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nitalongExCLUSivE:PArT 1Moonlight CushionThis richly textured and beaded cushion by Sarah Hattonshimmers in shades of silver, grey and kingfisher blueKNITALONGS are so enjoyable. Whetherit’s a knitting club all working on thesame project, or knitters in differentplaces following a pattern and sharingtheir experiences, knitalongs are a greatway to learn from one another. Our newproject exclusively for subscribers is awonderful cushion knitalong, designedfor us by Sarah Hatton. Not only willthose who take part create a beautifulcushion, they’ll also be able to getone-to-one advice and tips from Sarahand other participants, via our Ravelrygroup (see details below). This month,we bring you the first part of the pattern,with three more instalments to follow.ParT 1BLoCk 1 (CEnTrE FronT)Thread 148 beads onto yarn A.Using 4mm needles and yarn A, cast on52 sts.Next row (WS): Work across chart row 24,reading stitches from left to right.Next row (RS): Work across chart row 1,reading stitches from right to left.Continue to work as set, until 75 patternrows have been worked in total, endingwith chart row 2 and RS facing for nextrow.Cast off in patt.BLoCkS 2 anD 3 (SIDE CEnTrE FronT)Stripe SequenceRow 1 (RS): Using yarn C, knit.Row 2: Using yarn C, purl.Rows 3 and 4: Using 1 end each of yarnsD and E, knit.Row 5: Using yarn A, knit.Row 6: Using yarn A, purl.Rows 7 and 8: Using 2 ends of yarn B, knit.These 8 rows set stripe sequence.**Using 3.25mm needle and yarn B helddouble, pick up 50 sts along first side ofcentre panel.Row 1 (WS): Knit.Change to 4mm needles and startingwith row 1, work 30 rows in StripeSequence, ending with row 6 and RSfacing for next row.Cast off.Repeat from **, picking up the stitchesalong the second side of the centrepanel. vBLoCkInG DIaGraM - FronTBLoCk 4BLoCk 1BLoCkS 2 & 3BLoCk 2BLoCk 1BLoCk 3KnitalongDo join us and knit along on Ravelry, where Sarah Hattonwill be popping by to offer advice and answer queriesabout the pattern. 5The Knitter 36 Issue 21TKN21.knitalong 103630/6/10 3:40:3 pm

subscriberexclusiveSIZEFinished cushion cover will fita 40cm (16in) cushion pad24222018161412108642Chart50242220181614121086424550454040353530For stockists and abbreviations, see p91chartChart3025252020The blend of luxuriousyarns and beads makesthis cushion shimmer15151051023211917151311975315YarnRowan Puresilk DK (DK weight; 100% silk;125m/50g balls)A Tranquil (156) 2 x 50g ballsRowan Kidsilk Haze (70% kid mohair,30% silk; 210m/25g balls)B Trance (582) 2 x 25g balls23D Smoke (605) 1 x 25g ballRowan Pima 21 Cotton DK (DK weight;100% pima cotton; 130m/50g balls)19C Peppercorn (065) 1 x 50g ballRowan Shimmer 17 (Light 4ply weight; 60%cupro, 40%15polyester; 175m/25g balls)E Titanium (093) 1 x 25g ball13YArn NoTES11Yarn B is used held doubled throughout.1 end each9of yarns D and E are used heldtogether 7throughout.5NEEDLES & ACCESSORIES1 pair 4mm 3 (UK 8/US 6) knitting needlesCable needle (cn)11 pair 3.25mm (UK 10/US 3) knittingneedles1 set 3.25mm (UK 10/US 3) double pointedneedles (DPNs)Debbie Abrahams Beads Size 6Turquoise 1 x 500 bead packSewing needle3 buttons, approx. 200mmTension25 sts and 34 rows to 10cm over Block 1pattern using yarn A and 4mm needles.keyKeyK on RS, P on WSP on RS, K on WSPlace beadSlip next st to cn, hold at backof work, K2, then K1 from cnSlip next 2 sts to cn, hold at frontof work, K1, then K2 from cnSlip next st to cn, hold at backof work, K2, then P1 from cnSlip next 2 sts to cn, hold at frontof work, P1, then K2 from cnSlip next 2 sts to cn, hold at backof work, K1, then K2 from cnSlip next st to cn, hold at frontof work, K2, then K1 from cnSl next 3 sts to cn, hold at backof work, K2 then P1, K2 from cnThe Knitter 37 Issue 21TKN21.knitalong 103730/6/10 3:40:5 pm

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