“When I die Dublin will be written in my heart.”



1Telecities. Helping you connect to:DublinOVERVIEWFrom its origins as a small settlement, Dublin istoday at the heart of Ireland as well as its mostpopulous city. Ireland’s capital has proved resilientthrough the years having undergone numerouspolitical and social changes, and Dubliners arerenowned for being warm and welcoming hosts.In the last two decades, the city has transformedinto an internationally acclaimed digital andtechnology hub, playing host to some of theworld’s largest global pharmaceutical, financialand technology companies in the world.Did you know?Percentage of the population thatare established entrepreneurs.Number of internationalcompanies with basesin the region.+353 is the international dialingcode for Ireland, 1 is the areacode for Dublin.Employees in Dublin’s ICT sector.+3 5 3175,

2Telecities. Helping you connect to:DublinDUBLIN: A BACKGROUNDOne of the fastest growing touristdestinations in Europe, Dublin is anextremely welcoming city offeringa range of green spaces, touristattractions and vibrant nightlife.It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city,with a high standard of living.Key statDublin accounts for approximately38 percent of Ireland’s total GDP.38%Did you know?The name Dublin is derived fromthe Old Irish Gaelic Dubh Linn,which translates as “Black Pool.

4Telecities. Helping you connect to:DublinIRELAND’S ECONOMIC HEARTDublin is the economic center of Irelandwith the country’s major financial andindustrial businesses located in the city.Dublin is now also a European base formany of the world’s largest corporations.Key statDublin’s financial hub – the InternationalFinancial Services Center (IFSC) – handlesover €1 trillion a year.€1trDid you know?Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge, whichspans the River Liffey, is deemedto be the only bridge in Europethat is as wide as it is long.

Telecities. Helping you connect to:Dublin5The world comes to DublinDue to Dublin’s prosperous businessenvironment, companies from sectorsranging from pharmaceutical, healthcare,financial services and ICT have chosento set-up business operations in the city.Over 1,200 international companies nowhave a base in the region. In the last 15years Ireland has enjoyed the highest rateof economic growth among any membernation of the European Union.Favorable business environmentDublin, and the wider Irish economy,has benefited from the strong Governmentsupport to foster a favorable businessclimate. The IMD World CompetitivenessYearbook 2012 awarded Ireland 1st placefor availability of skilled labor, flexibilityof workforce, investment incentives andattitudes towards globalization.Financial hubThe city plays home to a thriving bankingand financial sector, largely due to thepresence of the International FinancialServices Center (IFSC), a major financialservices center, which handles over€1 trillion a year.The Center is host to half of the world’stop 50 banks and to half of the top 20insurance companies including MerrillLynch, Sumitomo Bank, ABN Amro,Citibank, AIG, JP Morgan (Chase),Commerzbank, BNP Paribas and EMRO.The Irish Stock Exchange (ISEQ) and theIrish Enterprise Exchange (IEX) are alsolocated in Dublin.WorkforceThe region boasts a young, skilled, Englishspeaking workforce. Many academicinstitutions, such as the Dublin Instituteof Technology, also continue to makea strong contribution to the ongoingdevelopment of skills.TaxationIreland has one of the lowest corporatetax rates in Europe, with a 12.5% headlinecorporate tax rate. In addition, companiescan avail of a 25% tax credit againstresearch and development costs.For further information on taxationin Ireland, visit: www.idaireland.com/invest-in-ireland/tax-regime/Key factAt a height of 120 metres, the Dublinspire in O’Connell Street is the world’stallest sculpture.120mInternational Financial Services Center— which handles over €1 trillion a year.

6Telecities. Helping you connect to:DublinTHE SILICON VALLEY OF EUROPEHundreds of technology companieshave moved to set up a base in Dublinover the last two decades, attracted byits business-friendly environment. Thishas enabled the city to become a leadingplayer in the global technology sector.Key statIreland has invested €8 billion in Science,Technology and Innovation.€8bnDid you know?Dublin rock band U2 has been given‘the freedom of the Dublin city’ whichincludes the unusual privilege of beingable to graze sheep for free in one ofDublin’s landmarks, St. Stephens Green.

Telecities. Helping you connect to:Dublin7Leading European IT hubMany IT companies are located in thecity and its adjacent counties, includingAmazon, eBay, Dell, Facebook, Zynga,LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, EMC, Microsoft,Oracle, PayPal, SAP, Symantec, andYahoo!. Hewlett-Packard and Intel alsohave large manufacturing plants in Leixlip,15 km to the west of the city center.Encouraging innovationIn addition to hosting a wide varietyof established technology companies,Dublin is also home to a vibranttechnology start-up scene. The DigitalHub – set up by the Irish government in2003 – fosters innovation, technologicaldevelopment and creativity in asupportive, entrepreneurial environment.Some of the best-known names in thedigital sector – at home and abroad –have shared its campus, includingAmazon, Areaman Productions, Daft.ie,Decawave, Gala Networks Europe, Havok,Kavaleer Productions and Faxbox.com.Global connectivityDublin has its own Internet Exchange,INEX, which was founded in 1996. Over95% of Irish internet users have internettraffic routed through the exchange.The city is also well served by an advancedcommunications infrastructure includinga link to the Hibernia-Atlantic submarinecable which provides low-latencyconnectivity both to North Americaand to the UK.Key digital businessesThe information, communications andtechnology sector in Ireland continues toattract global investment from the world’stechnology giants. As a result, Irelandhas one of the highest concentrationsof ICT-related activity and employmentin the OECD (Organisation for EconomicCo-operation and Development).Key factIreland is the largest exporter ofcomputer software in the entire world.Digital Hub— home to the technology start-up scene.

8Telecities. Helping you connect to:DublinTRAVELLING TO DUBLIN?Make the most out of yourtrip to Dublin with theseessential tips and map.Key statIn restaurants a 10% tipis considered generous.10%LocationIreland borders theUnited Kingdom tothe north and east.SwedenFinlandIrelandUKNetherlandsDublinGermanyFranceSpainItaly

Telecities. Helping you connect to:Dublin9Visa requirementsVisitors from the EU, US, Canada, Australiaand South Africa only require a passportto enter Ireland. Visas are not usuallyrequired, but non-EU citizens are advisedto check with the Embassy of Ireland:www.dfa.ie/home/index.aspx?id=8605TippingTipping is not generally expected in thecity, particularly when ordering from abar. In restaurants a 10% tip is consideredgenerous, while tipping taxi drivers is notgenerally necessary.Further informationThe IDA are responsible for the attractionand development of Foreign DirectInvestment in Ireland, please visit:www.idaireland.comNo vaccinations are required and theemergency number is 112 or 999.Did you know?With a 16 km perimeter wall enclosing1,750 acres, Phoenix Park is one of thelargest walled city parks in the world.16 km1,750 acresTelecityGroupin DublinCity AttractionsA National Gallery of IrelandConsilla1SantryBGuinness StorehouseCCDNational Botanic GardensDublin ZooPhoenix ParkDE The National Concert HallTelecityGroup Data Centers2BAE1Northwest Business Park23Kilcarbery ParkCity West Business Campus3DunLaoghaireDublin AirportBallyboden

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