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EDITORIALDEARREADERS,As development gathers pace in the modern world, it becomes ever more important topause, take stock and reflect on the roots of human creativity. After all, people who wishto shape the future need to know where they come from.Since the dawn of time, one of humanity’s greatest gifts has been our limitless flair forinvention. Elegant masterpieces, bright ideas, technical wizardry – artifacts from allover the world express the versatility of the human mind and the impressive achievementsof hands-on, hard work.This edition of INSIGHT by Carl F. Bucherer takes you on a world tour of handicrafttraditions. The fine art of watchmaking is among the finest that exist, and we showup some of its subtle detail in unaccustomed light. The very name of the ‘Manero’Collection emphasizes that every item is hand-made.It’s not just a matter of handiwork. The materials we use are developing further. Readour feature article ‘Tomorrow’s material: A glimpse of the future of design’ and find outhow novel uses of innovative materials are going to shape the world of tomorrow.Friends of the Brand David Leitch and Chad Stahelski display similar creative energy.In their film directing début ‘John Wick,’ the talented twosome bring a brilliant andmasterly action thriller to the big screen.Our international red carpet success story continued at Baselworld 2015. Dip into theworld of the world’s premier watch and jewelry fair and discover the precious oeuvreand exclusive events of Carl F. Bucherer.Ready for excitement? Simply read on!Sincerely yoursSascha Moeri,CEO, Carl F. BuchererINSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 3

CONTENTS3 EDITORIAL / Sascha Moeri, CEO Carl F. Bucherer6 INSIGHT INTERNATIONAL / The Return of the Craftsman14 INSIGHT FEATURE STORY / Materials of Tomorrow18 PRODUCT FEATURE / The Manero Collection19 MANERO TOURBILLON / Masterpiece of Watchmaking20 MANERO POWERRESERVE / Unmistakable Original21 MANERO CHRONOPERPETUAL ONLYWATCH 2015 / One of a Kind Piece for Eternity22 MANUFACTORY / A Watch Manufacturer in a Class of its Own26 EVENT USA / “John Wick” World Premiere in New York29 FRIENDS OF THE BRAND / Stunt Action Design in Hollywood31 FRIENDS OF THE BRAND / Interview with David Leitch32 EVENT EUROPE / Red Carpet in Berlin34 VISITING / New Splendor in Bern36 MARKET NEWS INTERNATIONAL / Baselworld 201538 MARKET NEWS HONG KONG / Leader of the Year 201440 MARKET NEWS USA / Premium Presence in Los Angeles41 MARKET NEWS SWITZERLAND / Exclusive Exhibition at Zurich Airport44 POINT OF VIEW / Pulling out all the Stops45 ADRESSESPhoto: Lilian van Daal144 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

insightNo11_Cover_OKNEU.indd 3 27.05.15 09:57IMPRESSUMINSIGHT by Carl F. BuchererIssue 11 | June 201518Published byBucherer AGCarl F. BuchererLangensandstrasse 27CH-6002 LuzernTel. +41 41 369 70 70Fax +41 41 369 70 72insight@carl-f-bucherer.comwww.carl-f-bucherer.comProject management and editorial teamBucherer AG, LuzernConvensis Group, StuttgartArt DirectionKerstin Vorwalter, UlmPhoto: Shutterstock622ConsultancyLilya Turki, LausanneN o11BY CARL F. BUCHERER32THE RETURN OF THE CRAFTSMANCover IllustrationAssa Ariyoshi–––26 41Assa Ariyoshi is a Japanese/Dutch illustratorwith a great love for relief printing, midcenturydesign, bright colors and patterns, currentlyworking in London. In 2014, she graduated fromKingston University in London with a degree inillustration and is member of the YCN agency.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 5

INSIGHT INTERNATIONALTHE RETURN OF THECRAFTSMANIn an age of ephemeral electronics and outsourced manufacturing, there are signs that we long for theenduring values of craftsmanship. From traditional Japanese joinery to Italian furniture to rare denim, weare fascinated by the handmade – because the stories behind our products are more important than Justin McGuirkOne of the paradoxes of the hyper-modern,fast-paced metropolis is the return of craft.Look around you and you’ll see that the slowway of doing things, the time-honouredworld of craftsmanship, is resurgent. Itcomes at you in flashes and subliminalmessages: in a shop window, in the pages ofa magazine, lining up for an artisanal coffeeor a craft beer. Hand-made, hand-stitched,hand-blown and hand-crafted. The hand isbig business again.In a world of immaterial labour, dominatedby email and the internet, we value thehand-made more and more. As we growincreasingly critical of our disposableconsumer culture, we find reassurance in thevalues of craft. We want to know where ourproducts come from and who made them.We want to know the stories behind ourobjects because those stories satisfy ourlonging for authenticity.Increasingly, this means celebrating theprocess of making. For a long time, themessy process of craftsmanship was hiddenfrom view, leaving the perfectly finishedPhoto: Shutterstock6 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

CRAFTSMANSHIPIS THINKING WITHOUR HANDS.Photo: Shutterstockproduct to shine, as if it had appeared bymagic. But now the advertisements and themagazine articles celebrate the tools, theskills and the sawdust. Companies that havemade things the same way for 100 years areopening the doors of their workshops for thefirst time. The making of the product hasbecome almost more compelling than theproduct itself.Some of this is nostalgia – a way to balanceout a world of automation and algorithms– but it is also a reprisal of what makes ushuman. We sometimes forget that our handsare one way that we make sense of the world.Craftsmanship is thinking with our hands –or, as the sociologist Richard Sennett puts it,“Making is thinking”. In his book TheCraftsman, Sennett points out that it takesten thousand hours – or ten years – ofpractice to master a craft, whether it’smaking violins or playing them. The musclememoryof the craftsman is imbued withyears of thought that would be impossibleto translate into language.Allowing a craft tradition to die out is likeletting a language disappear. Craftsmanshipkeeps entire communities together. One onlyhas to look to Italy to see how craftsmanshipis tied to a sense of place – just as towns andregions have their own culinary specialties,they also have regional craft skills. Italiancraftsmanship is at the core of the sales valueof the “Made in Italy” label, and it is thebasis of one of the world’s great designcultures. Yet it has often been underestimatedjust how much of a role craft played inthe design culture of post-war Italy – in fact,the Italians themselves often downplayed it,wanting to appear the modern, industrializednation.Take a product such as the Superleggerachair designed by Gio Ponti – so light thata child could pick it up with one finger, itremains a classic of 1950s design. But whileits ash frame was mass-produced in a factoryin Meda, to the north of Milan, its wickerseat was hand-woven by craftswomen in theLigurian fishing village of Chiavari. Italiandesign has always relied on the collaborationof industrialists and traditional craftsmen.What’s more, this relationship was never oneof simply telling the craftsman what to do,but allowing her to interpret the ideathrough the nature of the material and theskills passed down through generations.Once, such craftsmanship was a dirty secret– evidence of a lack of industrial development– today it is celebrated as culturalheritage. Indeed, some Italian furnituremanufacturers have started looking furtherINSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 7

INSIGHT INTERNATIONALafield for craft traditions to incorporateinto their pieces. The Udine-based brandMoroso developed a series of chairs, calledM’Afrique, that are made in Senegal andinspired by local weaving traditions.Moroso paired European designers such asTord Boontje and Patricia Urquiola withSenegalese weavers who work in colorfulplastic twine – the same material that thelocal fishing nets are made of. The designers,who produced the chair frames, let thecraftsmen choose their own colors andpatterns in an open creative process. Theresults are strikingly colorful and elaborate,and clearly hand-made. The chairs setthemselves apart from contemporary designsby broadcasting their craftedness. Not onlydo they help keep local craft traditions alivebut they declare craft an ultra-modern stylestatement.This coexistence of ancient and modern isnowhere more prevalent than in Japan. Here,cutting-edge robotics rubs shoulders withcraft traditions that are a thousand years old.In the 1990s we looked to Japan more forthe latest in technological gadgetry – as thenovelist William Gibson aptly put it, Japanwas “the global imagination’s default settingfor the future” – but today we are just asfascinated by skills that we imagined haddied out.Earlier this year, an internet video ofJapanese carpenters connecting two woodenbeams went viral. The carpenters were usinga highly complex traditional join of the kindthat has been used to build timber-framedtemples for more than a thousand years.What stunned the viewing public was thesheer complexity and precision of the join,the kind of complexity and precision that inour imaginations is only achievable usingmachine tools or possibly computerizedrouters. The fact that the join was hand cutCRAFT BECOMES ANULTRA-MODERN STYLESTATEMENT.Hand-woven chair “M’Afrique“ ©Moroso8 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

lent the video an aura of mystery, and itspopularity proved that we still find such crafttechniques a source of wonder.Japan has a seemingly endless supply of suchcraft traditions, from wood joinery to potteryand textiles, but one that has becomeextremely popular in the west is lesspredictable: denim. Even though denimmanufacturing in Japan only dates back tothe mid 20th century, the jeans produced inthe Okayama prefecture are widely regardedas the best in the world. The simple reasonfor this is that the Okayama producersapplied a craft mentality to what had beenan emblem of mass-produced clothing.The secret of Japanese selvedge denim is thatit is made slowly on vintage looms thatproduce heavier and more complex textures.Far from the smooth consistency of massproducedjeans, Okayama denim is desiredprecisely for the opposite qualities, for itsvariation and imperfections. In a worldwhere everyone wears jeans, the value ofOkayama denim is that, with wearing, itdevelops a unique, personalised character.That quality of the bespoke meant thatJapanese denim brands were the first to beable to charge luxury prices for a productthat had previously been relatively cheap.The growing appreciation of such craftsmanshipmeans that as consumers we are moreinvested in making our possessions last.Leaving aside our electronic goods (whichwe upgrade and dispose of constantly) we arereturning to the idea of repair. In London’sSoho you can now find jean repair shops,while in New York you can find sneakerrepair shops. The appeal of repair is somethingwe are having to relearn after half acentury of disposability, and we seekinspiration from the great craft cultures. TheJapanese have elevated repair to an art form.At the poorer levels of society, clothing andtextiles were mended and patched endlesslyJeans from a Japanesemanufacture ©Nama DenimTHE REVIVAL OFCRAFT AIMS AT THERETURN OF CRAFTSMENTO OUR COMMUNITIES.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 9

INSIGHT INTERNATIONALWE ARE RETURNING TOTHE IDEA OF REPAIR.Art made of fragments:Kintsugi porcelain ©humadeuntil they became valuable collectors itemsknown as boro. Among the wealthier,kintsugi was the process of mending brokenceramics with a golden lacquer. With theirdecorative, golden seams, these revived bowlsand teacups became much more valuable.They testify to a Japanese craft philosophythat appreciates not just imperfection andthe trace of the hand but the moments ofchange in the life story of an object.But craft skills are not just increasinglyvalued by the consumer, they also havepolitical and economic potency in thestruggle to preserve neighbourhoods andwhole towns. In Beijing’s crazed constructionboom of the last decade, the traditionalhutong courtyards of the Dashilar districtwere only preserved because craftsmen livedand worked there. In Mumbai, the developerswho want to build skyscrapers on top ofthe low-rise neighbourhood of Dharavi arebeing held at bay to some extend becausethousands of craftsmen make it one of themost productive neighbourhoods in the city.The saving of craft communities has becomea political priority even in towns where onehad almost forgotten craftsmen still existed.Stoke-on-Trent, in the UK, was one of thebirthplaces of the Industrial Revolution.The potteries where Josiah Wedgwoodturned craftsmanship into industrialproduction in the 18th century are stillfunctioning today. However, they aresymptomatic of the decline of Britishindustry in recent years – where once 70,000people used to work, now it’s only tenpercent of that. But there are signs thatStoke is beginning to come back to life as anew generation of craftsmen moves in tobuild on its craft legacy.One of these is Reiko Kaneko, an English-Japanese ceramicist who set up a studio inStoke, where she could have much more10 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

Delicate porcelainjewellery “Hula Half Gold”©Reiko KanekoOrnamental Pâte-sur-Pâtedecoration. ©WedgwoodTHE SAVING OFCRAFT COMMUNITIESHAS BECOME APOLITICAL than in London and be able to workwith local craftsmen who have had potteryin their blood for generations. Needless tosay, Kaneko’s ceramics are much moremodern than Wedgwood’s classical crockery,catering to more minimalist tastes. CombiningJapanese style with traditional Englishproduction techniques, she points to a futurefor Stoke in which craftsmanship can helprevive the town’s fortunes.Ultimately, this is what one looks for in therevival of craft: the return of craftsmen toour communities. One of the reasons thatcraftsmanship is so highly prized is becauseit has disappeared from view in most westerncities, outsourced to India or Indonesia. Buta new generation is returning to seeingcreating as a way of life and finding a spaceto practice their craft amid the speed of themodern city. And their value will not just bemeasured in fine goods. As Sennett hasmade clear, craftsmanship comes with thetraditions of passing on skills and providessocial bonds in a community. In the idealcity, hands-on knowledge is never far away.Justin McGuirk–––Justin McGuirk is a writer,critic and curator based inLondon. He is the director ofStrelka Press, the publishingarm of the Strelka Institute in Moscow. He hasbeen the design critic of The Guardian, the editorof Icon magazine and the design consultant toDomus. His book Radical Cities: Across LatinAmerica in Search of a New Architecture is publishedby Verso.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 11

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INSIGHT FEATURE STORYMATERIALS OFTOMORROW: A LOOK ATTHE FUTURE OF DESIGNFrom the imperceptible to the awe-inspiring, today’s innovative materials share a common goal: to makewhatever form they take perform better – lighter, stronger, more responsive, more sustainable and just plainsmarter. Pioneering advances in material science are inspiring designers from all disciplines to take a freshlook at what, and how, they create. Here’s a Leslie SherrBronze, stone, ceramic, gold – we defineour earliest artifacts by their use and theirmaterial. Since as far back as the year one, anastonishing array of art and precious objectsin a range of substances has been crafted forluxury and religious purposes, as well aseveryday use. A traveler over two thousandyears ago would have journeyed overlandand along maritime routes through vibrantcenters of trade, exchanging artistic traditionsfound in exotic new materials likelacquer, silk, porcelain, and paper. A merebackward glance is enough to reveal theinnovation and creativity that have flourishedfrom contact with other cultures.Today, we face new creative horizons whereadvanced materials and production techniquesare reshaping our daily actions andhow we engage with the world around us.From the structures we build to the goodswe buy to the devices we use for connectingwith others and recording memories, avariety of forces are catalyzing change, withinnovation fueled as much by advances indiverse subfields of study as the compositionof materials and how they are applied.Factors similar to those that drove previousflowerings in design are behind this latestchapter. Modern design took off during thepostwar years when a new aesthetic rootedin experimentation and defense technologyinspired designers to apply innovativematerials, like molded plywood, fiberglassand synthetic resins, to peacetime use. Whilea surfeit of historical eras have turned today’scultured aesthetes into relentless editors whoare able to separate the past’s wheat from itschaffe, architects and designers working atInspired by the cellular structure of plants,3D printing allows nature’s complex forms tobe reproduced as “soft seating.”©Lilian van Daal14 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

THE LATESTADVANCES INSCIENCE AREUSHERING IN THENEXT GENERATIONOF MATERIALS.Fragile Future III, an ethereal chandelier that softly filterslight, is crafted from dandelion seeds, LEDs and electronicsset in a delicate bronze grid. ©Studio DriftThe dramatic, undulating ceiling of the Kilden PerformingArts Center combines Norway’s exceptional wood craftsmanshipwith the advanced potential offered by digitalmodeling and computer-controlled milling. ©Kildenthe forefront of their fields also face a technologicallylinked world where the competitionfor attention is fierce, and concernsabout the planet are pressing.So, what will the future bring and what willit be made of? The latest advances in scienceare ushering in the next generation of materialsthat are lighter, stronger, more intelligentand more responsive.“SMART” MATERIALS AND THEINTERNET OF THINGSDuring the past few decades, “smart” materialshave resulted in buildings and objectsengineered for superior strength, weight,conductivity or functionality. Their intelligenceis derived from their reactive properties– an ability to change shape, color, orsize in response to an external stimulus, suchas temperature, moisture or the applicationof an electric or magnetic field. Thermochromicpigments, for example, react tochanges in temperature, while photo-chromicpigments react to changes in light levels.Additionally, from sensors and smart textilesto printed circuitry, structures and productsof all kinds are increasingly designed tocontain some form of electronic transmitter/receiver, or “intelligence,” that allows themto connect to the Internet and interact withother devices around them. Termed the“Internet of Things,” or IoT, with a projected26 billion devices connected to each other by2020 (though some estimates go higher), thisnext technological wave merges the physicaland the online worlds, allowing for therealization of what have been anticipatedyet elusive tasks. The ability to monitor thefreshness of food and medicine, track fitnessdata in real time, provide remote access to abuilding and improve transportation networksare just some of the more far-reachingapplications already gaining traction.As the electronics needed to drive thesedevices become more powerful and affordable,so is the need to shrink their size sothat their functionality is embedded into thedevices that house them without altering orimpeding a design’s form. A reduction inweight, thickness and materiality is driving anew level of digital integration that isblurring the line between electronic componentsand actual products. Touch surfaces,wearables and textile-like components havethe effect of “dematerializing” electronics sothat future designs will look nothing liketechnology as we currently know it.LIGHTNESS AND STRENGTHLargely a response to the quest for enhancedperformance, advanced composites typicallycomprise layers of fibers woven or bondedinto sheets of plastic, metal or ceramics thatresult in lightweight materials far strongerand more flexible than any single materialcould be alone. Combining the advantagesof two different materials to achieve greaterINSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 15

INSIGHT FEATURE STORYIN THE PURSUIT OFSTRONGER, CLEANER,AND MORE SUSTAINABLEMATERIALS, SCIENTISTSARE TURNING TO MOTHERNATURE FOR INSPIRATION.Artificial leaves made from silk proteins that incorporatechloroplasts extracted from plants, a simple technology forproducing clean oxygen. ©Julian MelchiorriThis dual-sided textile (one side is flat, the other textured)is produced with hydro-embossing: fibers are entangled asthey pass under water jets, forming a bonded textile.The rapidly evolving technology of digital manufacturing isexpanding into new fields, transforming such industries asmedical devices, furniture and automotive. ©Shutterstockoverall benefits has allowed advanced compositesto have a decisive influence on agrowing number of industries, most notablyaerospace, automotive and marine but alsosports equipment, medicine and musicalinstruments, for example. Such fused, hybridmaterials, however, can be costly and are thebiggest challenge to efficient recycling sincethey cannot be easily sorted by material type.NATURE’S SUPER MATERIALSIn the pursuit of stronger, cleaner, and moresustainable materials, scientists are turning toMother Nature for inspiration. Biomimicry,a field of science that studies naturallyoccurring processes and designs to identifyways to mimic them, is influencing howmaterials are made, and the shapes theyinspire across nearly every creative discipline.The attraction of processes that scientistsseek to “biomimic” is that nature’s techniquesare often more sophisticated and efficient, aswell as less disruptive and destructive, thanany manmade invention. By understandinghow plants and animals handle certainchallenges, engineers and designers hope tofind solutions to human needs that are lesspolluting, more energy-efficient, of higherquality and even lower cost.3-D PRINTINGHelping to close the gap between what canbe imagined and what can be made is 3-Dprinting. A “printer” transforms digital blueprintsinto three-dimensional objects, givingusers the power to be their own manufacturer.It’s a technological advance that pavesthe way for customized applications, fromprosthetic devices to the rapid prototyping ofdesign concepts. It also reflects an increasingdesire for one-of-a-kind solutions based onindividual tastes, ultimately enabling users topersonally construct their environment, fromhow they select and organize online informationto the spaces they inhabit.The latest iteration in 3-D printing goes astep further, with “smart” objects that are notstatic but able to self-assemble, a well-establishedphenomenon in nature that involveschanging shape in response to a change inthe environment.16 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

The Micarta chair’s continuousform is the result of layers oflinen laminated with a phenolicresin, a reminder of the imaginativepossibilities offered bymaterials. ©Marc NewsonThe sinuous elegance and thermalproperties of Dom Perignon’s portableBlack Box results from theinnovative use of polycarbonatefor a luxury brand.©Marc NewsonWITH EACH NEW ADVANCE, WELOOK TO MATERIALS TO DELIVERMORE THAN EVER BEFORE.Skylar Tibbits, a research scientist at theMassachusetts Institute of Technology’sarchitecture school, has devised a way to feeda 3-D printer with a precise geometric codebased on an object’s dimensions that dictatehow it should alter its form when it engageswith external forces like moisture, movementor a shift in temperature. The code sets thedirection, the number of times and theangles at which a programmable materialcan bend and curl, suggesting new possibilitiesfor how future objects are manufacturedand adapt.With each new advance, we look to materialsto deliver more than ever before, asking thatthey delight the senses, improve daily tasks,respond to our evolving needs, and evenincite us to be better citizens by actingsustainably. Whether conceived in a laboratoryor already present in the natural world,the future possibilities for new materials arenothing short of thrilling. For them to trulyimprove the quality of our lives, though,their abilities need to align with our deepestpriorities. As the world fundamentallychanges, new materials, especially those thatoffer sustainable options over non-renewableones, are potent reminders that we have thepower to fashion our institutions, our culture,and our lives in ways that transform thefuture for the better.Leslie Sherr–––Leslie Sherr is an author andeditor who writes onarchitecture, design and gardens.She has recentlyco-written three volumeswith Dr. Andrew H. Dent of Material ConneXion:Material Innovation: Architecture (2014), MaterialInnovation: Product Design (2014) and Material Innovation:Packaging (2015). Educated as an artist,she has a Master of Science from Columbia Universityin Landscape Design, and divides her timebetween New York City and Connecticut.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 17

PRODUCT FEATURETHE MANERO COLLECTIONCreating such fine timepieces as in the Manero collection by “Carl F. Bucherer”, requires extensiveexpertise, but also a steady hand. The entire collection is an expression of craftsmanship extraordinaire.Precious intricacies, bedded into a classically designed watch case, make for the charm of the Manero models.The simple three-hand watch ManeroAutoDate focusses on the most elementalfunctions of a watch: indicating the time.The harmonious composition also remainsimmanent in models with further functionsand complications. In addition to a secondtime zone, chronograph or power reserve canhave their own, well-positioned spot on thenoble dials. The latter complication is alsointegrated into the Manero PowerReserve, amodel that has a classical design and ishighly innovative: within, the manufactory’sown movement CFB A1011 is ticking away.Manero PowerReserveIn the Manero MoonPhase, the watchmakers have – in addition to the moon phaseindicator – embedded a detailed calendar.The complicated time display finds itscompletion in the Manero ChronoPerpetual,a technological peak performance thatindicates the date and moon phase withoutneeding correction thanks to the eternalcalendar. The fabrication of a complextourbillon is the most supreme discipline inwatch-making craftsmanship. That is whythe Manero Tourbillon is regarded as thecrowning glory of the line.The Manero collection has an ingrainedelegance that lends a very special radiance toevery timepiece. Unlike almost all othercollections, it embodies the mechanicaltraditions of watchmaking craftsmanship.For the interior as well as the exteriorfeatures, Carl F. Bucherer puts a lot of stockinto the watchmaking craft. The emphati-cally high quality of craftsmanship for thecollection is reflected in the name it wasgiven: Manero derives from the Latin“manuaria”, which essentially means “thatwhich is guided by hand”.MANERO –“THAT WHICH ISGUIDED BY HAND”.18 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

MASTERPIECE OFWATCHMAKINGWith the masterly timepiece Manero Tourbillon, Carl F. Bucherer strengthens his ultimate class artisanalcompetency. Because of its mechanical sophistication, the integrated tourbillon rates among the highest ofchallenges of watchmaking art.The fabrication of a Tourbillon is technologicallyhighly complex, making it a finemechanical,masterly feat that can only beaccomplished by a few watchmakersworldwide. Carl F. Bucherer masters thissupreme discipline of watch making andbrings this work of art to life: Inside of theManero Tourbillon, a whirlwind is runningrounds – as the centerpiece, it gives insightinto the fascinating mechanisms through theopen dial.The concept of the Tourbillon was alreadydeveloped at the end of the 18th century.Its function is to compensate for theimprecision that occurs in the accuracy of amechanical watch due to gravity. By theposition of a watch on the wrist, gravityinfluences how fast or how slow a balancespring moves. A rotating cage was designedin which the balance spring was placed toreduce this influence. The contraption allowsthe balance spring and the escapement torevolve around themselves. As a consequence,they are independent of the wristwatch’s location.In addition to the Tourbillon itself, thereare other special features embedded in theManero model. From the centre, the date isindicated by a hand. The numerals of thedate scale changes the direction at 3 and 9o’clock, meaning that the numerals aredistinctly readable even during a quickglance. The above-average power reserve ofthe Manero Tourbillon that lasts 70 hours isalso exceptional. The remaining energy canbe read off thanks to the power reserveindicator at 9 o’clock. The fine dial iscompleted by the 24-hour indicator at 12o’clock.The design also speaks of the love andattention to detail with which the modelwas designed. The noble red-gold of the caserepeats itself in the v-shaped indices on thedial and the tapered hour and minute hands.In every detail, the Manero Tourbillon showsthat the watchmakers at Carl F. Buchererhave created a true masterpiece with heartand skill.Manero TourbillonA prescisionmasterstroke.The creation of a tourbillon is highly complicated.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 19

PRODUCT FEATUREUNMISTAKABLEORIGINALInside the Manero PowerReserve from the classic line of Carl F. Bucherer ticks the manufacturer’s ownCFB A1011 automatic caliber, which harbors a timepiece special feature with its peripherally mounted rotor.The Manero PowerReserve is an innovationin classic design. On the outside the timepieceimpresses with its clear design andclarity. The power reserve indicates on theremaining energy with a half-moon shapeddisplay. The dial and hands, which give thetimepiece its characteristical look, aredesigned with care. The heart of the ManeroPowerReserve holds another special kindof innovation: the manufacturer’s ownautomatic caliber CFB A1011.A special feature of the movement is theperipherally mounted and bidirectionaloscillating weight, which supplies powerto the automatic gear train. What makesthis special: The rotor, which supplies thetimepiece with energy, is positioned onthe outer border of the movement. Thisconstruction – in contrast to a centrallymounted rotor – gives the viewer anunobstructed view into the movement.Another special feature of the automaticmovement is the efficiency of the handwoundgear, since the oscillating weightsupplies energy in both rotational directions.In the watch industry, this ingenioustechnique is a special highlight, sincepatents and innovation are becomingevermore scarce.To clearly distinguish these outstandingachievements from plagiarized pieces and tosimplify the differentiation between the two,Carl F. Bucherer chose to implement aunique safeguard. The Swiss companyMimotec SA from Sion developed atechnology for the certification of originalproducts, with which the products can bemarked with an individual laser signature:This so-called CLR Liga technologyfurnishes even the smallest components witha diffractive surface structure that reflectslight in the form of a unique signature.Thanks to the complexity of this process, it isimpossible for forgers to copy. Furthermore,this new technology positively stands outamongst others, since the CLR Ligatechnology can be recognized quickly anduncomplicatedly with a reading device. Thesignature is also directly integrated into theproduct. With this a distinct authentificationis possible, even decades later – independentof technological systems.The Manero PowerReserve is presentedas the first model with an integrated lasersignature of the Carl F. Bucherer logo. It isnot only a signature of the brand name, butalso a certification for quality, innovation anddesign that sets standards.Manero PowerReserveAn innovationin classic design.Laser signature with CLR Liga technology.20 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

ONE OF A KIND PIECEFOR ETERNITYThe Manero ChronoPerpetual OnlyWatch 2015 featuring a “grand complication” perpetual calendar is able toshow the date, day, month, year and moon phase without requiring correction. Exclusively created for therenowned Only-Watch-Charity-Auction.Complex and somewhat hard to understandis our computation of time: In old Rome theyear was already divided into twelve monthswith seven months having 31 days, fourmonths having 30 days and one monthhaving 28 or 29 days. This resulted in 365.25days per year, plus an additional day everyfour years to correct the time. However, thiscalculation contained an error of 0.0078 daysper year. This discrepancy was corrected in1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. The system,which is named after him, misses out a leapyear every 100 years, except in completecenturies where the number of years isdivisible by 400. The Gregorian calendar isstill used today and forms the basis for theway we measure time.Stemming from this concept is the “grandcomplication” of the so-called perpetualcalendar: The movement is not only capableof adjusting the date of every single month,but also takes leap years into consideration.A manual correction will not be necessaryuntil 2100, when – as in all years that aredivisible by 100, but not by 400, - a leapyear will be missed.The Manero ChronoPerpetual OnlyWatch2015 is with its perpetual calendar amasterpiece of the watchmaker’s craft. Inaddition to that, the Manero ChronoPerpetualOnlyWatch 2015 is furnished withfurther timepiece ingenuities: A precisechronograph with a flyback function, a moonphase display and a tachymeter scale on thebezel completes the range of practicalfunctions so typical for Carl F. Bucherer.The watchmakers from Carl F. Buchererhave skillfully integrated a variety offunctions and displays in the dial andequipped the timepiece with elaborateaesthetics: The combination of matt andbrushed elements on the dial create anattractive play of light. The moon phaseindication has a modern and functionaldesign, with an anthracite-colored backgroundand a silver-colored moon disk. Thecasing in white gold gives the model anelegant gleam.But that is not all: Another highlight of theManero ChronoPerpetual OnlyWatch 2015is its strict limitation to only a single piece.The fine timepiece was crafted on theoccasion of the Only-Watch-Charity-Auction that will take place in Geneva thisyear for the sixth time under the aegis ofPrince Albert II of Monaco. For the firsttime, Carl F. Bucherer is among the 40renowned brands that have the honour ofcreating a singular piece for the MonacoAssociation against Muscular Dystrophy(AMM), a piece that will be auctioned off atthe only Only-Watch-Charity-Auction. Theproceeds of the charity event will be donatedin support of muscular dystrophy research.The Manero ChronoPerpetual OnlyWatch2015 will travel around the world togetherwith the other exclusive pieces before theauction begins and will be on display indifferent world cities – as an example of thehighest class of watchmaking skills and as aunique masterpiece.Manero ChronoPerpetualOnlyWatch 2015Supreme disciplineof watchmaking art.A unique specimen with an exclusive engraving.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 21

MANUFACTORYA WATCH MANUFACTURERIN A CLASS OF ITS OWNFrom 2005 to 2015: The decade that changed Carl F. BuchererIt all began with the determination to do better. But how? The Carl F. Bucherer way, of course! The companyembarked on a major expansion of its production facility, where it developed one of the most innovative inhousewatch movements in the Olivier MüllerA MODEL FACTORY COMES INTOBEINGEngrossed in their work, the watchmakers inCarl F. Bucherer’s workshops nearly missedthe jubilee. Ten years ago, Carl F. Buchererbegan to develop its own manufacturingmovement that demonstrates the innovativecapacity of the brand.It was a big step. But it was true to the twinprinciples on which Bucherer Group hadbeen founded: mastery of its craft, andpreservation of its independence. Thus, thecompany took this venture upon itselfand fully integrated the watch factory atSainte-Croix with the company. Carl F.Bucherer was determined to set newstandards in watchmaking. By 2008,connoisseurs of the art of watchmaking wereable to see what this philosophy meant inpractice: the patented CFB A1000 withperipheral rotor was the first Carl F.Bucherer in-house movement.From the outset, CFB A1000 was considereda bridge between tradition and modernity.The phrase may sound trite, but Carl F.Bucherer’s actions spoke louder than itswords. To this day, the CFB A1000 remainsthe cornerstone of the manufacturingexpertise of Carl F. Bucherer.“We’ve developed an extremely appealingwatch movement, which our peripheral rotorleaves fully visible,” sums up one of itsdevelopers. “It’s also a sophisticated,futuristic movement.” The in-house calibersets new standards and is a technicaltrendsetter that inspires others.Photo: ShutterstockLucerne: the Chapel Bridge and Mount Pilatus.22 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

FROM THE OUTSET,A BRIDGE BETWEENTRADITION ANDMODERNITY.The technical refinements of the CFB A1011result in an exceptionally large power reserve.Attention to detail: developer Joachim Mutrux and histeam.CFB A1000, THE MIRACLEMOVEMENTThe many hands at Sainte-Croix made lightwork, and soon the new movement became areality. The CFB A1000’s outstanding featureis its peripheral rotor. That alone would havequalified Carl F. Bucherer for admission tothe echelons of haute horlogerie on twoessential counts: effective winding and totalvisibility of the movement. In other words, acombination of aesthetics and precisionengineering. These two aims had previouslybeen incompatible: effective winding of themovement had required a heavy – andtherefore big – rotor, which inevitablyconcealed the movement. The only conceivablesolution, an idea that already existed,was to position the rotor at the side. Carl F.Bucherer invested heavily in research anddevelopment and finally became the firstwatch brand to create a production-readyversion. But what about perfecting thesolution?The factory set about this task in a low-keyway. It steadily developed the peripheralrotor further, and that was not all. Carl F.Bucherer’s watchmakers worked relentlesslyon new movements. Though based on theCFB A1000, these developed new functions.Five were now added to the hour and minutehands: big date, date and calendar weekdisplay, seconds display and power reserveindicator. It was always important that thebasic design of the CFB A1000 should leaveroom for further development to increase thepower reserve.The CFB A1011 movement, the tickingheart of the Manero PowerReserve, achievedthis goal. The sophisticated movement givesthe timepiece an exceptionally large reserve,with 55 hours guaranteed. Realistically, thereserve is even more than 60 hours. The CFBA1011 is engineered to display the remain-The first movement manufactured in-house: CFB power reserve almost exactly, which isshown clearly on the dial. An indicator inthe three-o’clock position shows exactlywhen the reserve is going to reach zero. Thedisplay is perfectly legible and in harmonywith the classic looks of the ManeroPowerReserve. This design is the fruit of longdevelopment work, which is unprecedentedin the watchmaking industry.AND IN 10 YEARS…A range of patents now protect the technologicalinnovations made by the CFB A1000.The factory employees are constantly on thelookout to cooperate with external colleaguesand gain new ideas. The high-profile EcolePolytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)is one of Carl F. Bucherer’s partners inapplied research relating to watchmakingtechnology.Ongoing developments such as these arethe lifeblood of the Bucherer collections andwill determine where the factory will standin 10 to 20 years’ time. Current discussioncenters on a new series of in-house watchmovements, which will pose excitingchallenges. Here’s hoping the watchmakersof Sainte-Croix don’t miss the 20th birthdayof the Carl F. Bucherer factory!INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 23

PATHOS DIVAThe Pathos Diva is the epitome ofresplendent elegance. With a delicatelywoven 18-carat rose gold filigree anddiamonds on the bezel, a multi-dimensionalplay of light and a dazzling halo iscreated. The white mother-of-pearl dialand the graceful shape of the 18-caratrose gold bracelet further enhance thewatch’s perfection. A timepiece ofunparalleled beauty that will not onlyexpress the personality of the wearerbut will truly honor her femininity.BOUND TO TRADITION – DRIVEN BY INNOVATION


EVENT USA“JOHN WICK” WORLDPREMIERE IN NEW YORKAmazing stunts, suspenseful scenes and an extraordinary cast: The premiere of the action thriller“John Wick” in New York offered nothing but thrills.Leading actor Keanu Reeves and Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer, met up on the red carpet.A man who lost everything in a swamp ofcrime and violence. And above all, the desirefor revenge is in the air, overshadowingeverything. With the action thriller “JohnWick”, the successful stunt action designersDavid Leitch and Chad Stahelski debut asdirectors.In an emotional and dynamic aesthetics,David Leitch and Chad Stahelski –Friendsof the Brand of the Swiss timepiece manu-facturer Carl F. Bucherer – orchestrate thestory of John Wick, a former contract killer.After his last mission, the notorious hit man,played by Keanu Reeves, drops out of thebusiness to leave his dark past behind. Buthis plan fails, because ruthless gangsters takeaway from him the only thing he had left:his dog – a gift from his deceased wife.Enraged, John Wick gets back into the game– and is out for revenge. His loss becomesthe cause of an action packed, merciless hunt26 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

HOLLYWOOD STARKEANU REEVESEMBODIES THEFORMER HITMANJOHN WICK SEEKINGREVENGE.Workaholic by passion: Keanu Reeves.through the dark streets of New York. Withsuperb fight scenes and gripping images,“John Wick” wows the audience. In eachshot, the passion of the directors DavidLeitch and Chad Stahelski becomes clear,both of which created raging choreographiesat their stunt and action design company“87eleven” that take your breath away. Thepinnacle of their work is now “John Wick”:daring driving maneuvers, fast-pacedshootouts, dramatic martial arts in a class oftheir own – the movie makes the heart ofevery action fan beat faster.The star-studded cast from Hollywood’scrème de la crème is impressing: AlongsideKeanu Reeves, who embodies the actionhero John Wick’s strong character, are thelegendary Willem Dafoe and DanielBernhardt, who both give convincingperformances. The Swiss actor and timepiecefan Bernhardt is, like the two moviemakers,brand ambassador of Carl F. Bucherer.Legendary actor Willem Dafoe plays John Wick’s dangerousex-colleague.The makers: Chad Stahelski and David Leitch make theirdirectorial debut with John Wick.Photos: Marion Curtis (4)INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 27

EVENT USABESIDES MANY HOLLYWOODSTARS, THE TIMEPIECESFROM CARL F. BUCHERERALSO HAVE A MOVIEROLE IN THIS SUSPENSE-PACKED THRILLER.Photo: Flimmer GmbHConstant companion in the movie alongside John Wick’s beloved dog: The Manero AutoDate.Besides the three Hollywood stars, thetimepieces from Carl F. Bucherer also have amovie role in this suspense-packed thriller.On the wrist of Keanu Reeves, a ManeroAutoDate impresses with a bright dial.Willem Dafoe is seen in front of theManhattan skyline with a Manero AutoDatein classic black. And Daniel Bernhardt staysin character with a prominent PatraviChronoGrade.On top of supplying the movie withtimepieces, Carl F. Bucherer also sponsorshis Friends of the Brand: The brand manufacturerfrom Lucerne was an official partnerof the film premiere at the Regal UnionSquare Stadium in New York City on theOctober 13. The directors Chad Stahelskiand David Leitch as well as many Hollywoodstars and the cast of the film appearedon the red carpet. The film premiereenthralled journalists and the audiencesalike and offered all guests an action-packedevening. Highlight of the screening of“John Wick” was the dazzling party in TheMonarch Room in the trendy neighborhoodChelsea, where Hollywood stars and invitedguests celebrated the debut. A glamorousfinale for the evening premiere.28 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

FRIENDS OF THE BRANDSTUNT ACTION DESIGNIN HOLLYWOODWith their company “87eleven” David Leitch and Chad Stahelski realized their dream of bringing visionarystunt choreographies to the screen and inspiring an international audiences.Racy editing, athletic fighting scenes andaction-packed suspense – it is the art ofbattle that excites and inspires both filmmakers.That is why they often resort tomartial arts in their breath-taking scenes.This term “martial arts” refers to fightingstyles that are based on a set of rules andoften incorporates philosophical aspects aswell as guidelines for everyday life andhealth. The term itself can be traced back to“Ars Martialis”, namely the “Art of Mars”,and thereby to the Roman god of war. Today,numerous disciplines are counted as martialarts – be they with or without weapons andfrom Asia or Europe.The passion for the art of combat burned inDavid Leitch from an early age. Withenthusiasm, he practiced the powerfulmotion sequences on his own that he knewfrom movies and magazines. When he wasaccepted to the famous Dan InosantoAcademy for Martial Arts during his studiesat the University of Minnesota, he quicklyrose to become one of the best athletes in thedifferent disciplines. As a stuntman, DavidLeitch rapidly became recognized as one ofthe big action players in the film business.He doubled as a stuntman for Brad Pittduring filming “Fight Club” and MattDamon in “The Bourne Ultimatum”,amongst others.The enthusiasm for dynamic martial artsthat combine skill and strength also lives inChad Stahelski. At a young age, he collectedblack belts in different disciplines. Duringhis studies at the University of SouthernCalifornia at the renowned InosantoAcademy, he rose from an exceptionalstudent to a teacher within a remarkablyshort time. Numerous prizes won atcompetitions are a testament to his specialtalent and the urge to go to the limit.Fascinated by the creative possibilities offilm, Chad Stahelski swiftly made a name forhimself as a stuntman and fascinated withhis courage and ambition. He got his bigbreak as a double of Brandon Lee in “TheIN HOLLYWOOD´SINDUSTRY87ELEVEN IS THETOP ADDRESS FORACTION DESIGN.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 29

FRIENDS OF THE BRANDBehind the scenes: The creation of a stunning action scenedemands extensive training.The actors of 87eleven practice different martial arts andevery detail of the choreographies.Boxing, karate, capoeira and wushu are only some of themartial arts in the repertoire of the experts.Photos: 87eleven (3)Crow” and went on to work with Hollywoodgreats like Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix”.Thanks to his ability to create rousingdramatics through impactful motions, hesoon was rated among the top choreographersin Hollywood and was responsible forthe epic scenes in the film “300”.David Leitch and Chad Stahelski haveknown each other for years through theirwork. Their shared passion for martial artsled to the founding of the stunt & actiondesign company “87eleven” in 2006. Itquickly advanced to become one of the mostimportant adresses for impressive actionscenes and is the number one address in theHollywood film business. Their team consistsof numerous experts with a repertoire thatcovers boxing, karate, capoeira and wushu.Stuntmen and actors are trained in martialarts at “87eleven” and choreographies of filmscenes are practiced in every detail. As soonas the camera comes into play, ChadStahelski and David Leitch remain on setuntil the perfect scene is complete. In theprocess, they work as 2nd unit directors,meaning directors that shoot complicatedaction and stunt scenes. In this capacity, thetwo of them created spectacular fightingscenes for blockbusters such as “Wolverine”,“Sherlock Holmes” and “The HungerGames”. Given their years of experience as2nd unit directors and their experienceworking with top directors such as DavidFincher (Fight Club) and James McTeigue(V for Vendetta), Chad Stahelski and DavidLeitch took things to the next level with theaction thriller “John Wick” and marked theirdebut as directors.Looking to the future, “87eleven” willcontinue creating milestones in the worldof action design. What Chad Stahelski andDavid Leitch share with great actors likeKeanu Reeves is their collaborative work andmutual respect for their craft and talents.New, exciting project are in the pipeline.CHAD STAHELSKI ISENTHUSIASTIC ABOUTDYNAMIC MARTIAL ARTSTHAT COMBINE SKILLAND STRENGTH.30 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

FRIENDS OF THE BRANDINTERVIEW WITHDAVID LEITCHScript, camera, editing: Until a movie is cinema-ready, it goes throughmany production phases. The fight scenes of the Stunt & ActionDesign Company “87eleven” are especially elaborate. Take a lookbehind the scenes of shooting “John Wick” with CEO David Leitch.You worked with “87eleven” as the so-called2nd unit. What do you mean by this?As the term already implies, the 2nd unit isthe second crew during filming. As directorsof the 2nd unit, we take over when an actionscene is being filmed, among other scenes.We are doing the job of the director, whichmeans directing actors, stuntmen, cameraand crew to film the scenes. We must try tomatch the stylistic choices, camera perspective,the lighting and a lot, lot more that thefilm’s director has chosen. During thesescenes the set is ours.As a director of a 2nd unit, how did you getthe idea to direct an entire movie?We have been working on sets for manyyears and had direct contact with some ofthe best directors of our times. Whileworking with them all, we were payingattention and trying to soak up all that wasgoing on. It’s been a dream to take thatknowledge to the next level for a long time… and we got our opportunity with “JohnWick”.Which differences have you noticed as adirector of an entire movie?Well, it’s about decision making, ultimately.As director, you are creating worlds, decidingcharacter arcs, making every decision whichis exciting and nerve wracking, too.What was it like to work with ChadStahelski?We know each other so well, we are likebrothers. We always prepare the scenestogether and pretty much know what theother is thinking at any given time duringthe production, though we are very differentand handle the crew very differently.What does an actor learn first at “87eleven”when preparing for a role?The usual movements, independent of thetype of martial arts. It is very important tostimulate body awareness and to have goodposture. This helps to prevent injuries andserves as preparation to learn action scenes.For the latter, every actor receives his ownchoreography, which needs to be studied stepby step.How did you prepare Keanu Reeves for hisrole? What was part of his training?Keanu is interested in martial arts himselfand therefore already has a lot of priorknowledge. We have worked with him a lotin the past, so he has his basics and isextremely well prepared. But, as we got into“John Wick”, he came to our studios andworked with us on gun handling and wetaught him gun-fu. This type of work is asessential to understanding the character aslearning your lines.Keanu Reeves wears his wrist watch on theinner side of his wrist. Does this reflect thecharacter of his role?This is actually a habit of trained militants towear their watch this way. They mustrepeatedly coordinate the time with theirteam when they are on a mission. Holding aweapon and aiming at a target, but having totwist the arm to read the time would be agrave mistake. This is why they wear theirwatch with the display faced on the innerside of their wrist, so that the view of thetarget is not disturbed.Is there a little story from the set that youwould like to share with us?For one of the last scenes of the movie, inwhich Keanu Reeves fights in the rain, wehad to shoot outside at a harbor. The nightswere very cold and we asked Keanu if hewould rather postpone the filming, since weneeded to dump a ton of water over his headAS DIRECTOR,YOU ARE create rain. The water would have turnedthe already cold set into a freezing one. Hestraight up refused. He said something alongthe lines of, let’s get on with it – don’t worryabout me. We appreciate his professionalismand work dedication.Do you know how your debut movie “JohnWick” is being received, especially pertainingthe lengthy action scenes?Test screenings gave us some indication thatit was going over well with a lot of people– women included, which surprised everyonesince it is a bit of a blood bath. Turns outpeople love dogs … and they deserve to beavenged. I think everyone responded to thebold choices and the fun of the film. Wecould not be happier about its reception.Are further projects planned?There are a bunch of exciting projects on thehorizon. Stay tuned!INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 31

EVENT EUROPERED CARPET IN BERLINIn January 2015, the heart-stopping action thriller “John Wick” premiered in Germany. An exclusive previewwas held at the Classic Remise in Berlin on the occasion of the film release.The Classic Remise is the perfect placefor the thrilling premiere of “John Wick”:Precious vintage cars line up besidecollectibles from fans. The restoredWilhelmine tramway depot created avery special flair, with exclusive timepiecesby Carl F. Bucherer integrated into theambience.One particular highlight was the arrival ofdirectors David Leitch and Chad Stahelskiwho came to the premiere in Germany andwere present at the preview. A furtherfamous guest invited was Daniel Bernhardtwho acts as the opponent of Keanu Reeves.He answered journalist’s questions at a presscocktail reception before the beginning ofthe film screening.Daniel Bernhardt also gave the guests aninsight into his fascinating career: TheFriend of the Brand of the traditional labelfrom Lucerne confidently and persistentlyfollows his own path. Born and raised inBerne, he was inspired by Bruce Lee and hasbeen practicing various martial arts since theage of 15. Thai boxing, karate and tae kwondo, to just name a few. Numerous filmprojects followed on the heels of hissuccessful career as a model for severalfashion labels. As it often happens in life, itwas pure chance that brought him togetherwith Jean-Claude Van Damme.So Daniel Bernhardt made a spur-of-themomentdecision, while on the set of a photoshoot, to seize the opportunity to enter thefilm business. Despite the scores of filmshootings, his family remains his numberone priority, as he explained to the journalistsat the press cocktail party.The premiere at the Classic Remise was acomplete success. Numerous VIP guests andmedia representatives enjoyed the eveningthat combined a laid-back atmosphere withaction-packed thrill.PREMIERE IN BERLIN WITH THESTARS FROM HOLLYWOOD.CEO Sascha Moeri welcoming David Leitch, Chad Stahelski and Daniel Bernhard on the red carpet. The two directorsand the actor set a special highlight with their journey to the German premiere.Actor Daniel Bernhard gave an exclusive insight into hiscareer.32 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

Dining room. Living room. Bedroom. Legroom.Is it possible that a ight to Europe can be over too soon? In SWISS Business, it’s possible.You’ll enjoy Swiss cuisine, great entertainment and then a fully at bed. For daily ights to theheart of Europe and beyond, contact your travel agent or visit

VISITINGNEW SPLENDOR IN BERNLocal flair meets international ambience: After undergoing renovations, the Bucherer boutique in Bernboasts an interior that is second to none. Boutique manager Peter von Gunten shares some unique detailswith INSIGHT by Carl F. Bucherer.Our boutique is on Kornhausplatz, inthe heart of Bern. We look out on animportant symbol of Swiss tradition:the famous Zytgloggenturm. This is aclock tower of medieval origin, witha well-known astronomical clock andchimes.Our refurbishment laid special emphasison high-quality materials. For example,the walls and floor are in light-colored,polished Botticino marble, a fine sandstonefrom Lombardy, Italy.At a jeweler’s like Bucherer, art must be ‘builtin.’ The light installations by the Brazilianartist, Valeria Nascimento, had caught my eyein our boutiques in Paris and Munich. So I wasthrilled when she agreed to create a suitableceiling structure for us. She has carried out thisassignment with impressive creativity,adorning her filigree artwork with myriadceramic blooms.The listed building in the old townthat is home to our boutiquereflects a long history and offersthe ideal setting for our range oftraditional watch and jewelrybrands.Silk carpets are numbered amongthe world’s finest and mostbeautiful. They provide thetop-quality covering of our entirefirst floor. Stroke the surface of asilk carpet. It feels as soft as humanskin. Stroke backwards, against thepile, and it’s like velvet. This createsan exquisite ambience and conveysa feel-good ambiance.The sophisticated ceiling structure on the firstfloor is our architects’ masterpiece. Take asecond look, and you’ll see what I mean. Itshand-finished plasterwork alternates flatexpanses, roundings and pools of light, givingthe room a wonderful sense of soaringspaciousness.34 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

I love the layout of our shopwindow. Instead of the usualdisplay on two flat tiers, twostandalone cabinets have beenbuilt and positioned in thewindow. This innovativeconfiguration createsastonishing transparency,lightness and a threedimensionalvisual effect.Our clientele comprises awide assortment of people.But everyone, be they clientsfrom Switzerland orglobetrotting tourists, shouldfeel at home here. That iswhy the combination of localflair and internationalambience is vital to us.We’ve pulled off this tricksuccessfully through oursensible division of spaceand our combination of largescale and homeliness, suchas the upstairs lounge nook.As a jeweler, my preference isfor classic watches. My firstchoice would be the ManeroPowerReserve in pink gold, byCarl F. Bucherer. The retrogradepower reserve display and largedate on the dial reflect greatwatchmaking and aestheticdesign.Peter von Gunten’s credo:“ANYONE WHOKEEPS THE ABILITY TOSEE BEAUTY NEVERGROWS OLD”.(Franz Kafka)The boutique’s centerpiece isa round glass showcase. Itscurvature fits into the spacevery neatly. Leather, dark oakand bronze-coated brassfittings come together in anelegant design.Peter von Gunten is BoutiqueManager at Bucherer Bern and hasworked for the Bucherer companysince 1993. A goldsmith by trade,he is also a retail trainer and hastaken numerous advanced courses.Masterpieces of the watchmaker’sand jeweler’s craft are both hispassion and his life.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 35

MARKET NEWS INTERNATIONALBASELWORLD 2015The new Carl F. Bucherer chronographs have delighted fans around the globe. The showpiece watches werefirst revealed to the public at Baselworld, in March 2015. The many events surrounding the Swiss watchmakingbrand made an elegant setting for the presentation.Baselworld is the event thathighlights trends in the watchindustry and also its mostimportant platform for presentingbrand worlds and launchingnew products. Carl F. Buchererwas again present with a stand inthe prestigious Hall 1.0, where itrubbed shoulders with many ofthe world’s best-known and mostimportant watch marques. Thethree-story pavilion is designedon the keynote theme ‘feel athome.’ Its cubist shapes, clearlines and harmonious colorconcept are impressive. Thisstand reflects the elegance andemphatically high quality of theCarl F. Bucherer brand. Itdisplays all the Swiss watchmaker’scollections, and welcomesvisitors from all over the world.The highlight of the lounge areawas the exhibition of the ManeroChronoPerpetual OnlyWatch2015: a single masterpiece inwhite gold, created especially forOnly Watch 2015. Visitors hadthe chance to admire theprecious unique creation onthe stand, before it joined theworldwide Only WatchRoadshow. It will eventually beauctioned, with the proceedsgoing to the Monaco AssociationAgainst Muscular Dystrophy(AMM).The artistic embellishments ofthe exhibition stand achieved aremarkable combination of theirown. In the pavilion lounge, CarlF. Bucherer created a successfullink between Switzerland andChina. Works of the artists TanPing, from China and LucianoCastelli, from Lucerne, weredisplayed on a theme of ‘China’sabstraction and the figuration ofthe West.’This year all eyes were on thePatravi TravelTec family. Thewatch, which features three timezones, marked its tenth anniversarywith an impressive newmodel: the Patravi TravelTec II.The unique combination ofthree time zones displayed inone chronograph, is nowresplendent in a bold, compactcase. Celebrating the occasion,Carl F. Bucherer held internationalpress lunches in Basel,which introduced selectedjournalists to the functions andfascination of the PatraviTravelTec Collection. Even the‘library’ on the exhibition standbore the legend ‘Dedicated toPatravi TravelTec II’ andillustrated the immense varietyof the countries in different timezones.36 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

At an exclusive press brunchSascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F.Bucherer, introduced two newand personable Friends of theBrand. Sprinter MujingaKambundji and ski racer SandroViletta officially confirmed theircooperation with the Lucernewatchmaker. At the same time,they were treated to their ownchronographs. Viletta chose aPatravi EvoTec DayDate, whileKambundji received the twotonePathos Diva with finediamonds.That same delight in the materialis apparent again at the firstglimpse of the new Pathos Divain pure rose gold. The preciousmetal sets off the aureole design,the distinctive feature of themany versions within the PathosCollection. With aureole in awave design or filigree meshpattern, dial in shimmeringmother of pearl or delicatelyornamented on plain white, inpale rose gold or with opulentdiamonds – there’s a perfectPathos to suit every woman’staste. A special launch event forselected bloggers celebrated thenew Pathos Diva rose gold. Theladies shared the opportunity todiscover the variety of the PathosCollection with Friends of theBrand Wendy Holdener, BiancaSissing and Nubya.DJ Antoine, a Friend of theBrand, joined a panel of expertsat Baselworld to discuss the linkbetween time and luxury. TheMetaDesign podium discussionengaged with the theme: ‘luxuryis dead, long live luxury.’An event staged by the PacificSociety offered the perfectopportunity for anyone wishingto encounter the surpriseslurking in the depths of theocean. And the new version ofthe Patravi ScubaTec wristwatchmade the perfect accoutermentfor discovering the charm of thesouth seas. The new model, inrose gold, powerfully combinessporting style with the energy ofthe adventurer. The bezel, whichrotates only one way, featuresstriking black and blue ceramicinlays, ideally complementingthe precious metal. Anotherimpressive feature is the light,reflected off the scaled surface ofthe black dial. The effect isreminiscent of the dappledreflections on the surface of thewater. Patravi ScubaTec in rosegold – diving in all its alluringfacets, with a touch of adventure.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 37

MARKET NEWS HONG KONGLEADER OF THE YEAR 2014Carl F. Bucherer is the official sponsor of the prestigious award, which will be presented as part of a gala inHong Kong.Relentless dedication, strong convictionsand clear goals – attributes that distinguishstrong leadership personalities and makethem the best of their field. Progress andgrowth are only possible as a result of thewillpower of individuals to lead the way andmake a difference. To acknowledge suchimpressive achievements, the Sing TaoGroup initiated the “Leader of the YearAward” in 1994 as a tribute to outstandingleaders. The winners belong to the mostexcellent minds of their respective field.Remarkable success stories are a testamentto their unswerving effort and dedication totheir work.The awards presentation ceremonywas held in a gala eventofficiated by Mrs. Carrie LamCheng Yuet-ngor, Hong KongChief Secretary for Administration,HKSAR. Many famouspeople and government officialswere invited to the event.Mr. Peter Wong Tung-shun, Deputy Chairman and ChiefExecutive of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking CorporationLimited is the winner in the Finance category.Mr. Winston Lo Yau-lai, Executive Chairman of VitasoyInternational Holdings Limited is the winner in theCommerce & Industry Finance category.Principal Chan Hung, founder of “Principal Chan FreeTutorial World“, is the winner in the Education /Technology / Professions category.38 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

Mr. Tsang Wai-hung, Commissioner of Police of the HKSAR and his wife.OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS,THE “LEADER OF THE YEARAWARD” HAS DEVELOPEDINTO ONE OF THE MOSTPRESTIGIOUS EVENTS IN ASIA.Over the last 20 years, the “Leader of theYear Award” has developed into one of themost prestigious events in Asia. The awardpresentation ceremony took place as part ofan exclusive gala, with a number of the mostrenowned personalities in Hong Kong aswell as government representatives. Thisconfirmed the extraordinary significance ofthis award.For nine years, Carl F. Bucherer has beenthe official and only timepiece sponsor ofthe renowned event. The Lucerne-basedtraditional brand exhibited two masterpiecesof watchmakers’ and jeweler’s craft: theimpressive Manero ChronoPerpetual, withan eternal calendar, and the fascinatingPathos Diva Joaillerie.Ms. Carina Lau, famous artist.Mr. Yuen Kwok-keung, Secretary for Justice of the HKSAR.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 39

MARKET NEWS USAPREMIUM PRESENCE INLOS ANGELESThe Feldmar Watch Company boutique in Los Angeles presents Carl F. Bucherer in a brilliant atmosphere.For over 100 years, Feldmar Watch Companyhas inspired with excellent work and areal passion for extraordinary timepieces. Asa family-operated company in the third andfourth generation, the renowned watchretailer shares the values of the brand Carl F.Bucherer. The Swiss timepiece manufacturercan also look back on 125 years of successfultradition – a mutual basis for a strong andlongstanding partnership.In celebration of the 100 year anniversary inyear 2013, the boutique on trendy West PicoBoulevard in Los Angeles was modernized,refurnished and expanded. The updatedbuilding that now spreads over 910 squaremeters offers an elegant setting for thefashionable timepieces from Carl F. Bucherer.Red brick walls give the rooms a vintageflair and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.The combination of noble woodenfloors made of white oak, custom-mademahogany display cases and translucent glasselements creates an unmatched timelesselegance. The glamorous focal point of theboutique is the illuminated timepiececounter made of exquisite onyx.In the impressive boutique in Los Angeles,the Feldmar Watch Company showcases itssuccess in continuously reinventing itself andevolving over the past 100 years, all the whilewithout losing sight of its values.Custom-made mahogany showcases give the redesigned boutique a timeless elegance.Scott J. Meller, associate of Feldmar Watch Company, and Sascha Moeri, CEO Carl F.Bucherer, at the grand opening.The precious timepieces are presented on 910 sqm in the modernized brick building on West Pico Boulevard in LA.40 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

MARKET NEWS SWITZERLANDEXCLUSIVE EXHIBITIONAT ZURICH AIRPORTJourney to the heart of craftsmanship – From May 8 to June 21, 2015, the respected Lucerne-basedcompany, Carl F. Bucherer, will offer a fascinating opportunity to experience watchmaking up close.Swiss watch manufacturer Carl F. Buchererlooks back on over 125 years of outstandingtraditional craftsmanship. As part of thissuccess story, the time-honored Lucerne firmhas made use of the expertise accumulatedover many years in both the watchmakingand jewelry making arts, developingimpressive collections and proprietary worksborn of the company philosophy: «Bound totradition. Driven by innovation.» Now CarlF. Bucherer is sharing its passion with aninternational audience. At an exhibition,beginning on May 8th, in the Airside Centerat Zurich Airport, Carl F. Bucherer will beshowing the vibrancy of traditional craftsmanship.Visitors are invited to experiencethis tradition and receive a souvenir photo totake home with them.PRECIOUS TIMEPIECES: CARL F.BUCHERERSelected collection pieces will be on displayfor six weeks to highlight the high art andscience of watchmaking. One feature of theexhibition is an insight into the mechanicalfineries of the Manero Tourbillon, with anintegrated tourbillon whose sophisticateddesign compensates for loss of movementaccuracy due to the effects of gravity.STEP INTO THE ROLE OF WATCH-MAKERVisitors of the exhibition will be able to playthe role of watchmaker themselves. With thecity of Lucerne as the backdrop, where theCarl F. Bucherer headquarters is located,visitors can take a seat at a watchmaker›sbench and have a photo taken of thempracticing this highly respected craft.VIVIDTRADITIONAT ZURICHAIRPORT.INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11 – 41

N o 11BY CARL F. BUCHERERWas someone else faster?Visit us onwww.carl-f-bucherer.comOr follow us onTHE RETURN OF THE CRAFTSMAN


POINT OF VIEWThe Mechanics of Perfecting Time:PULLINGOUT ALLTHE STOPSI’ve been writing about watches for 30 years.I’ve authored six books on the subject. Ifsomeone had told me when I was completingmy Master’s degree in Journalism thatI would spend half of my lifetime writingabout timepieces, I would have laughed.Today, I think differently.Watches are a serious business. The conceptof tracking time – an idea that has beenaround as long as man – is a powerfulaphrodisiac. The thought of taking a fleetingsecond and watching it pass by on our wristsToday, many companies rely heavily onmachine work, more so than on handcraftsmanship. But, when it comes to thefinest brands in the world, the workmanshipand the attention to detail are paramount.When I look at a timepiece, I do two things.First, I peer as deeply into it as possible. If ithas a skeletonized movement or a mainplateas dial, I examine the components and theirfinishing. If the watch seems to be a basic“case and dial” watch, then I study the case,the dial, and the craftsmanship.“A TOP-QUALITYWATCH MUST LEAVENO STONE UNTURNED”.Roberta Naas–––Roberta Naas is an award-winning journalist thatspecializes in writing about timepieces. She is thefounder of the on-line luxury watch publication, and travels internationallyto bring the news in this industry to the forefront.One of the most respected journalists in herfield, Naas writes for some of the world‘s mostprestigious newspapers and magazines. She is thetimepiece editor in the USA for Niche Media(Gotham, LA Confidential, Vegas, Ocean Drive, andmore), and covers the business angle of timepiecesfor, among monumental. This is an industry based onobsession for perfection, based on a neverendinginventive quest to find better andmore innovative – and beautiful – ways totrack that second (and fractions thereof ).Innovation, however, comes from a spark thatmust be ignited into a flame. To be a leaderone must not only have the idea, but also bedriven by passion and by a desire to continuallysurpass one’s own abilities. In today’sworld – where watchmaking spans morethan five centuries – certain watch brandsembrace the spirit and enthusiasmof the craft more wholly than others.Carl F. Bucherer is one of those brands.Next, I turn the watch over and examine itfrom the back. To me, the back can be just astelling as the front and sides – and sometimesit is even more beautiful. I once had anovice writer in the watch industry look atme in wonder when I took a beautiful watchand immediately turned it over. “What areyou looking for?” the person asked. The responsewas easy, “I am looking for no stoneunturned.”A top-quality watch has to spare no effort.It must be magnificent not only for itsprecision engineering and technical advancement,but also for its technique, finish andcraftsmanship. Because Carl F. Bucherer isan independent Swiss watch company (oneof just a handful left in today’s world), it hasthe ability to stretch its proverbial wings andinvest time and resources into going theextra miles when it comes to the concept ofhand-made and hand-finished.I am always impressed when a watch brandcan demonstrate its ability to embrace itspast, and then channel that legacy intomodern timepieces that can go the distance– ensuring time for future generations.Roberta Naas44 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

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PaseoCayala Local F1-105, Guatemala,+(502)5702-8916HONG KONG SAR OFCHINAHong KongPrince Jewellery & WatchCo., Shop, B - C, Ground Floor,58 Russell Street, CausewayBay, Hong Kong, +852 2776 0688Prince Jewellery & WatchCo., Shop B, Ground Floor, 60Russell Street, Causeway Bay,Hong Kong, +852 2808 0021Prince Jewellery & WatchCo., Portion of A1 A2 A3 A6 &A7 Ground Floor, 16 Kai ChuiRoad, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong+852 2895 6688Prince Jewellery & WatchCo., Shop 2, Ground Floor,Prestige Tower, 23-25 NathanRoad, Tsimshashui, Kowloon,Hong Kong, +852 2739 2333Prince Jewellery & WatchCo., Shop 3, Ground Floor, BoYip Building, 10 Peking Road,Tsimshashui, Kowloon,+852 2369 2123Prince Jewellery & WatchCo., Shops 316-318 & 366-367Level 3, Ocean Centre, 3-27Canton Road, Tsimshashui,Kowloon, +852 2736 6636Prince Jewellery & WatchCo., Shop OT-281, Level 2 OceanTerminal, 3-27 Canton Road,Tsimshashui, Kowloon,+852 2311 4432Prince Jewellery & WatchCo., Shop No. 3322, Level 3Gateway Arcade, Harbour City,3-27 Canton Road, Tsimshashui,Kowloon, +852 2311 1878Prince Jewellery & WatchCo. 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BUCHERER Nº11 – 45

ADRESSESTung Hing Watch Co. Ltd.,Shop C, Ground Floor, 617-619Nathan Road, Mongkok,Kowloon, +852 2994 0008Tung Hing Watch Co. Ltd.,Ground Floor, 735-735A NathanRoad, Mongkok, Kowloon,+852 2994 0218Wah Hing Watch Co. Ltd.,Ground Floor, 646 NathanRoad, Mongkok, Kowloon,+852 2396 0680Kowloon Watch, Ground Floor,256 Sai Yeung Choi StreetSouth, Mongkok, Kowloon,+852 2381 0962Zhong Xing Watch Co.,Ground Floor, 581 NathanRoad, Mongkok, Kowloon,+852 2710 8166Time Watch, Shop A, Ground &First, Floor, Railway Plaza, 39Chatham Road, Tsimshashui,Kowloon, +852 2723 9989Just Watch Co. Ltd., ShopNo.G17, Ground Floor,Silvercord,30 Canton Road, Tsimshashui,Kowloon, +852 2375 1813Carl F. Bucherer BoutiqueHong Kong, Shop A3, GroundFloor, 1 Yee Wo Street,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong,(852) 2882 2302Prince Jewellery & WatchCo., Ground to 1/F, G/F, 49-52Haiphong Road, Tsimshashui,Kowloon, +852 2367 8871Prince Jewellery & WatchCo., Shop M-99, MTR Level, VCity, 83 Heung Sze Wui Road,Tuen Mun, New Territiories,+852 2362 0213The Grand Mall - Time Watch,G/F, Kwun Tong Harbour Plaza,182 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong,Kowloon, +852 2122 9696Swisment Watch International,B1/F, Kowloon BayInternation Trade & ExhibitionCentre, 1 Trademart Drive,Kowloon Bay, Kowloon,+852 2155 1197Premium Watch & JewelleryLimited, Ground Floor, LungMa Building, 552 Nathan Road,Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon,+852 2882 9991Carol‘s Watch, Shop 59-60,Mirador Mansion, 54-64BNathan Road, Tsimshashui,Kowloon, 852 2311 1433Carol‘s Watch, G/F, Shop E,Golden Glory Mansion, 16Carnarvon Road, Tsimshashui,Kowloon, +852 2366 0221INDIABangaloreEthos Summit, Shop No 114,First Floor, UB City, Vittal MallyaRoad, Canberra Block, 560001Bangalore, 009180-40999621Ethos Swiss Watch Studios,Shop no 54, InternationalDeparture, KempegowdaInternational Airport,Devanhalli, 560300 Bangalore,0091 9820976762ChandigarhEthos Summit, Unit No – 10,Ground Floor, Elante Mall 178-178 A, ,Industrial & BusinessPark, Phase – 1, 160002 Chandigarh,0091172 4663008-4008MumbaiEthos Summit, Unit No. G - 9A,Palladium Mall, High StreetPhoenix,462 Senapati BapatMarg, Lower Parel, 400013Mumbai, 009122 66151308-9Master of Time By Ethos,International Departure Area,Chatrapati Shivaji InternationalAirport, Sahar Road, Andheri (E),400099 Mumbai,0091 98880501101New DelhiEthos Summit, G-14, SelectCity Walk, A-3 District Centre,Saket, 110017 New Delhi,009111-40588700Ethos Swiss Watch Studios,Unit No. In 01-02, Terminal 3,International Departure, Securityhold Area, IGI InternationalAirport, 110038 New Delhi,009111-49633438-9IRELANDDublinAppleby Dublin Limited, 5-6Johnson‘s Court, Grafton Street,Dublin, +353 1679 9572ITALYMilanoPisa Orologeria, Via Verriangolo, Via, Montenapoleone 9,20121 Milano, +39 02 762081JAPANAsahikawa-cityAsahikawa Seibu, A-Bldg. 7F,8-migi1, 1jou-Dori,070-8507 Asahikawa-city,+81 166 27 3426Fukui-cityFukui Seibu, Main Bldg. 5F,1-8-1, Chuo, 910-8582 Fukui-city,+81 776 27 8458Fukuoka-cityFukuoka Tenjin-ten Daimaru,East Bldg. 4F, 1-4-1, Tenjin,Chuo-ku, 810-8717 Fukuoka-city,81 92 712 8181Iwataya HontenNew Bldg. 4F, 2-5-35, Tenjin,Chuo-ku, 810-0001 Fukuoka-city,+81 92 721 1111Funabashi-cityFunabashi Seibu, 5F, 1-2-1,Honcho, 273-8550 Funabashicity,+81 47 425 5508Hakodate-cityJewelry & Watch Watanabe,17-9, Wakamatsu-cho, 040-0063Hakodate-city, +81 138 23 4111Hamamatsu-cityEntetsu Department Store,Main Bldg. 7F, 320-2,Sunayama-cho, Naka-ku,430-8588 Hamamatsu-city,+81 53 457 0001Hiroshima-cityFukuya Hacchobori-ten, 7F,6-26, Ebisu-cho, Naka-ku,730-0021 Hiroshima-city,+81 82 246 6111Kanazawa-cityMeitetsu M‘za, 15-1,Musashimachi, 920-8853Kanazawa-city, +81 76 260 2421Kashihara-cityWatch shop KOYANAGI,1-3-10, Naizencho, 634-0804Kashihara-city, +81 744 22 3853Kasugai-cityChino Tokeiten Kasugai,The Mall Kasugai 1F, 22,Rokkenya-cho Higashioka,486-0842 Kasugai-city,+81 568 86 3540Kitakyushu-cityKokura Izutsuya, Main Bldg.6F, 1-1, Senbamachi,Kokurakita-ku, 802-0007Kitakyushu-city,+81 93 522 3111Kobe-cityJEWELLERY KIKUCHI Honten,2-4-3, Sannomiya-cho,Chuo-ku, 650-0021 Kobe-city,+81 78 331 5476Kochi-cityKochi Daimaru, 3F, 1-6-1,Obiya-machi, 780-0841Kochi-city, +81 88 822 5111Kyoto-cityKyoto Takashimaya, 5F, 52Nishiiru Shincho, Shinjo Kawaramachi,Shimogyo-ku, 600-8520Kyoto-city, +81 75 221 8811Miyazaki-cityHidaka Honten Pro-Shop,3-4-6, Tachibanadorihigashi,880-0805 Miyazaki-city,+81 985 26 1102Nagoya-cityMatsuzakaya Honten, 3-16-1,Sakae, Naka-ku, 460-8430Nagoya-city, +81 52 264 2689Meitetsu Department Store,6F, 1-2-1, Meieki, Nakamura-ku,450-8505 Nagoya-city,+81 52 585 2634Naha-cityRyubo, 5F, 1-1-1, Kumoji,900-0015 Naha-city,+81 98 867 8644Okayama-cityTakashimaya DepartmentStore, Okayama, 7F, 6-40,Honmachi, Kita-ku, 700-0901Okayama-city, +81 86 232 1111Okazaki-cityOkazaki Seibu, 3F, 38-5,Tosaki-cho, aza, Toyama,444-8710 Okazaki-city,+81 564 59 3149Osaka-cityShinsaibashi Daimaru, SouthBldg. 4F, 1-7-1, Shinsaibashisuji,Chuo-ku, 542-8501 Osaka-city,+81 6 6271 1231Kijinkan, 1F, 2-7-10,Nippombashi, Chuo-ku,542-0073 Osaka-city,+81 6 6636 6630Abeno Harukas Kintetsu,Tower Bldg. 11F, 1-1-43,Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, 545-8545Osaka-city, +81 6 6627 0102Sapporo-citySapporo Daimaru, 5F, 4-7, Kita5 jou-Nishi, Chuo-ku, 060-0005Sapporo-city, +81 11 828 1111Shizuoka-cityMatsuzakaya Shizuoka-ten,Main Bldg. 6F, 10-2, Miyuki-cho,Aoi-ku, 420-8560 Shizuoka-city,+81 54 254 1111Tokushima-cityJewelry/Watch boutiqueIKEDA plus, 1-22, HigashiSenbacho, 770-0911Tokushima-city, +81 88 678 3080TokyoMatsuzakaya Ueno-ten, MainBldg. 7F, 3-29-5, Ueno,Taito-ku, 110-8503 Tokyo,+81 3 3832 1111Seibu PISA Watch & JewelrySalon, The Prince Park TowerTokyo 1F, 4-8-1, Shibakoen,Minato-ku, 105-0011 Tokyo,+81 3 5400 0717JEWELLERY KIKUCHI Tokyo,Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, 2-10-8,Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, 112-8667Tokyo, +81 3 3947 7805Ikebukuro Tobu, 6F-10, 1-1-25,Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku,171-8512 Tokyo, +81 3981 2211Shibuya Seibu, B-Bldg. 8F,21-1, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku,150-8330 Tokyo,+81 3 3462 0111BEST SHINJUKU, 3-17-12,Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, 160-0022Tokyo, +81 3 5360 6800Ikebukuro Seibu, 6F, 1-28-1,Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku,171-8569 Tokyo,+81 3 3981 0111Tsukuba-cityTsukuba Seibu, 3F, 1-7-1,Azuma, 305-0031 Tsukuba-city,+81 29 863 1256Yamaguchi-cityYamaguchi Izutsuya, 3F, 3-3,Nakaichi-cho, 753-0086,Yamaguchi-city, +81 83 925 5513KAZAKHSTANAlmatyPasha Ltd, Tole bi Str, 25, 50010Almaty, 007 (727) 2938371AstanaPasha Ltd, 4 Sayarka Str,Radisson Hotel Astana, 10000Astana, 007 (725) 70470KUWAITKuwaitMohammad Saleh & RazaYousef Behbhani, SalemMubarak Street, Salmiya,Ground Floor, Kuwait96525718224Ahmed Yousef BehbehaniShowroom , Marina Mall,Salmiya, Kuwait, 96522244615LIBYATripoliWatch House, Al Wahat CentreNo. 38, Hay Al Andous Street,657 Tripoli, 2,18914E+11MACAO SAR OF CHINAMacauOriental Watch (Macau) Co.Ltd., Shop 49D, G/F & M/F, TheMacau Square, Avenida doInfante D. Henrique 47,+853 2871 7323Xu Xing Long Watch Ltd.,Avn De Almeida Ribeiro,+853 2835 7081Hong Kong Macau(Internation) DFS, G/F & M/F,Hong Kong Macau (Int‘l) DFS,Macau Fisherman‘s Wharf,Avenida da Amizade e, AcenidaDr. Sun Yat-Sen, +853 28728148Carl F. Bucherer BoutiqueMacau, Level 3, Shop 2005B,Grand Canal Shoppes at theVenetian Macau, Estrada daBaia de N. Senhora daEsperanca, Cotai,+853 2882 8741MAURITIUSPoste de FlacqBijem, Le Saint Geran Hotel,Ground Floor, Poste de Flacq,23054235967Bijem, Le Prince MauriceHotel, Route Choisy, GroundFloor, Poste de Flacq,23054235967WolmarMaradiva Villas Resort &Spa, Wolmar, +230 453 81 99MEXICODelegacion BenitoJuarezLiverpool Insurgentes, Av.Insurgentes Sur No. 131‘0,Colonia Del Valle.,C.P. 03100 Delegacion BenitoJuarez , 54 80 13 00Estado de MéxicoFuentes Joyeros, CentroCommercial Interlomas, Av.Magnocentro 5, Col. San Fdo.,La Herradura Huixquilucan,Estado de México, 55 52900406QuerétaroBe Watch, Centro CommercialAntea Lifestyle Center, Juriquilla,Querétaro, 442 2460400México CityMasters Joyeros, Plaza Carso,Planta Alta, Lago Zurich 245,Col.Ampliacion Granada, MéxicoD.F, 55 55579139Municipio deHuixquilucanLiverpool Interlomas, Vialidadde la Barranca No. 6, ColoniaExhacienda Jesus del Monte,C.P. 52787 Municipio deHuixquilucan,30 88 23 00VillahermosaLiverpool VillahermosaAlbabrisa, Blvd. CircuitoInterior Carlos Pellicer Camara #129, Centro Comecial Altabrisa,C.P. 86190 Villahermosa,993 310 69 00ZapopanLiverpool Zapopan, Av. Patria2085. Fracc. Plaza Andares, C.P.45080 Zapopan, 33 36 48 17 00NETHERLANDSAmsterdamCoster Diamonds, PaulusPotterstraat 2, 1071 CZAmsterdam,+31 20 305 5555Gassan Dam Square, Rokin 1-5(Dam), 1012 KK Amsterdam,+31 (0)20 624 5787Gassan Schiphol Airport,Vertrekpassage 214, 1118 AVAmsterdam Schiphol Airport,+31 (0) 20 405 99 20HuizenVeerman Juwelen, Lindenlaan28, 1271 BA Huizen,+31 (0)35 523 0958NORWAYOsloUrmakermester Per H.Christensen, Karl Johans gt.39, 162 Oslo, +47 22425983StavangerThv. Thorbjornsen,Nytorget 12, 4013 Stavanger,+47 900 70 268OMANMuscatMuscat Watch Centre, BareeqAl Shatti Shopping Centre,Ground Floor, Al Shatti,96895046623POLANDKatowiceJubitom, Katowice SilesiaCity Center, Ul. Chorzowska1007, 40-101 Katowice,+48 667 778 092KrakowJubitom, Bonarka City Center,Ul. Kamienskiego 11, 30-644Krakow, +48 12 298-68-64PoznanJubitom, Galeria Malta, ul. Abp.Antoniego Baraniaka 8, 61-131Poznan, +48 601-866-674WarsawJubitom, C.H.ARKADIA, AlejaJana Pawła II 82, 00-175Warszawa, +48 22 313 16 37Jubitom Galeria Mokotow,Ul. Woloska 12, 02-675Warszawa, +48 225 413 234Duty Free InternationalAirport, ul. wirki i Wigóry 1,00-906 WarszawaQATARDohaRIVOLI Doha City Centre,2nd Floor, Doha City Centre,Westbay Area, Doha,+974 4 4833679ROMANIATimisoaraBijuteria GIA, Iulius Mall, str.A. Demetriade 1, Timisoara, +040256 210003RUSSIACheboksaryAlexander, Karla Marksa str.31, Cheboksary, +7 8352 62 5536KemerovoSterh, Sovetskiy prosp. 33,Kemerovo, +7 3842 25 3727KolomnaTime-Hall, TRC Rio,Oktyabrskoy Revolutsii str. 362,Kolomna,+7 8498 616 9818MakhachkalaMir Chasov, 71 St.Yaragskogo,Makhachkala, +7 8722 615737MoscowSublime, TC GUM, RedSquare 3, +7 495 620 3311Vendome, Lotte Plaza, NovinskyBlvd. 8, +7 495 662 6720Vendome, Smolenskiy PassageSmolenskaya pl. 3,+7 495 229 6168Cassaforte, TC Sfera, NovyiArbat str. 36/9, +7 495 690 7470Cassaforte, TC Gallery Actor,Tverskaya str. 16/2,+7 495 937 5394Conquest - Swiss Watches,TC Druzhba, Novoslobodskayastr. 4, +7 495 937 9304Rich Time, Novinckiy Boulevard36, Novyy Arbat 36, 121205Moscow, +74954199060MurmanskSvetoch, Lenina str. 76,+7 8152 45 6397NovokuznetskSterh, Business Center City,Ermakova prosp. 9a,+7 3843 46 4865NovorossiyskEpoha, 3/5 St.Svobody,+7 8617 605 722OrenburgDiamant, Volodarskogo str. 21,+7 3532 94 9090PyatigorskSavoy, Mira St. 14,+7 879333 55 88Rostov-on-Don18 Karat, Chekhova pr. 35/30,+7 8632 250 1111SamaraMakros Boutique, TCVavilon, Ulyanovskaya18,,+7 846 278 4233SaratovGeveva, Volzhskaya Str. 34,+7 845 223 8060SochiImige, Vorovskogo St. 4,+7 862266 54 82St. PetersburgStatus, Liteinyi pr-t. 27,+7 812 327 2500StatusBolshoy pr-t, P.S. 60,+7 812 232 3978SurgutChronos, TC Sibir, Engelsastr. 11, +7 3462 24 2124TomskSTERKH, TC ‘Forum’, FrunzeAve, 90, +7(3822) 550-111YekaterinburgStudia Vremeni, TC HermesPlaza, Malysheva str. 16,+7 343 257 022546 – INSIGHT BY CARL F. BUCHERER Nº11

ADRESSESStudia Vremeni, 10 St.Radischeva, +7 343 356 04 91Studia Vremeni, 21 St.Hohryakova, +7 343 376 54 97SINGAPORESingaporeDFS Changi Airport, Unit047-002/6/8, PassengerTerminal 2, 4th Storey NorthFinger Office, 819643 SingaporeSINT MAARTENPhilipsburgShiva‘s Gold and Gems,Trident Jewelers, 70-75 FrontStreet, +1 201 255 0269SPAINAlicanteEl Corte Inglés de Alicante,C/ Federico Soto 1-3, 3002Alicante, + 34 965 92 5001MadridEl Corte Ingles de Serrano,Calle Serrano 47, 28001 Madrid,+34 91 432 54 90El Corte Inglés de Castellana,C/ Raimundo FernándezVillaverde 65, 28003 Madrid,91 418 88 00Puerto Banús, MarbellaEl Corte Ingles, C/ RamónAreces, S/N, 29660 PuertoBanús, Marbella,+34 965 925 001TAIWANChiaYiYi Mei Watch Co., No.450,Zhongshan Road, West, 600ChiaYi, +886 5 229 3600HsinchuJin Shih Tang Watch Co.,No.310, Zhongshan Road, North,300 Hsinchu, +886 3 525 8188KaohsiungFormosa 06, No.115, DayongRoad, Yancheng, 803 Kaohsiung,+886 7 551 8156Universal Jewellery, No.8,Wenci Road, Zuoying, 813Kaohsiung, +886 7 974 9228Yung Kwang Watch Co.,No.169, Sanduo 3rd Road,Qianzhen, 806 Kaohsiung,+886 7 535 0116Kinmen CountyEver Rich D.F.S. Corporation,Duty Free Plaza Kinmen, No.198,Sec. 2, Taihu Rd., Jinhu Township,891 Kinmen County,+886 82 338 888New TaipeiPao Yee Watch Co., No.51,Nanmen Street, Banqiao, 220New Taipei, +886 2 2968 8069TaichungJing Guang Tang WatchesCo., Chungyo Dept Store, 2F,Blding B, No.161, Sec.3, SanminRoad, North, 404 Taichung,+886 4 2223 4621Shih Mei Chai Watch Co.,No.151, Sec.1, Meicun Road,West, 403 Taichung,+886 4 2310 8981Tien Ven Tai Optical WatchCo., LTD., No.202, ZhongzhengRoad, Fengyuan, 420 Taichung,+886 4 2525 0428Yuan Henry Watch Co.,No.742, Dadun Road, Nantun,408 Taichung, +886 4 2323 1166TainanFormosa 11, No.171,Zhongzheng Road, West Central,700 Tainan, +886 6 225 3184TaipeiBasel Watch Gallery, No.16,Ln. 35, Jihu Road, Neihu, 114Taipei, +886 2 2659 2330Century Watch Co., 1F, No.6,Ln. 180, Sec. 6, Minquan E.Road, Neihu, 114 Taipei,+886 2 7743 7988Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation,Duty Free Plaza, No.129,Jinzhuang Road, Neihu, 114Taipei, +886 2 8792 3999Kin Kong Watch Co., No.432,Linsen N. Road, Zhongshan,104 Taipei, +886 2 2560 1530King‘s Sign Watch Co., LTD.,Poh Ei Shop, No.33, Bo-ai Road,Zhongzheng, 100 Taipei,+886 2 2312 2772King‘s Sign Watch Co., LTD.Zhongxiao Shop, No.235, Sec. 4Zhongxiao E. Road, Da-an, 106Taipei, +886 2 2751 9866Time Watch Enterprise Co.,2F, No.152,Jiankang Road,Songshan, 105 Taipei,+886 2 7706 9880Yung Hsin Watch Co., No.28,Sec. 1, Zhongcheng Road, Shilin,111 Taipei, +886 2 8866 1975Taoyuan CountyYung Hsin Watch Co., No.99,Tongde 6th Street, TaoyuanCounty, 330 TaoyuanCountyv+886 3 316 0002Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation,Taoyuan International AirportDuty Free Terminal 1, No.9,Hangzhan S. Road, DayuanTownship, 337 Taoyuan Countyv,+886 3 398 3497Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation,Taoyuan International AirportDuty Free Terminal 2, No.9,Hangzhan S. Road, DayuanTownship, 337 Taoyuan County,+886 3 398 3497Tasa Meng, TaoyuanInternational Airport Tasa MengDuty Free Terminal 2, No.9,Hangzhan S. Road, DayuanTownship, 337 Taoyuan County,+886 3 3383 3133THAILANDBangkokCarl F. Bucherer BoutiqueBangkok, Room no. M 44, Mfloor, Siam Paragon Departmentstore, 991, Rama1 rd,Pathumwan, 10330 Bangkok,+66(0)2-610-9678-80TURKEYAntalyaArgos, Ground Floor, 54 AkdenizCaddesi, Kemer, +90 242 814 70 40Perge, 2.Floor, Aksu Cikisi 2.Km, Aksu, +90 242 426 36 36Marka, 2.Floor, Kavok Sok. No. 8Topcular, +90 242 340 63 77Parla, 1.Floor, No.49, AcısuMevkii, Xanadu Hotel, Belek,+90 242 715 15 32Olympus, 1.Floor, CornelliaDiamond Hotel, Belek,+90 242 715 22 61IstanbulArte Gioia, Ground Floor,Akmerkez AVM, Zemin Kat,No116, Etiler, +90 212 282 19 02Arte Gioia, Ground Floor,Istinyepark AVM, Giris Kat, NoR410, Istinye, +90 212 345 65 08UKRAINEDnepropetrovskNoblesse, 55, Karla MarksaProspekt, Dnepropetrovsk,3,80568E+11KharkovNoblesse, 73/75,Sumskaya, 3,80577E+11KievNoblesse, 8, Sagaydachnogo,3,80444E+11Noblesse, 2, KrasnoarmeyskayaUl., 3,80442E+11OdessaNoblesse, 6, YekaterininskayaUl., 3,80488E+11ZaporozhieNoblesse, 234, Lenina Prospekt,3,80612E+11UNITED ARAB EMIRATESAbu DhabiRIVOLI Abu Dhabi Mall,Tourist Club Area, +971 26456220Rivoli Prestige SowwahSquare (AUH), Abu Dhabi,97126432204DubaiRIVOLI WAFI City, WAFI City,Karama, +971 4 3246675RIVOLI Burjuman Center,Burjuman Center, Karama,+971 4 3555191RIVOLI Mall of the Emirates,Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha,+971 4 3413122RIVOLI PRESTIGE Al Qasr, 1,Shaikh Zayed Road,+971 4 4342442RIVOLI PRESTIGE Burj AlArab, Burj Al Arab Hotel,+971 4 3487281Rivoli Prestige - WaldorfPalm, Waldorf Palm,97143918511Rivoli Prestige - ZabeelSaray, The Palm Jumeirah,Crescent Road (West),97144390272Dubai Duty Free Terminal 3,Dubai Duty Free,+971 4 2203835UNITED STATESOF AMERICAALASKAKetchikanCaribbean Gems,105 Main Street, 99901, AK,907-225-7300ARIZONAScottsdaleIsaac JewelersKierland Commons, 15044 N.Scottsdale Rd., #130, 85254, AZ,480-941-9090CALIFORNIACosta MesaWatch Connection, 3033 SouthBristol Street, 92626, CA,714-432-8200DublinBarons Jewelers, 4870 DublinBlvd, 94568, CA, (925) 452-1700La JollaSwiss Watch Gallery, 8867Villa La Jolla Drive #600B,92037, CA, 858-622-9000Los AngelesFeldmar Watch Company,9000 West Pico Boulevard,90035, CA, 310-274-8016Mission ViejoSwiss Watch Gallery , 940The Shops at Mission Viejo,92691, CA, 949-364-2500MontereyGasper Jewelers, 447 AlvaradoStreet, 93940, CA, 831-375-5332Newport BeachMardo Jewelers, 980 WestCoast Highway, 92663, CA,949 675 1701Rolling Hills EstatesMorgans Jewelers, 50-CPeninsula Center, 90274, CA,310-541-2052Rowland HeightsChong Hing Jewelers, 18436Colima Road, Suite A, 91748,CA, 626-810-8883San GabrielChong Hing Jewelers, 140 W.Valley Blvd. #119-120, 91776,CA, 626-280-9195San MateoSteiners Jewelry, 231 S. SanMateo Drive, 94401, CA,650-342-1824Santa ClaraCH Premier Jewelers, 2855Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 1251,95050, CA, 408-983-2688Thousand OaksDejaun Jewelers, The OaksShopping Center, 424 W.Hillcrest Drive, 91360, CA,805 495 1425COLORADOBeaver CreekJ. Scott Jewelers, 114 BeaverCreek Plaza, 81620, CO,970-949-7020BreckenridgeBreckenridge Jewelers, 215South Main Street, 80424, CO,970-453-4370DenverOster Jewelers, 251 SteelStreet, Cherry Creek North,80206, CO, 303-572-1111CONNECTICUTHartfordArmstrong Rockwell, 150Trumbull Street, 06103, CT,860-246-9858FLORIDAAventuraKing Jewelers, 18265 BiscayneBoulevard, 33160, FL,305-935-4900Fort MyersProvident Jewelers, 15245South Tamiami Trail, Ste. 15,33908, FL, 239-274-7777GainesvilleCoastal Time, 201 SE 2ndPlace unit 110, 32601, FL,352-792-6422JupiterProvident Jewelers, 828 W.Indiantown Rd., 33458, FL,561-747-4449Lighthouse PointJ.R. Dunn Jewelers, 4210 NFederal Hwy, 33064, FL,954-782-5000NaplesBigham Jewelers, 2425Tamiami Trail North, Suite 101,34103, FL, 239-434-2800OspreyArmel Jewelers, Bay StreetVillage & Town Center, 3976Destination Drive, 34229, FL,941-966-5878Palm BeachProvident Jewelers, 125Worth Ave., 33480, FL,561-833-0550SarasotaArmel Jewelers, St. ArmandsCircle, 22 North Boulevard ofthe Presidents, 34236, FL,941-388-3711St. PetersburgOld Northeast Jewelers, 11314th Street North, 33701, FL,(727) 898-4377TampaOld Northeast Jewelers,Tampa International Plaza Mall,2223 N. West Shore Blvd., Suite171, 33607, FL, 813-875-8899West Palm BeachProvident Jewelers, 331Clematis St., 33401, FL,561-833-7755IOWASioux CityGunderson´s Jewelers,Lakeport Commons, 4830Sergeant Road, 51106, IA,712 255 7229IDAHOKetchumBarry Peterson Jewelers,511 Sun Valley Road, 83340, ID,208-726-5202ILLINOISChicagoLester Lampert, 57 East OakStreet, 60611, IL, 800-228-9436Glen EllynCostello Jewelers, 474 N.Main St., 60137, IL,630-790-3272NapervilleCostello Jewelers, 33 W.Jefferson, 60540, IL,630-355-1311INDIANACarmelMoyer Fine Jewelry,14727 Thatcher Ln, 46032, IN,317-844-9003KANSASLeawoodMazzarese, Parkway Plaza,4850 W. 135th Street, 66224,KS, 800 735 5112MARYLANDAnnapolisLaBelle Cezanne, 186 MainStreet, 21402, MD,410-263-1996MICHIGANBirminghamDarakjian Jewelers, 101Willits Street, 48009, MI,248-356-7140MISSOURIEllisvilleClarkson Jewelers, 1306 C.Clarkson/Clayton Center, 63011,MO, 636-227-2006MISSISSIPPIRidgelandSollberger Watches, Clocks,Jewelry, 1111 Highland ColonyPkwy, 39157, MS, 601-853-1777NEBRASKAOmahaGunderson´s Jewelers,Village Pointe, 17255 DavenportSt., Suite 111, 68118, NE,402 935-6332NEW JERSEYCliffside Parkd´amore jewelers, 731Anderson Avenue, 07010, NJ,201-945-0530Colts NeckJ. 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