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The Coventry Grid Version 2


The Coventry Grid Version

The Coventry Grid Version 2 (Modified Jan 2015)The Coventry Grid is an attempt to summarise thedifferences between the behaviour of children with AutisticSpectrum Disorder and those with significant attachmentproblems. It is based upon clinical work with children ratherthan research.The Coventry ASD vs AttachmentProblems GridDifferences between Autistic SpectrumDisorder (ASD) and attachment problemsbased upon clinical experience is an emerging body of research which is clarifying therange of social and communication difficulties seen inchildren and young people who have experienced earlyadversity (particularly the work of Prof. Sir Michael Rutter;Dr. Helen Minnis; Prof. Jonathan Green; Prof. David Skuse).The Grid is particularly thinking about children with ability inthe mild learning disability to above average range andthose who are interested in connecting with people. It is lessuseful for the more severe learning disability range andthose children who are withdrawn and very avoidant ofsocial contact.This version of the Coventry Grid was added to by aLondon/South of England group of speech & languagetherapists who work in youth justice, and after discussionswith professionals at CPD sessions about particular parts ofthe grid. There are no major revisions but there areadditional descriptors added to some sections and somesmall changes to descriptors.

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