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MASTER 113 series Reversible ploughs - Kuhn

MASTER113The KUHNPloughThe future of farming lies incompetitiveness and profitability.The MASTER range concept with its advancedfeatures will contribute to a quick return on yourinvestment.The Kuhn plough will allow you to:• Maintain a high quality soil structure with anefficient burial of organic matter and an evenaggregate spreadthroughout the soil profile - your crop yields will beincreased.• Have at your disposal a wide range ofworking width settings and a excellent overallmanoeuvrability - your “in field” costs will bereduced.• Benefit from a number of technological innovationssuch as the reinforced box section, the variablewidth, the plough structure protection systems(Hydraulic non-stop or traction bolt) - theworking life of the plough is increased and yourmaintenance costs reduced.• Profit from a renowned reliability and long workinglife allowing you to work throughout the daywithout interruption - your plough will also keep ahigh second-hand value.Opt for a Kuhn plough - becauseobtaining high yields and optimising financial resultsall starts with highquality ploughing.KUHN offers solutions for ploughing while meetingyour requirements with regards to :savings comfort service work quality support3

MASTER113A light yet robust plough easy toadjust for different tractors andploughing conditionsThe Multi-Master 113 is the plough to meet all your demands: robust, reliable andeasy to set-up. With good underbeam and point to point clearances the plough cancope easily with large quantities of trash.Easy adjustments include:- Setting the plough offsetting in relation to the tractor tyre spacing by simple pinpositions.- Offsetting and angling combined to give perfect plough alignment for any given1st furrow setting.4

MASTER113High technology designand manufactureBeam with high strengthlinkage to headstockservice• Beam section 120 x 120. The beam is reinforced inthe area surrounding the 1st furrow for extra strengthand further supported by a tubular drawbar.All adjustments are simple and straight forward.One mechanical turnbuckle adjusts the combinedoffsetting/angling.This can be fitted with an optional hydraulic ramadjuster on the 4E/5 furrow model.Traction bolt leg protectionsavingsAbrupt breakage of the 16mm traction bolt following a force atthe plough point in excess of 3000kg avoids risk of too frequenta breakage.• The bolt A runs in the direction of the line of force contrary to theconventional scissor bolt method where the bolt runs across the line offorce.• Due to these “in-line” forces the bolt support B never deforms and neverbecomes rounded with use.• It is impossible for the bolt to become trapped inside following abreakage. Once a force in excess of 3000kg is met at the furrow pointthe bolt breaks along its length and simply falls away for quick and easyreplacement.• Even after many bolt breakages the plough bodies remain at an identicaldepth and perfectly in-line.AB6

Plough leg protection systemsfor all working conditionsAuto reset plough legprotection (Non-stop hydraulic)comfort1 - Adapting to all working conditionsDesigned for stony and / or heavy conditions the Non-Stop Hydraulic (NSH) system allows continuous ploughingwith the plough legs automatically folding out of workupon hitting an obstacle and immediately returning intowork again once the obstacle is passed. No need toget out of the tractor and no need to replace bolts. Thesystem also acts as an excellent shock absorber whenworking in pebbly or flinty ground absorbing all thevibration, increasing the life of the plough and increasingcomfort for the driver.VARIBAR system: An optional system allowing instantcontrol from the tractor cab of the NSH pressure at theshare point.MAXIBAR system: The Maxibar option allow the pressureat the share point to be increased giving an adjustmentrange of 600 to 2500kg yet conserving the supplenessof the system. The option is particularly useful in heavycompacted ground.2 - A unique conceptThe basic concept of the hydraulic non-stop plough legsafety system gives a rapid break-away when a obstacle ismet and yet an increase in pressure thereafter bringing thebody quickly and firmly back into work.Advantages of the NSH system:• Long life and reliability - hydraulic technology is more reliable with no wearor friction and fewer moving parts (just one articulation point andtwo moving parts per leg).• Weight saving - compared to a mechanical auto reset system the NSHsystem is 25kg lighter per leg.• Ease of use - the pressure at the share point can be quickly adjusted from600 to 1300kg by simply inflating or deflating the accumulator mounted onthe headstock.• Excellent performance - plough leg resetting is quick and positive once theobstacle is passed with no “drumming” of the plough bodies in work.• Compactness - the NSH tie rod is located inside the plough leg structureand the hydraulic cylinder incorporated into the leg profile for the maximumpossible clearance and minimum obstruction to trash and vegetation.• Exceptional obstacle clearance - the share point can lift 60cm vertically outof work and 20cm sideways.Heavy duty plough legarticulation and tie rod• All pressure points receive a specific heat treatmentprocess.• With just one articulation point all the forces put throughthe plough leg are transmitted in a straight line through aone piece forged and heat treated tie rod.25002000150012001000600Effort at share point (kg)MAXIBAR effectAdjustment rangeNSH KUHN 150 barsNSH KUHN 90 barsKuhn has chosen the mostadvanced auto-reset systemon the market for maximumcustomer satisfactionMechanical NS system10 20 30 40 50 60Lift height (cm)7

MASTER113Plough bodies designedto save on costs1 - Mouldboards with unequal layerTriplex steelsavings1,5 2,33,3 mmEXCLUSIVE TO KUHN• Kuhn mouldboards are made ofunequal layer Triplex steel.• The thickness of the wearing surfaceis increased to 3.3mm - an exclusivefeature.MARATHON ®2 - Plough bodiesdesigned to reducewearing costShares are forged with a forceof 5500 tonnes ensuring:savingsSpecial heat treated forgedsteel. Reversible for maximumefficiency. Featuring astep giving better landsideprotection.• excellent wear resistance,• self-sharpening profiledue to the grain in thesteel resulting fromthe forging process.OLYMPIC ®Special heat treated forgedsteel. Reversible for maximumefficiency. More pronouncedform at wearing zones onthe point for longer lifeand better protection ofthe landside. Point is selfsharpening for good groundpenetration at all times.SUPER MARATHON ®8Special heat treated forgedsteel fitted with a tungstencarbide tip. High wearresistance. Four to five timesthe life of a traditional sharepoint. A sharp working edgeis maintained for excellentground penetration.

supportCLASSIC TYPE PLOUGH BODIESN BodyHelicoidal cylindrical semi-digger.15 to 30cm ploughing depth.Highly versatile body.Cylindrical at front, helicoidal atrear. Low draft, ensures a partlybroken furrow, with excellenttrash burial.H4 Body (alsoavailable in plastic)The capacity, long helicalmouldboard, Scandinavian type,giving well formed ploughing to adepth of 30cm. Especially suitedto heavy and damp clays. (H6gives ploughing depth to 35cm).L wide helicoidal(20 to 35 cm)All round body for furrowed orflat ploughing finish dependingon the forward speed. Cuts aparticularly wide furrow bottomfor the passage of wide tractortyresVP slatted BodyMouldboard composedof independant andinterchangeable slats. Givesa reduction of traction force,due to a lower mouldboardsurface area. Easymaintenance.9

MASTER113High quality equipmentIndependent, easy to adjustskimmersEach skimmer is totally independent left fromright and is firmly held in a sheath like support.The skimmers are shear bolt protected and areadjustable in three directions:1231 Forwards and backwards - witha choice of three positions the sheath boltsto the leg support via countersunk holes toavoid any riskof free play.2 Up and down - rapid and precise heightadjustment (20cm of adjustment) also withcountersunk holes in the skimmer leg foreasy locking of the leg at the desired height.3 Side to side - for correct adjustment inrelation to the disc coulter (where fitted).Disc coultersDiscs have a diameter of 500mm plainor notched with the added choice onthe traction bolt models of a 600mmdisc. The disc serves to cut the furrowwall in front of the plough body givinga cleaner finish and improving trashincorporation.Press arms with hydraulicreleaseTrashboardAll purpose ZX skimmerFor trash burial in difficult conditionswhere the quantity of trash mayotherwise block up the skimmers.Well adapted to ploughing on cereal ormaize stubbles. ZXL : large share, ZXE :small share.10Helicoidal ZH skimmerHelicoidal skimmer for deep trash burial.Well adapted to grassland ploughing.ZRL high capacity skimmerHigh capacity skimmer for trashincorporation throughout the soilprofile. Excellent straw and maize trashburial.Available for the complete ploughrange the arm allows the use of afurrow press with easy hooking upand hydraulic push-off. On the pick-uphook part of the arm where there ismost risk of damage all grease nipplesand hydraulic hoses are protectedinside the structure of the head. Thearm folds up conveniently for subsequenttransport.

A number of depth wheelpositions are possible along thebeam allowing easy adaptationto all working conditions.Single adjuster screwdepth wheelAvailable in 500mm steel or540mm diameter with a tyre. Thedepth can be adjusted differentlyfor each ploughing direction.12Pivot wheelAvailable with a 600mm diametertyre the wheel is fitted with a verticalpivot allowing it to follow all changesin working width.The wheel features simple depthadjuster screws for each plouhtingdirection 1 .Transport wheel with suspensionThe plough can be transported onthe road in complete safety thanksto a 540mm diameter transport wheel equiped with its ownsuspension system 2 serving to protect the plough andtractor from possible transport shocks. The wheel can beswung into the transport position in one sole movement bypulling on the locking pin no 3 .3comfort11

ModelMulti-Master113MULTI-MASTER 113 5TSpecifications MASTER 113BeamconfigurationE : ExtensibleMaxauthorizedtractorpower(kW/hp)Weight*(kg)Traction bolt leg protectionWorking width(inches/cm)Clearances (cm)underbeampoint topointWeight*(kg)NSH leg protectionWorking width(inches/cm)3 E 66/90 795 14” - 16”940 14” - 16”and 18” 70 904 (3+1)985 1160 and 18”88/120and or4 E 1158 35 - 40136375 10235 - 405 (4 + 1) 110/150 1370 and 45 cm1605 and 45 cmFor more information about your nearestKUHN dealer, visit our websitewww.kuhn.comVisit uson our YouTube channels.Your KUHN dealerMULTI-MASTER 113 4 NSHClearances (cm)underbeampoint topoint70 90KUHN Huard S.A.Rue du Québec - BP 49 - F-44142 Châteaubriant Cedex-FranceKUHN NORTH AMERICA, INC.1501 West Seventh Avenue - P.O BOX 167 - Brodhead, WI 53520 - USAKUHN FARM MACHINERY PTY. LTD313-325 Foleys road - Deer Park, 3023 Victoria AUSTRALIAKUHN FARM MACHINERY (U.K.) LTDStafford Park 7 - GB TELFORD/SHROPS TF3 3BQSome machines have a considerable weight. Respect the tractor gross vehicle weight rating, its lift capacity andmaximum load per axle. The tractor front axle load must always reach minimum 20 % of the tractor net weight.Our material is produced in accordance with the European Machinery Directive in the member states of theEuropean Union. In countries outside the E.U., our machinery complies with the safety regulations set by the countryconcerned. Some safety devices may have been removed from our leaflets in order to clarify the illustration. Underno circumstances should the machine be operated without the necessary safety devices in place (as specified bythe assembly instructions and operators manual). We reserve the right to change any designs, specifications ormaterials listed without further notice. Machines and equipment in this document can be covered by at least onepatent and/or registered design. Trademarks cited in this document may be registered in one or several countries.To protect the environment, this leaflet is printed on chlorine-free paper. / Printed in France - 950014 GB - 01.15 - Copyright 2015 KUHN - 1000www.kuhn.comAlsofind KUHN on

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