticCat, a utility vehicle used at theAWA airbase. In turning the vehiclearound on the road to home, a reartire got too close to the side of theroad and went into the ditch. Whenthe vehicle, containing Greg and hisson, Brandon, came to a halt, theybegan to take note of bodily injuries.Brandon had hit his head,knocking him out for a few seconds.Greg’s injuries were a bit moreextensive, as he experiencedsignificant upper arm and shoulderpain on both sides. At the smallhospital nearby it was determinedthat he had a broken humorous, justabove the elbow joint.The next morning Greg wasflown to the University of MiamiMedical Center. After two weeks inthe hospital (while his family wasstill in Guyana) and a few weeks ofhealing in Guyana, Greg was able toresume his duties as a pilot.So, what was the need?Fortunately, medical insurance tookcare of most of Greg’s expenses.However, he was without his familyfor several weeks. There were noavailable funds to transport hisfamily with him. Can you imaginebeing in an unfamiliar hospital,hurting, without your family?As we minister to those in themission field, there are needsfor medical supplies, clothing,Bibles, Sabbath School supplies,and other teaching materials.There are also the basic needsof our missionaries—their ownfood, clothing, travel, and lodgingexpenses.Then, let’s talk about the planes,the major tool being used by AWA tofulfill the Great Commission. Theseplanes have needs—major needs!To operate the planes, they needfuel, oil, insurance, and constantmaintenance. On a long-term basis,the planes need new tires, newseat belts, annual inspections, andreplacement parts when old onesbecome defective.Our planes need your support andyour prayers. Our missionaries need2AIRWAYS | FOURTH QUARTER

your support and your prayers. Thisministry needs your support andyour prayers.As you glance through thisAirways, you will read storiesfrom our missionaries about howthey serve Christ. We encourageyou to pray for them and commit adonation each month to one family,or several families, or to the overallministry.Jesus tells us, “Truly, I say to you,Adventist World Aviationis excited to introduceour newest team member,Charlene West. She comes to us fromQuiet Hour Ministries, where sheworked for nearly 18 years, as QHM’sexecutive director of evangelism.She gained much experience,knowledge, and enthusiasm forevangelism, development of projects,and fundraising in that capacity.Through her work in coordinatingevangelism meetings she developedclose relationships with otherministries, such as Voice of Prophecy,It Is Written, Amazing Facts and theworldwide Adventist you did it to one of the least ofthese my brothers, you did it to me”(Matthew 25:40, ESV).Pastor Ric SwaningsonPresident/CEOCharlene will coordinatethe monthly AWA missionarynewsletters and monthly globalappeal letters, planning futureAdventist World Aviation and Wingsfor Humanity events, increasing theoutreach of our projects to includeevangelistic meetings and Bibleworkers, and working closely withRichard Habenicht, our directorof development, in areas of grantwriting and other coordinateddevelopment work. Charlene alsohas a law degree, specializing incorporate law, and will provide legalassistance and advice to AWA.Charlene lives in Colton,California, near her two adult sons,Mark (and his wife, Eunice) andAaron (and his fiance, Melissa). Sheloves to travel, and has led manymission trips for various churchand school groups. She is currentlya student pilot, hoping to obtainher license within the next severalmonths. Her enthusiasm for flying,aviation, evangelism, and Jesus willbe a blessing to this ministry.CONTENTSIn this issue:4Flight School Reports:Blue Mountain AcademyThunderbird Academy6Features:Toku-HanaThe Flight Plan3rd Annual Fly-In10Mission Reports:Come to PalawanGod Answers PrayerContour LinesStranded!God Will Provide20Flight Safety21Planned Giving22Growth and Expansion23In Memory and HonorFront Cover:AWA has a great need fora helicopter that will helpreach areas of the Philippinesthat are FOURTH QUARTER | AIRWAYS 3

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