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October, 2011 - Richland County

SEPTEMBER 2011THE POLL WATCHERVOLUME # 1 ISSUE #1MISCELLANEOUSNOTES & REMINDERSPlace “Vote Here” Signs nearroad where passers-by will seethem and be reminded to vote.Flags should be placed to mark theboundaries of the 100 ft. radius fromthe polling place entrance. Nocampaigning or electioneering isallowed within this area.Observers may be present in each precinct – they must presentform #215 “Certificate of Appointment” to the PJ upon arrivaland be read the oath of officePoll workers do not ask party affiliation in a General17 year old voters may not vote in a GeneralNo cell phones or electronic devices allowed in polling place,except for poll workers, rovers and mediaMedia may enter the polling place if they’re not disruptive to thevoting processWrite-Ins are certified for the City of Ontario onlyYour Rover name and cell numbers will be distributed to the PJon pick-up dayCall 911 if a voter or poll worker becomes ill, or if you have anirate person at your polling location, or other emergencyRevert to creating voter access cards on your encoder if yourElectronic Poll Book fails and contact our office or your RoverimmediatelyProvisionals must be voted on Paper Ballots and placed in grayenvelopeThe Poll Worker signs “ENV” in the EP for a Curbside voterwhich denotes that the voter has signed the Gold EnvelopePoll Workers or Voters may not discuss candidates or issues, orpolitics in general, at the pollsAnyone of their choice may assist a voter, except a candidate,the Voter’s Boss, or their Union Representative. If PollWorkers assist the voter, you must have one worker from eachparty present. If a poll worker’s spouse or other family memberis voting, this poll worker should not assist them unless a pollworker of the opposite party is presentBY LAW, THE COUNTY SHERIFF IS ON CALL FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO THE POLLS ONELECTION DAY„The most important single ingredient in the formula of success isknowing how to get along with people.‟- Theodore Roosevelt

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