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December, 2012 - Richland County

DECEMBER 2012 VOLUME # 1 ISSUE #12Machine & Equipment Problems‣ In order to correct a printing problem or change paper on a TSX, aPoll Worker from each party must be present at the Voting Unit. Or,if a Rover is assisting, one Poll Worker of the opposite party of theRover must be present. We had a report that Poll Workers at aspecific precinct refused to assist the Rover with this procedure afterseveral requests. This is unacceptable.‣ A large number of canisters (approximately 50) were not sealed, orwere sealed improperly. It’s extremely important to seal thesecanisters to have them secured in case of a recount.‣ Many “Zero” reports, which are generated on each TSX unit beforestarting the voting process, were not signed by the Poll Workers.Happy Holidays toyou and yourfamilies from theBoard of ElectionsStaff and BoardMembers‣ Some Closing reports, which are run at the end of voting, were not signed bythe Poll Workers.‣ A couple of precincts did not even print the Closing reports.‣ 58 of the leg hinges were bent and/or damaged upon return. (OurEquipment Supervisor Jim Blank was not happy!)‣ 2 Precincts did not have the Supervisor card in the envelope when returned.10 voter access cards were lost. We still have not located these cards whichare very expensive to replace. Please try to ensure that voters return theiraccess cards to you after voting and be sure to place the supervisor card backinto the envelope.‣ Numerous TSX’s had the power cords wrapped around the back ofthe unit. They should be secured on the side where we can easilyaccess them for intermittent battery charging between Elections.‣ Many Accountability/Chain of Custody forms were not completed, listingthe TSX vote totals, EP totals, etc.‣ Provisional Voters names were not printed on all the Paper Ballot TrackingForms.Only the Presiding Judges and Presiding Assistants will be trained in April 2013 for the May Primary.“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said,but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” Author Unknown

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