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The Union Agreement Says What?! How to get the Job Done without ...

THE UNION AGREEMENTSAYS WHAT?!How to Get the Job Done Without Labor Problems

Types of Agreements Project Labor Agreement Often with a Public Agency or for a large owner Master Labor Agreement Most common Negotiated between a group of employers and union(s) Vertical Agreement Negotiated by an employer with one union for all work Site specific Agreement Negotiated by an employer for a specific project, otherprojects may be done non-union

What do the Agreements Say? Focus for rest of presentation on Southern CaliforniaMaster Labor Agreements Many similarities between crafts Brief review of handout Critical topics you’ll need to know Shift language Subcontracting/jurisdiction Overtime Job Stewards

Business Agents Get to know the Union Business Agent Agent styles vary Labrador Retrievers Border Collies Pit Bulls Cautiously cultivate the relationship

Roundtable DiscussionTravis is a solid “C” grade Operating Engineer. He gets the job donebut none too fast. He doesn’t abuse the equipment but neither is heon top of preventative maintenance. He’s worked for the companyfor about 5 years. He had a problem with being in the seat andready to go on time about every 4 to 6 months. He was verballycounseled about 9 months ago and told if he’s ever late again hewill be fired. He has been on time for the past 9 months butsuddenly is a no show without a call. At 10AM you’ve had enoughand call payroll and ask for his check which is delivered to thejobsite by noon. Travis shows up 10 minutes later looking like hespent the night drinking and asks for you. You’re busy and don’thave time for him and tell your project engineer to give him his checkand send him home as you rush out of the trailer to take care of abroken down crane.

Additional Background A9 months ago you also told the Job Steward about Travis’tardiness and your intent to terminate if he was late againwithout cause. One of the other trusted Operators volunteeredthat Travis had been drinking the night before. You have asystem that tracks attendance for all employees and youterminated a Carpenter a month ago for very similarcircumstances.

Additional Background BYou subsequently find out that Travis’ new baby had a seriousmedical emergency and he had been up all night at thehospital. You hear about it the next day but decide that you’vemade up your mind and this was just the last straw. You’resticking to your decision. He should have called.

Additional Background CThere is another Operator on the job that is a super star. Yes,he has attendance issues from time to time but when he’s thereand on his game, mountains get moved. His equipment is downa lot because he pushes it to the limit and he happens to be afishing buddy but you swear that has nothing to do about theproblem with Travis.

Additional Background DTravis is now Tina who also happens to be a minority. You’reregularly frustrated with her work attendance. No one thingshe does is worse than others on your crew and in your view noone else is regularly late AND a mediocre performer ANDneeds reminders about maintenance AND is a whiner. You’reintimidated about confronting her and don’t generally like tocounsel your people anyway. You have no performance orattendance documentation for her or anyone else.

What should you do?Hire a jobsite lawyer or HR consultant (just kidding)Get to know the Union business agents/stewardDocumentation: laptop files, paper notes, personnel system,daytimers, PM Daily Project Log, Employee Warning NoticeMake notes of outstanding performance, whether good or badInclude others in interviewsUnderstand disparate treatment

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