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Meeting needs across theValue ChainEvery link in the tomato value chain has specific needsthat must be met from vigor and yield to uniformity andappearance to texture and taste. At Syngenta, we put ourtechnology to work for you by providing modern agriculturalsolutions that help drive production of high-quality,nutritious tomatoes with strong, diverse market appeal.Matching Our Technology to Your NeedsThrough focused market research, global collaboration and customer interaction, we gather insights and feedbackfrom all links in the value chain to build a strong pipeline of input and output traits that continuously enhance ourvariety offerings. We help you successfully meet the needs at each level of the tomato market from field to fork.TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENTSFocused InnovationWe listen to the market and gather insights from all links in the value chain to steer our research and developmentand ultimately offer innovative, holistic solutions that not only meet your needs, but help you differentiate youroffering and capture a higher return on investment.Powerful Portfolio of SolutionsBroad Market ExpertiseThrough our rich heritage in the industry, a strongglobal network of world-class researchers and breeders,and a knowledgeable team of field experts, we areuniquely positioned to offer the services, products andsupport you need to help you increase productivityand maximize profitability.We offer a powerful, industry-leading portfolio of vegetable varieties, growing methods and crop protectionproducts to help you build total crop solutions that meet the needs of each link in the value chain, while helpingensure sustainable production of high-yielding, high-quality tomatoes.GrowerTrader / Repackager Retailer ConsumerInsights and feedback Insights and feedback Insights and feedbackMARKET PULLPutting Our Technologyto WorkAs a leading provider of high-quality, high-yieldingvegetable seed, Syngenta proudly maintains multiplestate-of-the-art research and processing facilitiesacross North America, including its seed processingfacility in Pasco, Washington. The approximately200,000-square-foot site revolutionized vegetable seedhandling through industry-leading enhancements inseed-processing capabilities. Once seed has beenconditioned, Pasco has the ability to store seeds atoptimal temperature and humidity, enabling Syngentato supply growers with a high-quality vegetable seedrich in Syngenta genetics and technology.

Outstanding tomato varieties for the western U.S.Quali T 27BobcatValleycatQuali T 21A TSWV variety with the high-quality expected by the California foodservice market• Vigorous plant supports extra largeand large fruit• Firm, smooth fruit with good internaland external color• Excellent fit for the earlier portion ofthe season• Demonstrated fruit quality, uniformityand exceptional firmness in Californiamature green and vine-ripe markets• High yields of extra large and large fruitthat hold up well from farm to market• Performs well in early and mid-seasonplantingsDeveloped to deliver overall best marketable yield to maximize profitability• Ideally suited for California regions• Internal structure preferred by freshcutoperators• Concentrated yields of extra largeand large fruit• Good color development underethylene gas• Firmness allows for extendedshipping• Out-yielded competitor varieties innumerous commercial plantingsin California 1• Higher packouts of extra large andlarge fruit• Excellent firmness, internal structure,and uniform ripening• Plant habit provides excellent foliageprotection to the crop• Concentrated maturity and size,without sacrificing crown fruit inthe furrow1Source: Syngenta California Field TrialsQuali T 47Quali T 23Carolina GoldSuperior yield and quality compared to other commercial TSWV varieties• High yields of smooth, firm fruit• Predominantly extra large fruit• Good internal and external color• Proven performer throughout themain growing season• Suitable for summer and fall harvestsin the Central Valley of California,meeting growers’ demand for aseason-long tomato program• Vigorous vine keeps marketable fruitout of the furrow• Unique yellow-gold color• Mostly extra large and large fruitthroughout the entire season• Adaptable variety, well-suited formultiple environments• Plant provides excellent cover fromthe intense summer sun and canwithstand high temperatures• Fruit maintain extra large to largesizes and quality

Technical data: tomatoVarietyBEEFSTEAKBobcatQuali T 27ApproximatematurityEarlymediumEarlymediumCultureFruit shape,longitudinalsectionCarolina Gold Medium Open field SlightlyflattenedFruit type Approx. size Fruit characteristics Disease resistanceOpen field Circular Beefsteak Large to very large Beef; globe shape; uniform greenshoulders; jointed; very firm;excellent quality under ethylene gasOpen field Circular Beefsteak Large to very large Large to extra-large fruit size; firm;good internal and external colorBeefsteak Large to very large Yellow-gold color; deep oblate;uniform green shoulders; smallblossom scarQuali T 21 Medium Open field Circular Beefsteak Large to very large Uniform green shoulders; excellentfruit size and firmnessQuali T 47 Medium Open field Circular Beefsteak Very large Predominant extra large size;smooth; nice color; very firmValleycat Medium Open field Circular Beefsteak Large to very large High concentration of extra largefruit; excellent interior qualities;gasses to an attractive red colorQuali T 23 Medium-late Open field Circular Beefsteak Large to very large Uniform green shoulders;uniform fruit size and shape;excellent firmnessHR: Fol: 0-1 (US1-2) / S /V (Va: 0, Vd: 0)IR: SsHR: Fol: 0-1 (US1-2) /Ma, Mi, Mj / S /TSWV / V (Va: 0, Vd: 0)HR: Fol: 0-1 (US1-2) / V(Va: 0, Vd: 0)HR: Fol: 0-1 (US1-2) /Ma, Mi, Mj / S / Ss /TMV / ToMV: 0-2 /V (Va: 0, Vd: 0)HR: Fol: 0-1 (US1-2) /Ma, Mi, Mj / S /TSWV / V (Va: 0,Vd: 0)HR: Fol: 0-1 (US1-2) /Ma, Mi, Mj / S /V (Va: 0, Vd: 0)HR: Fol: 0-1 (US1-2) /TMV / ToMV /V (Va: 0, Vd: 0)Powerful Portfolio of Proven ProtectorsSyngenta offers a broad portfolio of crop protection products and seedtreatments to help growers maximize crop potential, including:A robust combination of an industry-leading strobilurin andone of the most powerful triazoles on the market, Quadris ®Top fungicide protects tomatoes from a broad spectrum ofprofit-robbing diseases. Quadris Top exhibits preventive,systemic and curative activity to offer foliar disease controlwhenever it’s needed. And, Quadris Top eliminates thevalleys in a grower’s disease control program for maximumROI, truly making it the strobilurin of choice.Disease abbreviation keyFolMaMiMjFusarium wilt caused by the specifiedraces of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp.lycopersiciMa Root knot caused byMeloidogyne arenariaRoot knot caused byMeloidogyne incognitaRoot knot caused byMeloidogyne javanicaSSsTMVToMVGrey leaf spot caused byStemphylium spp.Grey leaf spot caused byStemphylium solaniMosaic caused by tobaccomosaic virusMosaic caused by tomatomosaic virusTSWVVHRIRSpotted wilt caused by tomato spottedwilt virusVerticillium wilt caused by the specifiedrace of Verticillium albo-atrum, V. dahliaeHigh resistanceIntermediate resistanceVoliam Xpress ® insecticide provides powerful, quickknockdown and long-lasting residual control of a widearray of damaging insect pests. One product providesdual-action control of lepidopteran pests plus other insectswith the application flexibility to fit anytime of the season.Plus, with Voliam Xpress, there’s no need for tank-mixing,so one label provides all the information a grower needs.Pathogen races are indicated to the right of the abbreviation in parentheses [example: Fol: 1, 2 = Fusarium wilt caused by races 1 and 2 of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici]. Incases where specific races or strains are not noted, the variety is resistant to some, but not necessarily all known races or strains of the pathogen. For complete disease resistanceinformation, please visit www.vegetables.syngenta-us.com.

For more information, visit www.syngenta-us.comor contact your local Syngenta reseller or representative.©2013 Syngenta. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Some crop protection products may not be registered for sale or use in all states orcounties. Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status.AAtrex 4L, AAtrex Nine-O, Agri-Flex, Agri-Mek 0.15EC, Agri-Mek SC, Avicta 500FS, Avicta Complete Corn 250, Avicta Complete Corn 500, Avicta Duo Corn,Avicta Duo 250 Corn, Avicta Duo 500 Corn, Avicta Duo Cotton, Besiege, Bicep II Magnum, Bicep II Magnum FC, Bicep Lite II Magnum, Callisto Xtra, Clinch,Curacron 8E, Cyclone Star, Denim, Endigo ZC, Epi-Mek 0.15EC, Expert, Force 3G, Force CS, Gramoxone Inteon, Gramoxone SL, Gramoxone SL 2.0, Karatewith Zeon Technology, Karate EC, Lexar, Lexar EZ, Lumax, Lumax EZ, Proclaim, Voliam Xpress, Warrior II with Zeon Technology and Warrior with ZeonTechnology are Restricted Use Pesticides.Not all traits or trait stacks referenced herein are approved for sale or use in the United States. These traits and trait stacks are not being offered for sale.Crops or other materials produced from traited seed products can only be exported to, used, processed and/or sold in countries where all necessary regulatoryapprovals have been granted.Actara, Agri-Mek, Agri-Mek 0.15EC, Besiege, Centric, Centric 40WG, Curacron, Curacron 8E, Denim, Durivo, Endigo ZC, Karate with Zeon Technology, Karate EC,Platinum, Platinum 75SG, Proclaim, Voliam Flexi, Voliam Xpress, Warrior with Zeon Technology, and Warrior II with Zeon Technology are highly toxic to bees exposedto direct treatment or to residues on blooming crops and weeds. Do not apply these products or allow them to drift onto blooming plants if bees are foraging in thetreated area.Some seed treatment offers are separately registered products applied to the seed as a combined slurry. Always read individual product labels and treater instructionsbefore combining and applying component products.Performance evaluations vs. competitive products are based solely upon interpretation of research trials and/or publicly available information.The trademarks displayed or otherwise used herein (“the Trademarks”) are registered and unregistered Trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company or third parties.GS 402.61218 SLC 1764C 11-2012

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