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New Books Catalogue Spring/Summer 2014 - Pluto Press

Sparkling reflections on the urban experienceThe New UrbanQuestionAndy MerrifieldThe New Urban Question is an exuberant and illuminating adventurethrough our current global urban condition, tracing the connectionsbetween radical urban theory and political activism.From Haussmann’s use of urban planning to rid 19th-century Parisof revolution to contemporary urban disaster-zones such as downtownDetroit, Merrifield reveals how the urban experience has beenprofoundly shaped by class antagonism and been the battle-ground forconspiracies, revolts and social eruptions.Going beyond the work of earlier urban theorists such as ManuelCastells, Merrifield identifies the new urban question that has emergedand demands urgent attention, as the city becomes a site of activeplunder by capital and the setting for new forms of urban struggle,from Occupy to the indignados.March 2014152pp 198mm x 129mmPb 978-0-7453-3483-7 £15Hb 978-0-7453-3484-4 £45Epub 978-1-7837-1136-9 £15Kindle 978-1-7837-1137-6 £15“Andy Merrifield is anexciting writer whobrings a fresh perspective to thepolitical internationalist“Merrifield is accessible,optimistic and even york timesAndy Merrifield is a Fellow of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge andthe author of numerous books including Magical Marxism (Pluto, 2011) andThe Wisdom of Donkeys (2009).NEXT READMagical MarxismSubversive Politics and the ImaginationAndy MerrifieldPb 978-0-7453-3059-4 £17.99EPUB 978-1-7837-1090-4 £17.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1091-1 £17.99The Lure of the CityFrom Slums to SuburbsEdited by Austin Williams and Alastair DonaldPb 978-0-7453-3177-5 £ PlutoPress

Voices of the multitudeArticulating DissentProtest and the Public SpherePollyanna RuizArticulating Dissent analyses the new communicative strategies ofcoalition protest movements and how these impact on a mainstreammedia unaccustomed to fractured articulations of dissent.Pollyanna Ruiz shows how coalition protest movements againstausterity, war and globalisation build upon the communicativestrategies of older single issue campaigns such as the anti-criminaljustice bill protests and the women’s peace movement. She arguesthat such protest groups are dismissed in the mainstream for notarticulating a ‘unified position’ and explores the way in whichcontemporary protesters stemming from different traditions maintainsolidarity.Articulating Dissent investigates the ways in which this diversity, soinherent in coalition protest, affects the movement of ideas from thepolitical margins to the mainstream. In doing so this book offers aninsightful and original analysis of the protest coalition as a developingpolitical form.Pollyanna Ruiz is a Fellow in the Department of Media andCommunication at the London School of Economics.NEXT READTweets and the StreetsSocial Media and Contemporary ActivismPaolo GerbaudoPb 978-0-7453-3248-2 £16.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4801-1 £16.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4802-8 £16.99March 2014248pp 215mm x 135mmPb 978-0-7453-3305-2 £18.99Hb 978-0-7453-3306-9 £65Epub 978-1-8496-4886-8 £18.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4887-5 £18.99@ Is for ActivismDissent, Resistance and Rebellion in a DigitalCultureJoss HandsPb 978-0-7453-2700-6 £17.99EPUB 978-1-7837-1051-5 £17.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1052-2 £ PlutoPress 11

Latin American experiments in feminismNEW IN PAPERBACKContesting PublicsFeminism, Activism, EthnographyLynne Phillips and Sally ColeSeries: Anthropology, Culture and SocietyThrough ethnographic cases and activists’ narratives, Contesting Publicsanalyses the challenges feminists face as they seek to engage with newspaces of participatory democracy in Latin America.Lynne Phillips and Sally Cole analyse how new silences, exclusionsand re-inscriptions of inequalities have emerged alongside these newspaces of participation. The book re-examines the relationship betweenpublic and private and speaks to a larger theoretical question: what isthe meaning of 'the public' within democracy projects?Contesting Publics considers current debates among feminists fromdifferent generations on the merits of a variety of strategies, goals andissues, drawing out vital lessons for students, researchers and activistsin anthropology, gender studies and Latin American studies.January 2013192pp 215mm x 135mm 3 figures, 4 photographsPb 978-0-7453-3459-2 £18.99Hb 978-0-7453-3284-0 £60Lynne Phillips is Dean of Arts and Professor of Anthropology at theMemorial University of Newfoundland. She is the editor of The Third Waveof Modernization in Latin America: Cultural Perspectives on Neoliberalism(1998).“This is a thoughtprovokingvolume thatpromises to appeal to studentsand scholars, and also to abroader public of activists andintellectuals.Florence BabbFlorence E. Babb, Professor of Women's Studies, AffiliateProfessor of Anthropology and Latin American Studies,University of Florida“Contesting Publicsbreathes new life intothe public/private debate,showing how it remainscrucial to thinking about thelives of women.Lindsay DuBoisauthor of The Politics of the Past in an Argentine Working-Class Neighbourhood (2005)Sally Cole is Professor of Anthropology at Concordia University,Montreal. She is the author of Ruth Landes: A Life in Anthropology (2003).NEXT READThe New Latin American LeftUtopia RebornEdited by Patrick Barrett, Daniel Chavez and CésarRodríguez-GaravitoPb 978-0-7453-2677-1 £21.99Social Movements and StatePowerArgentina, Brazil, Bolivia, EcuadorJames Petras and Henry VeltmeyerPb 978-0-7453-2422-7 £ PlutoPress

Computers + people power = Socialism 2.0The Socialist ComputerLife, Work and Technology as if Profit Didn’tMatterJune 2014272pp 215mm x 135mmPb 978-0-7453-2879-9 £18.99Hb 978-0-7453-2880-5 £60Epub 978-1-8496-4689-5 £18.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4690-1 £18.99Bob HughesThe Socialist Computer is a unique and highly topical analysis ofcapitalism and technology. Part cultural analysis, part politicalanalysis, this book emphasises the contradictions and injustices thathave stunted the utopian promise of information technology.Bob Hughes provides both a cultural history of computer scienceand a critical analysis of how it operates within the capitalist system.He gives a fascinating account of the alternative political structureswithin which computer technology has been used, such as Soviet useof computer technology in revolutionary Russia, and the utopianpotential it still contains that is denied by corporate and governmentcontrol.Referencing a wide range of critical thinkers, including AndreGorz and Antonio Gramsci, to criticise the way in which informationtechnology has been shaped under capitalism, The Socialist Computeris an entertaining and ground-breaking introduction to the politics ofinformation technology.Bob Hughes is an associate of the Oxford International Centre forPublishing Studies, co-founder of No One is Illegal ( andthe author of Dust or Magic: Creative Work in the Digital Age (2005).NEXT READWikiworldJuha Suoranta and Tere VadénPb 978-0-7453-2891-1 £17.99Network CulturePolitics For the Information AgeTiziana TerranovaPb 978-0-7453-1748-9 £ PlutoPress

A radical solution to Europe’s housing crisisThe Squatters'Movement in EuropeEveryday Commons and Autonomy asAlternatives to CapitalismSquatting Europe Kollective, edited by ClaudioCattaneo and Miguel A. MartínezThe Squatters' Movement in Europe is the first definitive guide tosquatting as an alternative to capitalism. It offers a unique insider'sview on the movement – its ideals, actions and ways of life. At a timeof growing crisis in Europe with high unemployment, dwindling socialhousing and declining living standards, squatting has become anincreasingly popular option.The book is written by an activist-scholar collective, whose membershave direct experience of squatting: many are still squatters today.There are contributions from the Netherlands, Spain, the USA, France,Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.In an age of austerity and precarity this book shows what has beenachieved by this resilient social movement, which holds lessons forpolicy-makers, activists and academics alike.claudio cattaneo teaches ecological economics at the University ofEdinburgh and the Università Carlo Cattaneo in Castellanza, Italy. He is asquatter, bicycle mechanic and olive farmer.April 2014272pp 215mm x 135mm 2-5 imagesPb 978-0-7453-3395-3 £18.99Hb 978-0-7453-3396-0 £60Epub 978-1-7837-1041-6 £18.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1042-3 £18.99MIGUEL a. MARTINEZ has been an activist-researcher in the squattingmovement for more than a decade. He is one of the founders of the SqEK(Squatting Europe Kollective) network.NEXT READLife Without MoneyBuilding Fair and Sustainable EconomiesEdited by Anitra Nelson and Frans TimmermanPb 978-0-7453-3165-2 £17.99EPUB 978-1-7837-1100-0 £17.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1101-7 £17.99Where the Other Half LivesLower Income Housing in a Neoliberal WorldEdited by Sarah GlynnPb 978-0-7453-2857-7 £ PlutoPress 15

Anarchism, heresy and free love - 17th century styleA Collection of RanterWritingsSpiritual Liberty and Sexual Freedom in theEnglish RevolutionJanuary 2014288pp 240mm x 170mmPb 978-0-7453-3360-1 £17.99Hb 978-0-7453-3361-8 £55Nigel Smith. Forewords by John Carey andGreil MarcusThe Ranters - like the Levellers and the Diggers - were a group ofreligious libertarians who flourished during the English Civil War(1642–1651), a period of social and religious turmoil which saw, inthe words of the historian Christopher Hill, 'the world turned upsidedown'.A Collection of Ranter Writings is the most notable attempt toanthologise the key Ranter writings, bringing together some of themost remarkable, visionary and unforgettable texts. The subjectsrange from the limits to pleasure and divine right, to social justice andcollective action.The Ranters have intrigued and captivated generations of scholarsand philosophers. This carefully curated collection will be of greatinterest to historians, philosophers and all those trying to understandpast radical traditions.Nigel Smith is William and Annie S. Paton Foundation Professor ofAncient and Modern Literature at Princeton University. His books includeAndrew Marvell: The Chameleon (2010), Is Milton better than Shakespeare?(2008) and Literature and Revolution in England, 1640-1660 (1994).NEXT READGerrard WinstanleyThe Digger's Life and LegacyJohn GurneyPb 978-0-7453-3183-6 £12.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4677-2 £12.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4678-9 £12.99The Birth of CapitalismA 21st Century PerspectiveHenry HellerPb 978-0-7453-2959-8 £ PlutoPress

A provocative new account of the Second World WarThe Second World WarA Marxist HistoryChris BamberySeries: CounterfireThe Second World War casts a long shadow, portrayed as a necessaryand paradigmatic war that defeated fascism. During recent wars inIraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, US presidents and British primeministers have tried to claim they were following in the footsteps ofWinston Churchill by standing up to dictators.In The Second World War Chris Bambery tests this position in athorough account of the war and tries to understand why it stilldominates TV history channels and school history books.Bambery argues that the conflict ultimately was about a divisionof the world between the great powers, as well as a rising of ordinarypeople against fascism. He offers a complex and radical analysis, thatis unique when compared to many modern and conventional historiesof the war.Chris Bambery is a writer, broadcaster and activist. He is the author ofA Rebel's Guide to Gramsci (2006), Ireland’s Permanent Revolution (1986) andeditor of Scotland: Class and Nation (1999).April 2014312pp 230mm x 150mm 3-5 mapsPb 978-0-7453-3301-4 £18Hb 978-0-7453-3302-1 £65Epub 978-1-8496-4923-0 £18Kindle 978-1-8496-4922-3 £18NEXT READA People's History of the SecondWorld WarResistance Versus EmpireDonny GlucksteinPb 978-0-7453-2802-7 £19.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4720-5 £19.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4721-2 £19.99Ideologies in the Age of ExtremesLiberalism, Conservatism, Communism, Fascism1914-1991Willie ThompsonPb 978-0-7453-2711-2 £ PlutoPress 17

20 years since the fall of apartheidA Flawed FreedomRethinking Southern African LiberationJohn S. SaulTwenty years on from the fall of apartheid in South Africa, veterananalyst and activist John S. Saul examines the liberation struggle,placing it in a regional and global context and looking at how the initialoptimism and hope has given way to a sense of crisis following soaringinequality levels and the massacre of workers at Marikana.With chapters on South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique, Saulexamines the reality of southern Africa’s post-'liberation' plight,drawing on the insights of Frantz Fanon and Amilcar Cabral andassessing claims that a new ‘precariat’ has emerged.Saul examines the ongoing 'rebellion of the poor', including therecent Marikana massacre, that have shaken the region and may signalthe possibility of a new and more hopeful future.April 2014200pp 215mm x 135mmPb 978-0-7453-3479-0 £14.99Hb 978-0-7453-3480-6 £45Epub 978-1-7837-1142-0 £14.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1143-7 £14.99“This book covers agreat deal of groundin an accessible and livelyfashion. Concisely and tightlyargued, it is a powerfulrebuff to 'Afropessimists' andneoliberals alike.Leo Zeiligauthor of Class Struggle and Resistance in Africa (2008)John S. Saul is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and was awardeda Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 by the Canadian Association ofAfrican Studies for his writing and lecturing on South Africa.NEXT READThe Threat of LiberationImperialism and Revolution in ZanzibarAmrit WilsonPb 978-0-7453-3407-3 £18.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4940-7 £18.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4941-4 £18.99The Scramble for African OilOppression, Corruption and War for Control ofAfrica's Natural ResourcesDouglas A. YatesPb 978-0-7453-3045-7 £19.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4629-1 £19.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4630-7 £ PlutoPress

The dangerous new frontlines of journalismWar Reporters UnderThreatThe United States and Media FreedomChris PatersonWar Reporters Under Threat describes the threat of violence facing warreporters from the United States government and some of its closestallies.Chris Paterson argues that what should have been the lesson forthe press following the invasion of Iraq – that they will be treatedinstrumentally by the US government – has been mostly ignored. Asa result, even nominally democratic states cannot be counted upon toprotect journalists in conflict, and urgent reform of legal protectionsfor journalists is required.War Reporters Under Threat combines critical scholarship withoriginal investigation to assess the impact of the US government'sobsession with information control and protection of its own troops.While the press-military relationship has been well researched, thisbook is the first to elaborate the US government threat to journalists.Chris Paterson teaches at the Institute of Communications Studies atthe University of Leeds, and is a former news photographer. He is the coeditorof Making Online News: Newsroom Ethnographies in the Second Decadeof Internet Journalism (2011) and Making Online News: The Ethnography ofNew Media Production (2008).June 2014216pp 215mm x 135mmPb 978-0-7453-3417-2 £15.99Hb 978-0-7453-3418-9 £50Epub 978-1-7837-1033-1 £15.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1034-8 £15.99NEXT READPower Beyond ScrutinyMedia, Justice and AccountabilityJustin SchlosbergPb 978-0-7453-3291-8 £16.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4871-4 £16.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4872-1 £16.99Brute RealityPower, Discourse and the Mediation of WarStuart PricePb 978-0-7453-2079-3 £ PlutoPress 21

Traversing the world economy through one commodityNavigating the Flip-Flop TrailA Journey Through Globalisation'sBackroadsCaroline KnowlesSeries: Anthropology, Culture and SocietyThis book follows the global trail of one of the world’s mostunremarkable and ubiquitous objects – flip-flops. Through this uniquelens, Caroline Knowles takes a ground level view of globalisation’s backroads, providing new insights that challenge contemporary accounts ofglobalisation.Rather than orderly product chains, the book shows thatglobalisation along the flip-flop trail is a tangle of unstable, shiftingand contingent connections. The book reveals both the instabilities ofthe ‘chains’ and the complexities, personal topographies and skills withwhich people navigate these global uncertainties.Navigating the Flip-Flop Trail provides new ways of thinking aboutglobalisation from the vantage point of a seemingly ordinary andeveryday object.Caroline Knowles is Professor of Sociology at Goldsmiths, Universityof London. She is the coauthor of Hong Kong: Migrant Lives, Landscapes andJourneys (2009).May 2014224pp 215mm x 135mm 12 photosPb 978-0-7453-3411-0 £18.99Hb 978-0-7453-3412-7 £60Epub 978-1-7837-1151-2 £18.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1152-9 £18.99NEXT READThe Accidental CapitalistA People's Story of the New ChinaBehzad YaghmaianPb 978-0-7453-3230-7 £17.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4653-6 £17.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4654-3 £17.99Global Political EconomyA Marxist CritiqueBill DunnPb 978-0-7453-2666-5 £ PlutoPress 23

Groundbreaking ethnography of Arab identity in LondonBecoming Arab inLondonPerformativity and the Undoing of IdentityRamy M. K. AlySeries: Anthropology, Culture and SocietyMay 2014248pp 215mm x 135mm 16 illustrationsPb 978-0-7453-3358-8 £21.99Hb 978-0-7453-3359-5 £70Epub 978-1-7837-1157-4 £21.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1158-1 £21.99This book is the first ethnographic exploration of gender, race and classpractices amongst British born or raised Arabs in London. Ramy M.K.Aly looks critically at the idea of 'Arab-ness' and the ways in whichethnic subjects are produced, signified and recited in the city.Looking at everyday spaces, encounters and discourses, the bookexplores the lives of young people and some of the ways in which they‘do’ or achieve 'Arab-ness'. Aly’s ethnography uncovers narratives ofgrowing up in London, the codes of sociability at Shisha cafes and thesexual politics and ethnic self-portraits which make British-Arab menand women.Drawing on the work of Judith Butler, Aly emphasises the need tomove away from the notion of identity and towards a performativereading of race, gender and class. What emerges is a highly innovativecontribution to the study of diaspora and difference in contemporaryBritain.Ramy M. K. Aly is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department ofAnthropology at the American University in Cairo.NEXT READCommunity, Cosmopolitanismand the Problem of HumanCommonalityVered Amit and Nigel RapportPb 978-0-7453-2903-1 £21.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4710-6 £18.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4711-3 £18.99Ethnicity and NationalismAnthropological PerspectivesThomas Hylland EriksenPb 978-0-7453-3042-6 £17.99EPUB 978-1-7837-1055-3 £17.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1056-0 £ PlutoPress

New perspectives on global securityThe Anthropology ofSecurityPerspectives from the Frontline of Policing,Counter-Terrorism and Border ControlEdited by Mark Maguire, Catarina Frois andNils ZurawskiSeries: Anthropology, Culture and SocietyIn a post-Cold War world of political unease and economic crisis,processes of securitisation are transforming nation-states, theircitizens and non-citizens in profound ways.The book shows how contemporary Europe is now home to a vastsecurity industry which uses biometric identification systems, CCTVand quasi-military techniques to police migrants and disadvantagedneighbourhoods. This is the first collection of anthropological studiesof security with a particular but not exclusive emphasis on Europe.The Anthropology of Security draws together studies on the livedexperiences of security and policing from the perspective of thosemost affected in their everyday lives. The anthropological perspectivesin this volume stretch from the frontlines of policing and counterterrorismto border control.July 2014240pp 215mm x 135mmPb 978-0-7453-3457-8 £24.99Hb 978-0-7453-3458-5 £75Epub 978-1-7837-1163-5 £24.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1164-2 £24.99Mark Maguire is Head of Anthropology at the National University ofIreland Maynooth.Catarina Frois is Assistant Professor at the Department ofAnthropology, Lisbon University.Nils Zurawski is Visiting Professor in Security, Social Conflicts andRegulation at the University of Hamburg.NEXT READBorder WatchCultures of Immigration, Detention and ControlAlexandra HallPb 978-0-7453-2723-5 £19.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4717-5 £19.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4718-2 £19.99A World of InsecurityAnthropological Perspectives on Human SecurityEdited by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Ellen Bal andOscar SaleminkPb 978-0-7453-2984-0 £ PlutoPress 25

Nepal's Maoist upsurgeKings to ComradesNepal's Maoist Movement and theDemocratic TransitionNishchal BasnyatKings to Comrades takes a unique look at one of the most successfulrevolutions of the 21st century: the Maoist revolution in Nepal.Nishchal Basnyat incorporates rare interviews with Nepal's Maoistleaders and newly discovered documentary evidence that help usbetter understand the Maoist war in Nepal and its outcome. In anaccessible style, Basnyat explores the causes of the Maoist revolutionand the characteristics of the decade-long war. He goes on to analysethe fascinating process by which the rebels were transformed into apolitical party and ultimately democratised.This book will provide invaluable material for anyone studyingNepal as well as students of communist movements, third-worldrevolutions and rebel-to-party transformations.Nishchal Basnyat is Charles Fiske III Harvard Scholar at TrinityCollege, Cambridge University. He writes on Nepalese politics for nationaland international newspapers.NEXT READThe Maoists in IndiaTribals Under SiegeNirmalangshu MukherjiPb 978-0-7453-3282-6 £19.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4756-4 £18.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4757-1 £18.99Dispatches From the People's Warin NepalLi OnestoPb 978-0-7453-2340-4 £23.99April 2014360pp 215mm x 135mm 10 figures, 4 mapsPb 978-0-7453-3097-6 £17.99Hb 978-0-7453-3098-3 £60Epub 978-1-8496-4834-9 £17.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4835-6 £17.99“This thoughtful studydraws lessons ofconsiderable significance forother complex and highlyconflicted situations aroundthe world.Noam Chomsky“An important book onwhat may be the mostextraordinary case of rebel-topartytransformation in themodern era.Steven LevitskyProfessor of Government, Harvard University“A pioneering study of thepuzzling period in recentNepalese history.Richard W. MurphyU.S. Asst. Secretary of State for Near Eastern and SouthAsian Affairs, PlutoPress 29

Tracing the new faultlines of the global economyThe Geopolitics ofCapitalismNew Spaces of Imperialist RivalryMay 2014240pp 215mm x 135mmPb 978-0-7453-2922-2 £17.99Hb 978-0-7453-2923-9 £60Epub 978-1-7837-1154-3 £17.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1155-0 £17.99Gonzalo PozoThe Geopolitics of Capitalism links contemporary inter-state rivalry andcooperation to the spatial processes of global capitalism, recasting thenotion of geopolitics as a territorial manifestation of accumulation.Concentrating on the post-Cold War period, Gonzalo Pozo examinesthe way in which the capitalist mode of production creates its ownspaces of state conflict. The book critically reviews a wide rangeof geopolitical traditions and revisits key notions of borders andterritory, offering an analysis of the contemporary forms of territorialconfiguration.The book's theoretical and empirical range makes it an importantcontribution to the Marxist literature on imperialism and an excellentcritical introduction for students of international politics and politicalgeography.Gonzalo Pozo is a Lecturer in International Political Economy at King’sCollege LondonNEXT READGeopolitical EconomyAfter US Hegemony, Globalization and EmpireRadhika DesaiPb 978-0-7453-2992-5 £21.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4840-0 £21.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4841-7 £21.99The Fall of the US EmpireGlobal Fault-Lines and the Shifting Imperial OrderVassilis K. Fouskas and Bülent GökayPb 978-0-7453-2643-6 £17.99EPUB 978-1-8496-4659-8 £16.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4660-4 £ PlutoPress

Magisterial conclusion to acclaimed trilogyThe Discipline ofWestern SupremacyModes of Foreign Relations and PoliticalEconomy, Volume IIIKees van der PijlConcluding the acclaimed and award-winning trilogy on 'Modesof Foreign Relations and Political Economy', this is a magisterialhistorical sociology of International Relations theory.In The Discipline of Western Supremacy Kees van der Pijl argues that,from the late European Middle Ages, Anglophone thinkers articulatedan imperial world-view which was adopted by aspirant elites elsewhere.Nation-state formation under the auspices of the English-speakingWest has henceforth informed thinking about international affairs.After decolonisation the study of comparative politics continuedto develop under those same auspices as part of a comprehensiveframework.This book, the first of its kind, aims to provide a complete overviewof mainstream International Relations as a set of theories whichtranslate Western supremacy into intellectual hegemony.Kees van der Pijl is a Fellow of the Centre for Global Political Economyand Professor Emeritus at the University of Sussex. His books include TheForeign Encounter in Myth and Religion (Pluto, 2010), the Deutscher prizewinningNomads, Empires, States (Pluto, 2007), Global Rivalries from the ColdWar to Iraq (Pluto, 2006) and The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class (newedition, 2012).NEXT READThe Foreign Encounter in Mythand ReligionModes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy,Volume IIKees van der PijlHb 978-0-7453-2316-9 £35.00January 2014288pp 215mm x 135mmHb 978-0-7453-2318-3 £25Epub 978-1-8496-4889-9 £25Kindle 978-1-8496-4890-5 £25“Kees van der Pijlchallenges us tounderstand the world inits full complexity andcontradictory actuality.Peter BratsisLecturer in Political Theory, University of SalfordNomads, Empires, StatesModes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy,Volume IKees van der PijlHb 978-0-7453-2601-6 £ PlutoPress 31

Development from the grassrootsReclaiming RightsGrassroots Strategies in Post-DisasterSituationsJane Krishnadas and Krishnadas SukumaranReclaiming Rights explores community legal strategies at the grassroots,state and international levels. The book shows how in times ofadversity, women and men reclaim rights in the reconstruction of theirhomes, livelihoods and communities.Jane Krishnadas and Krishnadas Sukumaran shed light on the roleof rights in constructing gender, religious and class inequalities. Theydraw on their experience living and working with earthquake-affectedcommunities in India, and through this direct engagement withcommunity action, from peoples’ courts to public interest litigation,they present strategies for reclaiming rights both in post-disastersituations and everyday life.This unique book is essential reading for all those interested ingrassroots rights strategies to access justice at a time of global crisis,uncertainty and upheaval.Jane Krishnadas is Director of Community Legal Outreach at KeeleUniversity. She has worked as a social-development worker in an Indianearthquake-affected area, Community Development Manager for Oxfamand as India Projects Officer with the Minority Rights Group, UK.June 2014224pp 215mm x 135mmPb 978-0-7453-2692-4 £21.99Hb 978-0-7453-2693-1 £70Epub 978-1-7837-1166-6 £21.99Kindle 978-1-7837-1167-3 £21.99Krishnadas Sukumaran directed the Times of India Group postdisasterreconstruction programme in Gujurat and pioneered the landmarkpublic interest litigation on reconstruction in Maharashtra, India. He isthe recipient of the 2012 UK National Black Police Association Award for‘Outstanding Dedication to Community Engagement’.NEXT READMaking Peace LastA Toolbox for Sustainable PeacebuildingRobert RiciglianoPb 978-1-5945-1995-6 £22.99Our Way to FightPeace-Work Under Siege in Israel-PalestineMichael RiordonPb 978-0-7453-3022-8 £ PlutoPress 33

Revolutionary LivesSylvia PankhurstSuffragette, Socialist and Scourge of EmpireKatherine ConnellySeries: Revolutionary LivesFrom militant suffragette at the beginning of the twentieth century tocampaigner against colonialism in Africa after the Second World War,Sylvia Pankhurst dedicated her life to fighting oppression and injustice.In this vivid biography Katherine Connelly examines Pankhurst’srole at the forefront of significant developments in the history ofradical politics.This lively and accessible biography presents Pankhurst as acourageous and inspiring campaigner, of huge relevance to thoseengaged in social movements today.septmeber 2013240pp 215mm x 135mmPb 978-0-7453-3322-9 £12.99Hb 978-0-7453-3323-6 £45Epub 978-1-8496-4943-8 £12.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4944-5 £12.99katherine connelly is a leading member of Counterfire and a regularcontributor to its online magazine. She is currently conducting doctoralresearch in History at Queen Mary, University of London.Gerrard WinstanleyThe Digger’s Life and LegacyJohn GurneySeries: Revolutionary LivesGerrard Winstanley (1609-1676) was a Christian Communist, leaderof the Diggers movement and bête noire of the landed aristocracy.Despite being one of the great English radicals, Winstanley remainsunmentioned in today’s lists of ‘great Britons’.John Gurney reveals the hidden history of Winstanley and hismovement and guides us through Winstanley’s writings, which areamong the most remarkable prose writings of his age.Gerrard Winstanley is a must read for students of English historyand all those seeking to re-claim the commons today.november 2012176pp 198mm x 129mmPb 978-0-7453-3183-6 £12.99Hb 978-0-7453-3184-3 £45Epub 978-1-8496-4677-2 £12.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4678-9 £12.99john gurney is a Visiting Fellow in the School of Historical Studies,Newcastle PlutoPress

Revolutionary LivesLeila KhaledIcon of Palestinian LiberationSarah IrvingSeries: Revolutionary LivesDubbed ‘the poster girl of Palestinian militancy’, Leila Khaled’s imageflashed across the world after she hijacked a passenger jet in 1969.In this intimate profile, based on interviews with Khaled and thosewho know her, Sarah Irving gives us the life-story behind the image.Key moments of Khaled’s turbulent life are explored, including thedramatic events of the hijackings, her involvement in the MarxistPopular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (a radical element withinthe PLO), her opposition to the Oslo peace process and her activismtoday.Leila Khaled’s example gives unique insights into the Palestinianstruggle through one remarkable life.sarah irving is a freelance writer and author of The Bradt Guide toPalestine (2011) and co-author of Gaza Beneath the Bombs (Pluto, 2010).May 2012168pp 198mm x 129mm 6 photographsPb 978-0-7453-2951-2 £12.99Hb 978-0-7453-2952-9 £45Epub 978-1-8496-4674-1 £12.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4675-8 £12.99Salvador AllendeRevolutionary DemocratVictor Figueroa ClarkSeries: Revolutionary LivesThis is a political biography of one of the 20th century’s mostemblematic left-wing figures - Salvador Allende, who was president ofChile until he was ousted by General Pinochet in a US-supported coupin 1973.Victor Figueroa Clark guides us through Allende's life and politicalproject, answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Clarkargues that Allende and the Popular Unity Party created a uniquefusion which was both revolutionary and democratic.This book looks back at the man and the process in order to drawvital lessons for the left in Latin America and around the world today.Victor Figueroa Clark lectures at the London School of Economicsand is the editor of 2013176pp 198mm x 129mm 8 photos, 1 mapPb 978-0-7453-3307-6 £12.99Hb 978-0-7453-3308-3 £45Epub 978-1-8496-4935-3 £12.99Kindle 978-1-8496-4934-6 £ PlutoPress 35

Paradigm PublishersMarch 2014256pp 229mm x 152mmPb 978-1-6120-5256-4 £19.99Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New ZealandThe Myth of LiberalAscendancyCorporate Dominance from the GreatDepression to the Great RecessionG. Williams DomhoffBased on new archival research, G. Williams Domhoff challengespopular conceptions of the 1930’s New Deal. Arguing instead thatthis period was one of increasing corporate dominance in governmentaffairs.While FDR’s New Deal brought sweeping legislation, the tideturned quickly after 1938. From that year onward nearly every majornew economic law passed by Congress showed the mark of corporatedominance.Domhoff concludes that in terms of economic influence, liberalismwas on a long steady decline, and that ironically, it was the successes ofthe civil rights, feminist, environmental, and gay-lesbian movementsthat led to the final defeat of the liberal-labour alliance after 1968.g. williams domhoff is Professor Emeritus at UC-Santa Cruz, UnitedStates.We the PeoplesA UN For the Twenty-First CenturyKofi A. AnnanDuring his time as Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi Annan launchedthe Millennium Developmental Goals, established the InternationalCriminal Court and articulated the Responsibility to Protect as aprinciple for international action. This book gives an overview ofAnnan’s concerns and displays his eloquence.Covering the subjects of development, security, human rights,peacekeeping and the prevention of genocide; these statements attestto the intensity of the UN’s involvement in the most important issuesof the era.This book shows how Annan’s words on war, peace and humanityresonate in so many ways - and carry great weight in the way in whichthe UN continues to develop its role in the world..march 2014256pp 229mm x 152mmHb 978-1-6120-5558-9 £15.99Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New Zealandkofi a. Annan was Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1997 to2006. In 2001 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for PlutoPress

Paradigm PublishersThe Pen Knows Its JobPeter Orlovsky, a Life in WordsPeter Orlovsky. Edited by Bill MorganPeter Orlovsky, who died in 2010, was best known as the longtimecompanion of the poet Allen Ginsberg. But he was also anaccomplished writer himself. This collection of unpublished letters,poems, photographs, and journal entries shows his story in his ownwords and reveals the inside story of his relationship with Ginsberg.Born in 1933 into a Russian immigrant family, Orlovsky served inthe Army until he decided that he was more interested in reading thanfighting. His world changed in 1954 when he met Allen Ginsberg.Through Ginsberg, Orlovsky came to know Jack Kerouac, William S.Burroughs, Gregory Corso, and all the other writers who made up theBeat Generation.When Ginsberg took his poetry on the road, Orlovsky often traveledwith him as a musician - but at the price of his own individuality.His fragile mental health broken, he died alone and forgotten. Thesememoirs show Orlovsky’s creative imagination and why he was a vitalinspiration to the Beat generation.peter orlovsky (1933 - 2010) was a poet and muscian.bill morgan is a writer, archivist and bibliographer. He is the author of ICelebrate Myself: The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg (2006).april 2014352pp 229mm x 152mmHb 978-1-6120-5582-4 £15.99Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New ZealandTo the CloudBig Data in a Turbulent WorldVincent MoscoIn the wake of revelations about National Security Agency activities- many of which occur ‘in the cloud’ - this book offers a critical view.Cloud computing and big data are arguably the most significant forcesin information technology today. To the Cloud explores where the cloudoriginated and its importance for business, government and citizens.It describes the competition among cloud companies like Amazonand Google, the spread of the cloud to government agencies likethe NSA, and the astounding growth of entire cloud cities in China.From advertising to trade shows, the cloud and big data are furiouslymarketed to the world.Is the cloud the long-promised information utility that will solvemany of the world’s economic and social problems? To the Cloudprovides the first thorough analysis of the potential and problems ofthis new technology.vincent mosco is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Queen’s University,Canada. He is the author of numerous books including The Political Econmyof Communication (2009).may 2014288pp 229mm x 152mmPb 978-1-6120-5616-6 £16.99Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New PlutoPress 37

Paradigm PublishersThe Presidency andDomestic PolicyComparing Leadership Styles, FDR toObamaMichael A. Genovese, Todd L. Belt and WilliamW. LammersThis book examines the first terms of every president from FDR toBarack Obama. It shows that success in bringing about policy changehinges on leadership skill in managing institutional and publicrelationships.This second edition adds chapters on George W. Bush and Obamaand focuses on the significant domestic policy challenges of theirrespective times.The Presidency and Domestic Policy provides unique insights intocontemporary presidential leadership in a highly partisan age.Michael A. Genovese is Director of the Institute for Leadership Studiesat Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.March 2014384pp 229mm x 152mmHb 978-1-6120-5301-1 £80Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New Zealandtodd l. belt is Associate Professor of Political Science at the Universityof Hawai’i.william w. lammers (1937-1997) was Professor of Political Science atthe University of Southern California.Who’s RunningAmerica?The Obama ReignThomas R. DyeA classic study of American government, Who’s Running America?shows how power is concentrated in large institutions. The 8th editionof this best-selling book focuses on the Obama administration andhow it compares to previous administrations.Based on forensic data compilation and analysis, Who’s RunningAmerica? explores the influence of governmental leaders, corporateofficials and other elites, describing the people who inhabit the WhiteHouse and upper echelons of the system.Who’s Running America? is packed full of useful statistics anddelivers the inside scoop on the Obama reign.january 2014224pp 229mm x 152mmPb 978-1-6120-5555-8 £18.99Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New Zealandthomas r. dye is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at FloridaState University. He is the author of numerous books including The Irony ofDemocracy and Understanding Public PlutoPress

Paradigm PublishersThe Effective PresidencyLessons on Leadership from John F.Kennedy to Barack ObamaErwin C. HargroveThe second edition of this classic work has a new chapter on BarackObama and updates coverage of the end of the George W. Bushadministration.Presidential scholar Erwin Hargrove extends his analyticalframework of presidential effectiveness to show how Obama combineseventful leadership with pragmatism in moving the nation forward inan intensely polarized partisan environment.Reviewing eventful and event-making presidencies of the last 50years, Hargrove comes down on the side of effectiveness over thespecial effects of the pyrotechnic presidencies of the past.Erwin c. hargrove is Professor Emeritus of Political Science atVanderbilt University and winner of the prestigious Richard E. NeustadtAward.january 2014316pp 229mm x 152mmPb 978-1-6120-5434-6 £25Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New ZealandThey RuleThe 1% v. DemocracyPaul StreetThey Rule reflects on key political questions raised by the Occupymovement, showing how similar questions have been raised byprevious generations of radical activists: who really owns and rules theUS?Along the way, this book sharpens readers’ sense of who the USoligarchy are, including how their fortunes have changed over thecourse of US history, how they live and think and how to detect andde-cloak them.They Rule is a masterful historical and political analysis, revealingwhat lies beneath the surface of US society and what ordinary peoplecan do to bring about social change.paul street is an urban social policy researcher and teacher in Chicago.His books include Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics (2009)and Empire and Inequality (2005).march 2014256pp 229mm x 152mmHb 978-1-6120-5326-4 £75Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New PlutoPress 39

Paradigm PublishersShakespeare andPoliticsWhat a Sixteenth-Century Playwright CanTell Us About Twenty-First Century PoliticsEdited by Bruce E. Altschuler and Michael A.GenoveseWilliam Shakespeare, more than any other author, was able to capturethe essence of human nature in all its manifestations. His politicalplays offer enduring insights into our humanity.This volume gleans valuable lessons from the writings of WilliamShakespeare and applies them to contemporary politics.Original chapters covering over a dozen different plays takeup perennial political themes including power and leadership,corruption and virtue, war and peace, evil and liberty, persuasion andpolarization, and empire and global overreach.march 2014224pp 229mm x 152mmPb 978-1-6120-5159-8 £18.99Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New Zealandbruce e. altschuler is Professor of Political Science at SUNY Oswegoand the author or coauthor of five books, most recently Acting Presidents:100 Years of Plays about the Presidency (2010).michael a. genovese is Professor of Political Science and Director of theInstitute for Leadership Studies at Loyola Marymount University.Music SociologyAn Introduction to the Role of Music inSocial LifeEdited by Sara Towe Horsfall, Jan-Martijn Meijand Meghan ProbstfieldThis book explores sixteen different genres to demonstrate that musiceverywhere reflects social values and individual identity.The contributors consider the intersections of race, class and genderthrough lyrics and cultural experiences.Written by sociologists also involved in music, this collectionintroduces the sociology of music to those who may not be familiarwith it.sara towe horsfall is an Associate Professor at Texas WesleyanUniversity.JANUARY 2014304pp 229mm x 152mmPb 978-1-6120-5313-4 £25.99Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand and New Zealandjan martijn meij is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Florida GulfCoast University.meghan probstfield is Associate Professor of Sociology at IndianRiver State College, Florida, PlutoPress

Paradigm PublishersCritical Sociology (2ndedition)Steven M. BuechlerThis is a thoroughly revised and updated second edition of the popularintroduction to the sociological perspective as a critical lens on society.Much has happened since the first edition: the Great Recession,Obama’s presidency, the burgeoning role of social media, and recentsocial movements such the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, the ArabSpring. Buechler discusses the changing relationship between socialmovements and democracy.The book opens with chapters on how to think sociologically, anoverview of scientific, humanistic and critical schools of sociology,and a detailed exposition of the critical tradition. He applies thistradition to economics, politics and culture; to class, race and gender;to individualism, self and identity; and to globalization.steven m. buechler is Professor of Sociology at Mankato StateUniversity. His recent books include Understanding Social Movements(Paradigm, 2011).June 2014320pp 229mm x 152mmPb 978-1-6120-5625-8 £28.99Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New ZealandDemocratic Uprisings inthe New Middle EastYouth, Technology, Human Rights, and USForeign PolicyMahmood MonshipouriAs Egypt retreats from its newly elected government and Syria movesfrom one crisis to another, this reflection on the Arab Spring could notbe more timely.Monshipouri’s account of the role of emotion, solidarity and onlineactivism is informed by several trips to the region. He argues that theuprisings were fuelled by a demographic surge of young people unableto find employment and frustrated by the lack of freedom.This book addresses all of these subjects in an engaging andaccessible narrative.mahmood monshipouri is Associate Professor of InternationalRelations at San Francisco State University. His most recent book isTerrorism, Security and Human Rights (2012).january 2014234pp 229mm x 152mmPb 978-1-6120-5135-2 £15.99Hb 978-1-6120-5134-5 £70Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New PlutoPress 41

Paradigm Publishers21st Century SocialProblemsExploring Social Crises Through MediaRoberta GoldbergIn this book Roberta Goldberg uses a multi-media approach tocritically examine the most significant and volatile issues of our times:the environmental crisis, upheavals in the developing world, health,terrorism and technology.The book is unique in its in-depth coverage of these pressingsocial concerns, and its use of extensive media resources through acompanion website. An introductory section reviews basic sociologicalconcepts and theories and then revisits them in each chapter.The book helps students appreciate the magnitude of the problemsof the 21st century and develop the intellectual tools to understandthem.march 2014296pp 254mm x 178mmPb 978-1-6120-5634-0 £31.99Hb 978-1-6120-5633-3 £72.50Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New Zealandapril 2014224pp 229mm x 152mmHb 978-1-6120-5556-5 £70Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New Zealandroberta goldberg is Professor of Sociology at Trinity College inWashington DC and the author of Organizing Women Office Workers.Politics in PopularMoviesRhetorical Takes on Horror, War, Thriller,and SciFi FilmsJohn S. NelsonPopular movies can be surprisingly smart about politics. At times,these are the portentous politics of state or war; but often, they arethe everyday politics of family, romance, business, church, and school.Politics in Popular Movies analyzes the politics in many well-knownfilms in four popular forms: horror, war, thriller, and science fiction.This books shows how conspiracy films expose oppressive systemsand explores how various thrillers prefigured American experiences of9/11 and then shaped aspects of the War on Terror.The book also appreciates ways that movies reflect politics from theOccupy and Tea Party movements, rethink the political foundations ofcurrent societies, and even remake our cultural images of the future.John s. nelson teaches Political Theory and Communication at theUniversity of Iowa, United PlutoPress

Paradigm PublishersCapitalism: Should YouBuy It?An Invitation to Political EconomyCharles Derber and Yale MagrassBefore there was economics, there was political economy, aninterdisciplinary adventure boldly seeking to understand capitalism.Over time, the social sciences evolved into specific disciplines that lessoften questioned capitalist perspectives.This accessible and hopeful book is a call to revive the critical edgeand ask if capitalism provides a society that promotes the well-being,indeed the survival, of humanity.It contrasts three traditions - neoclassicism, Keynesianism, andneo-Marxism - tracing the historical development of each.charles derber is Professor of Sociology at Boston College, UnitedStates. He is the author of numerous books and articles.yale magrass is a Chancellor Professor of Sociology at the University ofMassachusetts–Dartmouth, United States.january 2014290pp 229mm x 152mmHb 978-1-6120-5569-5 £75Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New ZealandFrom Jicama toJackfruitThe Global Political Economy of FoodKimberly WeirNearly everyone is a part of the global food system, yet few people areaware of how it operates.This book shows how we are connected with spice farmers, cocoa beangrowers and soybean producers, not only giving insight into where wefit in the global food chain, but also a unique way to understand theaspects and concepts of the global political economy.Subsequent chapters examine the supply, processing, and saleof food items as a way to consider the different facets of the globalpolitical economy, how the global food supply chain works, and whatthat means for food choices the world over.kimberly weir is Associate Professor of Political Science at NorthernKentucky University, United States.may 2014224pp 229mm x 152mmHb 978-1-5945-1930-7 £70Not available in North America, Japan, Australiaand New PlutoPress 43

Paradigm Publishersfebruary 2014150pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612055480£60The Brotherhoodof Sleeping CarPortersC.L. Dellums and the Fight for FairTreatment and Civil RightsRobert AllenBased on interviews and archivalresearch, this book is an inspiringtestament to an influential union in earlytwentieth-century America.february 2014224pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612055466£60Manhood ActsGender and the Practices ofDominationMichael SchwalbeLooks at the practices males use toconstruct ‘women’ and ‘men’ as unequalcategories. Schwalbe reclaims radicalfeminist insights that gender is a field ofdomination.february 2014180pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612055503£65Black Males andRacismImproving the Schooling and LifeChances of African AmericansTerence D. FitzgeraldRevealing the mechanisms ofinstitutional social control, this booksets out proposals to reduce structuralracism and improve the lives of AfricanAmerican youth.march 2014pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612054353£65Peace andConflict 2014Paul K. Huth, JonathanWilkenfeld and David A. BackerBiennial publication that providescutting-edge data and analysisconcerning domestic and internationalconflicts and correspondingpeacebuilding activities.Epistemologiesof the SouthJustice Against EpistemicideBoaventura de Sousa SantosPeace EcologyRandall AmsterPresents a cutting-edge analysis thatlinks peace and nonviolence to thetenets of ecology and environmentalism.Argues that Western domination hasprofoundly marginalised knowledge andwisdom from the global South.march 2014292pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612055442£80may 2014224pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612052960£ PlutoPress

Paradigm PublishersAgitation with aSmileHoward Zinn’s Legacies and theFuture of ActivismGun Violence andPublic LifeBen Agger and Timothy W.LukeStephen Bird, Adam Silver andJoshua YesnowitzProminent US authors examine gunviolence in public life.february 2014320pp 229mm x 152mmPb 9781612051826£17.99This is the first book to provide asubstantive account and assessmentof Zinn’s philosophy and approach todemocracy.march 2014258pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612056630£75june 2014376pp 235mm x 155mmPb 9781612056791£105Handbook onCuban History,Literature, andthe ArtsMauricio A. Font and AraceliTinajeroProvides a rich empirical description ofcivic life and a broader discussion of thefuture of democracy in contemporaryAmerica.march 2014258pp 203mm x 127mmPb 9781612053110£15.99On the SupremeCourtWithout Illusion and IdolatryLouis FisherMore than two dozen cases are analyzedin assessing the Supreme Court’s recordincluding those touching on subjects ofrecent decisions.june 2014320pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612056708£80CollectiveViolence,ContentiousPolitics, andSocial ChangeA Charles Tilly ReaderErnesto Castaneda and CathyLisa SchneiderCollects the best work of the influentialAmerican sociologist.june 2014288pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612056753£80OvercomingGlobalInequalitiesImmanuel Wallerstein,Christopher Chase-Dunn andChristian SuterExamines the changing nature of globalinequalities and efforts that are beingmade to move toward a more egalitarianworld PlutoPress 45

Paradigm PublishersModern SocietiesEncounters with HistoryStephen K. SandersonExplores the nature of the contemporaryworld’s 200 societies by comparing andcontrasting their basic institutions andpatterns of social organization.GlobalEnvironmentalPoliticsFrom Person to PlanetPaul Wapner and SimonNicholsonJune 2014270pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612056678£75june 2014384pp 229mm x 152mmPb 9781612056487£80Makes the case that our governmentsand social institutions have beenengaged in activities that will extinguishthe world’s ecological life supportsystems.june 2014345pp 229mm x 152mmPb 9781594512056£28.99They and WeRacial and Ethnic Relations in the USand BeyondPeter I. RoseUpdated seventh edition. Covers recentdemographic changes in the US andnew developments, such as the increasein Islamophobia since 9/11.march 2014352pp 280mm x 216mmPb 9781612050928£31.99Building GlobalInfrastructureDale S. Rothman, MohammodT. Irfan, Eli Margolese-Malin,Barry B. Hughes, and JonathanD. MoyerExplores prospects for humandevelopment: how developmentappears to be unfolding globally andlocally and how we would like it toevolve.UnderstandingEducationalResearchA Guide to Critically Reading theLiteratureGary Shank, Launcelot Brown,Jan PringleGoverning theWorld?Addressing “Problems withoutPassports“Thomas G. WeissProposes a three-pronged strategy toachieve better global governance andcommunications.june 2014136pp 216mm x 140mmHb 9781612055800£60Designed to help students learn to readeducational research articles carefully,systematically and critically.march 2014144pp 229mm x 152mmHb 9781612056272£ PlutoPress

Recent HighlightsOn WesternTerrorismFrom Hiroshima to Drone WarfareSalvador AllendeRevolutionary DemocratVictor Figueroa Clarkseptember 2013208pp 198mm x 129mm21 photographsPb 9780745333878£12.99Epub 9781849649377£12.99Kindle 9781849649384£12.99Noam Chomsky and AndreVltchekA controversial and provocative newintervention from the world’s greatestdissident intellectual.august 2013176pp 198mm x 129mm8 photos, 1 mapPb 9780745333076£12.99Hb 9780745333083£45Epub 9781849649353£12.99Kindle 9781849649346£12.99A political biography of one of the 20thcentury’s most emblematic politicalfigures.October 2013240pp 215mm x 135mm3 figuresPb 9780745333304£14.99Hb 9780745333311£45Epub 9781849649674£14.99Kindle 9781849649681£14.99The Poverty ofCapitalismEconomic Meltdown and theStruggle for What Comes NextJohn HilaryLooks at the failure of conventionaleconomic theories based on capitalistgrowth, and explores alternative modelsbeing developed around the world.september 2013176pp 198mm x 129mmPb 9780745333229£12.99Hb 9780745333236£50Epub 9781849649438£12.99Kindle 9781849649445£12.99Sylvia PankhurstSuffragette, Socialist and Scourge ofEmpireKatherine ConnellyLively and accessible biography of SylviaPankhurst, from suffragette to anti-Fascist activist.October 2013288pp 198mm x 129mmPb 9780745330327£16.99Hb 9780745330334£55Epub 9781849649612£16.99Kindle 9781849649629£16.99Plane TruthAviation’s Real Impact on People andthe EnvironmentRose BridgerAn engaging critical account of theaviation industry, which debunks anumber of misconceptions and selfjustifyingmyths.September 2013208pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745334011£14.99Hb 9780745334028£50Epub 9781849649551£14.99Kindle 9781849649568£14.99Austerity IrelandThe Failure of Irish CapitalismKieran Allen with BrianO'BoyleOffers a deeply informed diagnosis ofIreland's current socio-economic andpolitical malaise, suggesting a politicalearthquake may benefit the PlutoPress 47

Recent HighlightsCrucible ofResistanceGreece, the Eurozone and the WorldEconomic CrisisAfter QueerTheoryThe Limits of Sexual PoliticsSeptember 2013192pp 215mm x 135mm37 figures, 12 tablesPb 9780745333809£15.99Hb 9780745333816£60Epub 9781849649520£15.99Kindle 9781849649537£15.99Christos Laskos and EuclidTsakalotosChallenges mainstream accounts ofthe 'Greek Crisis' and situates it withina regional context and ultimately acritique of the world economic system.November 2013224pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745333786£18.99Hb 9780745333793£65Epub 9781849649865£18.99Kindle 9781849649872£18.99James PenneyMakes the provocative claim that queertheory has run its course, made obsoleteby the elaboration of its own logicwithin capitalism.Bad News forRefugeesGreg Philo, Emma Briant andPauline DonaldThe Politics ofIslamophobiaRace, Power and FantasyAugust 2013224pp 215mm x 135mm1 figurePb 9780745334325£16.99Hb 9780745334332£60Epub 9781849649582£16.99Kindle 9781849649599£16.99November 2013272pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745325316£18.99Hb 9780745325323£60Epub 9781849649773£18.99Kindle 9781849649780£18.99Looks at how refugees and asylumseekers are stigmatised in politicalrhetoric and media coverage.Common GroundDemocracy and Collectivity in an Ageof IndividualismJeremy GilbertDraws on past philosophical debates topropose a new way of conceiving thecommons in today's neoliberal era.November 2013208pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745331317£21.99Hb 9780745331324£70Epub 9781849648745£21.99Kindle 9781849648752£21.99August 2013192pp 215mm x 135mm15 photosPb 9780745334073£18.99Hb 9780745334080£65Epub 9781849649407£18.99Kindle 9781849649414£18.99David TyrerMoves beyond the limited framingof the 'War on Terror' which hasdominated recent debates, offeringa new perspective on the study ofIslamophobia.The Threat ofLiberationImperialism and Revolution inZanzibarAmrit WilsonA gripping historical account of ColdWar subversion and revolution in postcolonialAfrica, with crucial lessons PlutoPress

Recent HighlightsSeptember 2013240pp 215mm x 135mm20 photographsPb 9780745333489£19.99Hb 9780745333496£65Epub 9781849649469£19.99Kindle 9781849649476£19.99Black StarBritain's Asian Youth MovementsAnandi RamamurthyTells the history of Britain's Asian YouthMovements from the 1970s and 1980sand shows their importance in creatingtoday's multiracial Britain.Turkey ReframedConstituting Neoliberal HegemonyEdited by İsmet Akça, AhmetBekmen and Barış Alp ÖzdenCutting-edge guide for students,scholars and other interested readerswho want to understand Turkey’s recenthistory.December 2013304pp 230mm x 150mmPb 9780745333847£25Hb 9780745333854£75Epub 9781849649803£25Kindle 9781849649810£25November 2013224pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745334059£22.99Hb 9780745334066£70Epub 9781849649704£22.99Kindle 9781849649711£22.99October 2013280pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745333748£24.99Hb 9780745333755£75Epub 9781849649490£24.99Kindle 9781849649506£24.99Subalternity,Antagonism,AutonomyConstructing the Political SubjectMassimo Modonesi. Forewordby John HollowayRelates the concepts of subalternity,antagonism and autonomy tocontemporary movements in LatinAmerica and elsewhere.The Gloss ofHarmonyThe Politics of Policy-Making inMultilateral OrganisationsEdited by Birgit MüllerShows how international organisationsshape the world in often unexpectedand unpredictable ways.Final SolutionsHuman Nature, Capitalism andGenocideSabby SagallThe TherapyIndustryThe Irresistible Rise of the TalkingCure, and Why It Doesn’t WorkOctober 2013320pp 230mm x 150mmPb 9780745326535£22.99Hb 9780745326542£70Epub 9781849648929£22.99Kindle 9781849648936£22.99A highly original theoretical interventioninto the causes of genocide.June 2013264pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745329864£17.99Hb 9780745329871£60Epub 9781849648776£17.99Kindle 9781849648783£17.99Paul MoloneyArgues that therapeutic and appliedpsychology have little basis in scienceand that they prosper because theyserve the interests of PlutoPress 49

BestsellersMay 2013272pp 198mm x 129mm2 figuresPb 9780745333502£12.99Hb 9780745333519£50Epub 9781849648806£12.99Kindle 9781849648813£12.99The Heretic'sGuide to GlobalFinanceHacking the Future of MoneyBrett ScottShows how activists can tap into theinternal dynamics of the sector todisrupt it and showcases the growingalternative finance movement.March 2013288pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745333762£14.99Hb 9780745333779£50Epub 9781849649285£14.99Kindle 9781849649292£14.99Making Peacewith the EarthVandana ShivaDemolishes the myths of corporateglobalisation and shows its devastatingenvironmental impact.August 2012240pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745332536£12.99Hb 9780745332543£60Epub 9781849647472£10.99Kindle 9781849647489£10.99September 2012224pp 198mm x 129mmPb 9780745332857£14.99Hb 9780745332864£45Epub 9781849647625£14.99Kindle 9781849647632£14.99The IslamophobiaIndustryHow the Right Manufactures Fear ofMuslimsNathan Lean. Foreword byJohn L. EspositoDisturbing account of the rising tide ofIslamophobia sweeping through theUnited States and Europe.What We AreFighting ForA Radical Collective ManifestoEdited by Federico Campagnaand Emanuele CampiglioVisions of a different society run in theinterests of the 99%. Leading activistvoices answer the question the medialoves to ask the protesters.April 2013232pp 215mm x 135mm17 figuresPb 9780745332932£16.99Hb 9780745332949£60Epub 9781849647656£16.99Kindle 9781849647663£16.99April 2013352pp 230mm x 150mm15 black and white photosPb 9780745332147£18Hb 9780745332154£70Epub 9781849648646£18Kindle 9781849648653£18The GreatUniversityGambleMoney, Markets and the Future ofHigher EducationAndrew McGettiganA critical and deeply informed surveyof the brave new world of UK HigherEducation emerging from governmentcuts and market-driven reforms.A MarxistHistory of theWorldFrom Neanderthals to NeoliberalsNeil FaulknerMagisterial analysis of human history,from the first hominid to the GreatRecession of 2008. Written from theperspective of ordinary men PlutoPress

BestsellersSecond EditionA History ofAnthropologyThomas Hylland Eriksen andFinn Sivert NielsenMurdoch'sPoliticsHow One Man's Thirst For Wealthand Power Shapes our WorldMay 2013264pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745333526£17.99Hb 9780745333533£65Epub 9781849649193£17.99Kindle 9781849649209£17.99Thoroughly updated and revisededition of a popular classic of modernanthropology.February 2013272pp 230mm x 150mmPb 9780745333465£12.99Hb 9780745333472£45Epub 9781849648585£12.99Kindle 9781849648592£12.99David McKnight. Foreword byRobert W. McChesneySearching analysis of Rupert Murdoch'simpact on politics, media and culture.Includes the fallout from the Levesoninquiry.October 2012208pp 215mm x 135mm10 b & w imagesPb 9780745332482£16.99Hb 9780745332499£60Epub 9781849648011£16.99Kindle 9781849648028£16.99Tweets and theStreetsSocial Media and ContemporaryActivismPaolo GerbaudoAnalyses the impact of new social mediaon activism and political dissent, fromCairo to New York.June 2012288pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745328027£19.99Hb 9780745328034£75Epub 9781849647205£19.99Kindle 9781849647212£19.99A People'sHistory of theSecond WorldWarResistance Versus EmpireDonny GlucksteinFascinating history of the Second WorldWar as fought 'from below' by antifascistmilitias, who worked both withand against the allied powers.February 2013192pp 215mm x 135mmPb 9780745333267£14.99Hb 9780745333274£50Epub 9781849648523£14.99Kindle 9781849648530£14.99Shadow LivesThe Forgotten Women of the Waron TerrorVictoria Brittain. Forewordby John Berger. Afterword byMarina WarnerReveals the impact on the wivesand families of men incarcerated inGuantanamo, or in prison in Britain andthe US, during the 'war on terror'.January 2013192pp 240mm x 170mm45 PhotosHb 9780745333694£19.99Epub 9781849648684£19.99Kindle 9781849648691£19.99It’s the PoliticalEconomy, StupidThe Global Financial Crisis in Artand TheoryEdited by Gregory Sholette andOliver ResslerLeading critical artists and theoristsanalyse the current crisis of PlutoPress 51

Index21st Century Social Problems 42Against Austerity 2Agger, Ben 45Agitation with a Smile 45Allen, Robert 44Altschuler, Bruce E. 40Aly, Ramy M.K. 24Amin, Samir 6Amster, Randall 44Annan, Kofi A. 36Anthropology of Security, The 25Articulating Dissent 11Backer, David A. 44Bambery, Chris 17Bartley, Paula 9Basnyat, Nishchal 29Battle for Europe, The 7Becoming Arab in London 24Belt, Todd L. 38Bird, Stephen 45Black Males and Racism 44Bloch, Alice 28Bond, Patrick 19Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, The 44Brown, Launcelot 46Buechler, Steven M. 41Building Global Infrastructure 46Capitalism: Should You Buy It? 43Carey, John 16Castaneda, Ernesto 45Cattaneo, Claudio 15Chase-Dunn, Christopher 45Clark, Victor Figueroa 35Cole, Sally 12Collection of Ranter Writings, A 16Collective Violence, Contentious Politics, and SocialChange 45Connelly, Katherine 34Contesting Publics 12Critical Sociology 41Cross, Jamie 22Deception in High Places 4Democratic Uprisings in the New Middle East 41Derber, Charles 43Discipline of Western Supremacy, The 31Domhoff, G. Williams 36Dream Zones 22Dye, Thomas R. 38Effective Presidency, The 39Elite Transition 19Ellen Wilkinson 9Epistemologies of the South 44Fair Trade Scandal, The 5Fazi, Thomas 7Fisher, Louis 45Fitzgerald, Terence D. 44Flawed Freedom, A 18Foley, James 3Font, Mauricio A. 45Food for Change 26Fredric Jameson 27Frois, Catarina 25Fredric Jameson 27From Jicama to Jackfruit 43Genovese, Michael A. 38, 40Geopolitics of Capitalism, The 30Gerrard Winstanley 34Gilby, Nicholas 4Global Environmental Politics 46Goldberg, Roberta 42Gonzalez, Mike 8Governing the World? 46Gurney, John 34Handbook on Cuban History, Literature, and theArts 45Hargrove, Erwin C. 39Hill, John 20Horsfall, Sara Towe 40Hoskins, Tansy E. 1Hughes, B. Barry 46Hughes, Bob 14Hugo Chavez 8Huth, Paul K. 44Implosion of Capitalism, The 6Irfan, Mohammod T. 46Irving, Sarah 35Israeli Apartheid 13King’s to Comrades 29Knowles, Caroline 23Krishnadas, Jane 33Lammers, William W. 38Leila Khaled 35Leye, David Clement 5Luetchford, Pete 26Luke, Timothy W. 45Magrass, Yale 43Maguire, Mark 25Manhood Acts 44Marcus, Greil 16Margolese-Malin, Eli 46Martinez, Miguel A. 15Meij, Jan-Martijn 40Merrifield, Andy 10Modern Societies 46Monshipouri, Mahmood 41Morgan, Bill 37Mosco, Vincent 37Mowforth, Martin 32Moyer, Jonathan D. 46Music Sociology 40Myth of Liberal Ascendancy, The 36Navigating the Flip-Flop Trail 23Nelson, John S. 46New Urban Question, The 10Nicholson, Simon 46On the Supreme Court 45Orlovsky, Peter 37Overcoming Global Inequalities 45Paterson, Chris 21Peace and Conflict 2014 44Peace Ecology 44Pen Knows Its Job, The 37Phillips, Lynne 12Politics in Popular Movies 42Pozo, Gonzalo 30Pratt, Jeff 26Presidency and Domestic Policy, The 38Pringle, Jan 46Probstfield, Meghan 40Ramand, Pete 3Reclaiming Rights 33Rogers, Ann 20Rose, Peter I. 46Rothman, Dale S. 46Ruiz, Pollyanna 11Salvador Allende 35Sanderson, Stephen K. 46Sans Papiers 28Santos, Boaventura de Sousa 44Saul, John S. 18Schneider, Cathy Lisa 45Schwalbe, Michael 44Second World War, The 17Seymour, Richard 2Shakespeare and Politics 40Shank, Gary 46Sigona, Nando 28Silver, Adam 45Smith, Nigel 16Socialist Computer, The 14Squatters’ Movement in Europe, The 15Squatting Europe Kollective 15Stitched Up 1Street, Paul 39Sukumaran, Krishnadas 33Suter, Christian 45Sylla, Ndongo 5Sylvia Pankhurst 34Tally, Robert T. Jr 27They and We 46They Rule 39Tinajero, Araceli 45To the Cloud 37Understanding Educational Research 46Unmanned 20Van der Pijl, Kees 31Violence of Development, The 32Wallerstein, Immanuel 45Wapner, Paul 46War Reporters Under Threat 21We the Peoples 36Weir, Kimberly 43Weiss, Thomas G. 46White, Ben 13Who’s Running America? 38Wilkenfeld, Jonathan 44Yes 3Yesnowitz, Joshua 45Zetter, Roger 28Zurawski, Nils PlutoPress

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