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Classic, cool blue & white

This simple motif isgreat for learning Fair lsletechniques, or for buildingon basic skillsFair Islegarter StDKweight3½mm4mmClassic,cool blue& whiteHave a Ball!Every month we create a patternusing just 100g of yarn. This month,Amanda Jones’ e-reader case is aperfect traditional and modern knit.

E-reader caseMaterialsYou will needBlacker SwanYarns, FalklandIsland Wool DK(100% pure newwool, 50g/175m)1 ball of each:Yarn A Sky GreyYarn B Dusty MillerA pair of 4mmneedlesA pair of 3½mmneedlesOne buttonFor yarn stockistscontact BlackerYarns 01566 777635www.blackeryarns.co.ukTensionYarn used knits asDK to this tension:22 sts and 28 rowsto measure10x10cm (4x4in)over Fair Isle using4mm needlesAbbreviationsFor a full list seepage 92TipUsing twocolours togethercan change yourtension, so knita swatch beforeyou begin.Nowadays we can’t live without our technology, but thatdoesn’t mean we can’t give it a little bit of softness andwrap it in traditional knitting techniques. This design isthe perfect mix of classic knitting and modern technology, withan on-trend nautical style to bring it right up to date.Designer Amanda Jones says, “This case is knitted using asimple Fair Isle pattern, giving your Kindle or other e-readerscreen double protection. The yarn is a lovely weight that knitsup very quickly, so it’s great for last minute gifts. If you want tomake this pattern for a bigger tablet you simply need to addanother stitch repeat to the width and length.”Start knitting here...BACKCast on 29 sts using 3½mm needlesand yarn A.Change to yarn B.Row 1 (RS) Knit.Row 2 Purl.Row 3 Change to yarn A, knit.Row 4 Knit.Repeat rows 1-4 once more, then repeatrows 1 and 2.Change to 4mm needles.Row 11 K2B *K1B, K4A, K3B, K4A; repfrom *, end K3B (row 11 from the Chart).This sets the position for the patt. Contworking from row 12 of Chart, readingall even number (WS) rows from right toleft and all odd number (RS) rows fromleft to right until you have completed 3full patt reps plus the 1st row again.Change to 3½mm needles.Row 48 (WS) Using yarn B, Purl.Row 49 Knit.Row 50 Change to yarn A, Purl.Row 51 Purl.Rep rows 48-51 twice more.Continue in textured stripe patt as set,dec 1 st at each end of every foll RS rowuntil 19 sts rem.Work 1 row straight using yarn A thencast off purlwise.FRONTWork as for the back until you havecompleted 2 blue textured stripes.Work 2 rows using yarn B.Work 1 row using yarn A then cast offpurlwise using yarn A. Do not breakyarn.SIDE GUSSETSChange to 3½mm needles.Using yarn A, with RS facing, pick upand knit 45 sts down the front side, pickup and knit 29 sts across the cast on edgethen pick up and knit 45 sts to the top ofthe front. [119 sts]Work in garter st throughout:Row 1 (WS) K44, m1, K1, m1, K29, m1,K1, m1, K44. [123 sts]Row 2 K45, m1, K1, m1, K31, m1, K1,m1, K45. [127sts]Row 3 Knit.Row 4 K44, skpo, K1, skpo, K29, skpo,K1, skpo, K44. [123 sts]Row 5 K43, k2tog, K1, k2tog, K27,k2tog, K1, k2tog, K43. [119 sts]Cast off knitwise.Step-by-step slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over1Insert the point of theright-hand needle into thenext stitch as if you were to knit,but slip the stitch off and on to theright-hand needle.2Knit the next stitch asNow insert the left-handnormal. 3 needle into the slipped stitchon the right-hand needle and liftit over the knitted stitch.4Continue knitting until theend of the row. This decreaseforms a slant which lies to theright.

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