Highways Agency M6toll / M42 Junction Improvement leaflet

Who are carrying out the WorksMidland Expressway Limited are carrying outthis improvement as part of their agreementwith the Highways Agency. Jacobs are theiradvisors. The main contractor is Costain.Further information about these works isavailable at: a question or comment?08457 50 40 30 *email: hours a day, 365 days a yearLive traffic information08700 660 115 * hours a day, 365 days a year*Calls from BT landlines to 0845 numbers will cost no more than 4p per minute andto 0870 numbers no more than 8p per minute, mobile calls usually cost more.M6 Toll / M42Junction ImprovementWaterOltonKingshurstColeshillHallColeshillChelmsley WoodadvisorHighways Agency Publications Code [PR267/07][Publications Group Birmingham B070295]. © Crown copyright 2007.[This is recycled paper containing 75% post consumer waste amd 255 ECF pulp].main contractorFor wider motoring advice visit 2007

What are We DoingHow are We Doing ItKeeping Traffic Moving SafelyWe are widening the two lane southboundM42 to three lanes at Junction 7A. This isthe location where the M42 separates fromthe M6 Toll near to Coleshill. The total lengthof widening is two kilometres (1.2 miles).In addition to adding the extra lane otherworks are necessary, mainly changes tothe advance signing which are mounted ongantries. Four of these gantries have to bereplaced. All of the works will be carried outinside the existing motorway boundary.Why are We Doing ItThis section of motorway suffers from seriouscongestion especially in the mornings, andhas a poor accident record. It has beenmonitored by the Highways Agency, MidlandExpressway Limited (the operator of the M6Toll), their Consultants and the Police, sincethe opening of the M6 Toll. The conclusionfrom the studies carried out as part of themonitoring process established that the twolane section created a bottleneck whichcaused traffi c to back up and resulted indrivers making unsafe manoeuvres withensuing accidents.The existing number of traffi c lanes will bemaintained between the hours of 06.00 and21.00.At times this will be achieved by putting traffi con the hard shoulder.The southbound carriageway will have tobe closed 8 times to take down the existinggantries and erect the new ones.DurationDurationThe works will start in mid-January and fi nishin mid-June 2008.M6 Toll / M42Junction ImprovementLanes will be kept wide enough to allow forpassage of heavy goods vehicles exceptin exceptional circumstances at nights. Avehicle recovery service will be providedwith manned 24 hour CCTV back up. Amandatory 50 mph speed limit will beenforced with the support of average speedcameras, for the safety of motorists and thework force. Advance signing will be providedincluding using the motorway signals.Plenty of notice will be given prior to theovernight closures and the diversionroutes will bewell signed. Thedates of overnightclosures will bechosen to avoiddates of localevents which arelikely to generatea lot of traffi c.© Crown copyright. All rightsreserved Highways Agency100018928 [2007].

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