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December, 2011 - Richland County

DECEMBER 2011THE POLL WATCHERVOLUME # 1ISSUE #32012 PrimaryPlease let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to work theMarch 6 th Primary Election. It will be a very challenging and busyyear for all of us!Very few changes will be in effect for this Primary. One of the mostsignificant changes is the drastic reduction in the number of partychallenges you will be required to conduct at the polls. A recentDirective from the Secretary of State (Dir. 2011-43) states that theonly challenges to party affiliation should be those of which theelection official has personal knowledge. It also states that thechallenges will be rare, and are not to be just routine challengesbased on prior affiliation. We will review this in more depth at ourtraining classes in February.Recent close races in RichlandCounty emphasize that everyvote DOES count!RICHLAND COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONSBOARD MEMBERSMARK ARNOLD, CHAIRJOSEPH H. MUDRA, VICE-CHAIRCASSANDRA M. STEIN, MEMBERMICHAEL A. CASTO, MEMBERADMINISTRATIONPAULETTE HANKINS, DIRECTORphankins@richlandcountyoh.usBILL FREYTAG, DEPUTY DIRECTORbfreytag@richlandcountyoh.usSTAFFDEBBIE OBENOUR, IT TECHNICAL SUPPORT ELECTION SPECIALIST VANDREW BRINLEY, ELECTION SPECIALIST II, CARRIE HILL, ELECTION SPECIALIST IICentral Committee Candidates who are also Poll Workers may work in their precinct ifthey’re unopposed on the ballot.Please visit the Secretary of State’s Online

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