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THE IDEAL TOOL TO REDUCE POD SHATTER AND SEED LOSS IN CANOLAPod-Ceal TMbenefits include:Helps minimise seed yieldloss from pod shatterMaintains seed qualityAllows the crop to reach itsfull yield potentialAllows for direct harvestingas a viable alternative towindrowing

Canola growers across Australia know the impact of yield loss caused by pod shatter at or close toharvest. Even, the action of windrowing causes pods to shatter and lose seed. Pod-Ceal TM is a uniquepolymer formulation, extracted from natural plant materials, that assists growers in maximising theyield harvested from their canola crop. Pod-Ceal TM gives the grower the option to direct harvest thecanola crop as an alternative cost to windrowing. The unique polymer formulation reduces seed yieldlosses caused by pod shattering.When Pod-Ceal TM is applied at the beginning of maturity (remember when applying Pod-Ceal TM it isbetter to BE EARLY rather than late); the product forms a unique elastic, semi-permeable film over thepods. This film does not restrict seed development as it allows moisture to pass out from the pods. Thefilm prevents the re-adsorption of moisture into the pod, reducing the physical strain on the pod seam.The pod seam has a greater chance of keeping the pod complete, keeping the seeds in the pod, allowingthem to reach full maturity.Pod-Ceal TM , applied at the correct growth stage, allows the canola crop to grow to its full maturity,reducing the problems of pod shattering and improving pod filling.Pod-Ceal TM is not a systemic product. Complete coverage of the pods with the spray solution is criticalfor the product to be successful. Seed varieties, planting density and general growing conditions canalso impact on the application rate. If the crop canopy is very dense, then use the higher rates.Yield (T/ha)CROP RATE COMMENTSCROP THAT WILL BEDIRECT HARVESTEDBRASSICA SEED CROPS(e.g. Canola, Linola, Rape,Turnip, Radish andMustard crops etc.)(to be directly harvestedwithout windrowing orchemical desiccation)CROP THAT WILL BEWINDROWEDBRASSICA SEED CROPS(e.g. Canola, Linola, Rape,Turnip, Radish andMustard crops etc.)(to be windrowed orchemically desiccated)2.001.801.601.401.201.000.800.600.400.200.00UTC- windrowed1L/ha to1.2L/ha1L/ha to1.2L/haDistributed by:Agspec Australia Pty Ltd.ABN: 401 095 739 53PO. Box 1006, Mt, Gambier, S.A., 5290Jonathon Lillecrapp - SA/WA (mobile) 0427-490 551Kevin Harris - NSW (mobile) 0408-180 112Iain Gibson - QLD/NNSW (mobile) 0488-171 177Bill Franklin (mobile) 0448-511 852Phil Lintern (mobile) 0457-733763Apply Pod-CealTM when the majority of the pods have lost theirintense green colour from dark green to light (Growth stage BBCHscale 81-83). At this time, the pod is still pliable and maybe bentwithout splitting open to release the seed. Allow the canola crop tofully mature before attempting to harvest. It is very important toclosely monitor the crop to determine when it is ripe and ready toharvest. This requires that you monitor seed moisture levels as anindicator and be prepared to harvest the crop when seed moisturepasses below 11%. Allowing canola to reach seed moisture levelsbelow 8% before harvesting may increase the potential for shatterfrom either direct combining or picking up the windrow.Apply Pod-Ceal TM when the majority of the pods have lost theirintense green colour. At this time, although green, the pod is stillpliable and maybe bent without splitting open to release the seed.Growth stage BBCH scale 81-83: DELAY windrowing for 10-14days after application, or until the top 1/3 of the plants begin tochange colour. DO NOT apply Pod-Ceal TM more than 2 weeksbefore windrowing. Desiccants are normally applied 7 to 10 daysbefore harvest.Pod-ceal 1.0 L- directYield comparison trial between a windrowed untreated programme versusa Pod-Ceal TM treated crop that was direct harvested, Kybybolite, 2008Why Is There Value?Still OK to apply Pod-CealToo late to apply Pod-CealThe cost of applying Pod-Ceal TM is near equivalent towindrowing costs.Pod-Ceal TM is new technology which makes directharvesting a safer and more effective management toolfor canola growers.Pod-Ceal TM can help reduce pod shattering on crops thatwill be windrowed late if growers decide against directharvesting or plan on late windrowing.Pod-Ceal TM is rainfast in one hour after application withdirect sunlight.Current canola pricing, higher oil premiums and largerreturns make harvest management a much higher priority.Pod-Ceal TM is a registered trademarks ofMILLER CHEMICAL & FERTILIZER CORPORATIONHanover, Pennsylvania. U.S.A.Condition of sale Seller's guarantee shall be limited to contents and merchantability of the product and the terms of the label, and subject thereto the buyer assumes any risks to persons or property arising out of use orhandling and accepts the product on these conditions. Because the time, place, rate of application and other conditions of use are beyond Seller's control, Seller's liability from storage, handling and use of this product islimited to replacement of product or refund of purchase price.a g r i b u s i n e s s s p e c i a l t y p r o d u c t sX

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