Too Many Cooks - Associated General Contractors of California
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Too Many Cooks - Associated General Contractors of California

Too Many Cooks” The impact of safetyplanning and regulation from Washingtonon California” OR Risotto without PPE –al dente is NOT a Serious ViolationPrepared by: Robert Fried, PartnerAGC Safety & Health CouncilAnnual Planning WorkshopCerritos • Fresno • Irvine • Pleasanton • Riverside • Sacramento • San Diego

Department of Industrial


DOL – Data Enforcement3

Coming Soon - Heat Index Mobile App4

The National Railroad Construction and MaintenanceAssociationwww.nrcma.org5

Surface Transportation

Claims Journal (

Army Safety Program -

Federal Highway

Federal Aviation Administration

FAA – Airport Safety11

FAA – Part 139 Airport Certification12

American Society of Civil Engineershttp://ascelibrary.org13

Cal. Gov. Code § 8670.23.1http://codes.lp.findlaw.com14

Association of Transportation Law Professionals

Professional Experience• Robert Fried serves as outside general counsel for a broadvariety of employer associations in the construction,manufacturing, restaurant, winery, retail and manufacturingindustries. Robert has been an appointee of two Californiagovernors, sitting on the Transportation Industry Panel ofthe Industrial Welfare Commission of the State of Californiaand the Governor’s Committee on the Employment ofPersons with Disabilities and maintains a national policypractice on state and federal regulatory and safety matters.16

Join Us…• 2012 Employment Law Conference – March 29, 201217


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