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ExclusiveSUbScriberONlYKareliaThese cosy lambswool mittens by Barb Brown usetraditional Russian patterning for striking resultsCHARTChart: Mitten60 55KEYKeyYarn AYarn B50KeyYarn A45 40Yarn BK2togSSKNo stitch35KeyYarn AYarn BK2togSSK30 25 20No stitchMake one rightMake one leftCast on a stitchKey KeyYarn Yarn A AYarn Yarn B BK2togSSK SSKNo No stitchMake one one rightMake one one left left15 10 5Cast on a stitchCast on a stitchSmall size size boundary8079787776757473727170696867666564636261605958575655545352515049484746454443424140393837363534333231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321Medium size size boundary“THESE MITTENS are based on a traditionalRussian mitten pattern,” says Barb Brown.“The back of the hand is the original version.The palm is a “what if? - what if some of thecontrast stitches were changed to thebackground colour?”MITTENSWith 3mm needles and yarn B, cast on54 (54:60) sts. Join to work in the round,being careful not to twist sts, and placemarker.Work 27 rnds in (K1, P1) rib.Knit 1 round.Work Border Chart 9 (9:10) times around toend of Border Chart.Knit 1 round in yarn B, inc 2 (6:4) sts.evenly around to 56 (60:64) stsPlace markers for thumb placement oneither side of 2nd st in from beg of rnd forright thumb, and 2 sts before the 2 st yarn Bcentre column for left thumb.Next round: K1 in yarn B (uncharted),work Mitten Chart to thumb marker, workRow 1 of Thumb Chart as folls:M1, K1 in yarn A, (this last stitch waspreviously included in the Mitten Chart.When continuing thumb gusset increases,ignore this stitch column on the MittenChart to keep patt correct), M1, workremainder of Mitten Chart, finishinground with K1 in yarn B (uncharted).Cont as set, working thumb gussetincreases until there are 15 (17:19) sts.between markers.Work 2 additional rnds as set (no furtherincreases on thumb sts to this point).Next round: Work to start of thumb sts,place thumb sts on hold.Cast on 3 sts with yarn B, and complete theround.Next round: Work Mitten Chart to 1 stbefore 3 cast-on sts, SSK, K1, K2tog. 2 stsdecreased. The remaining st from theK2togMake one rightSmall size boundarySSKMake one leftMedium size boundary

subscriberexclusiveSIZETo fit 19 (20:21 ½) cm [7½ (8:8 ½) in]circumference handYARNRennie Handknits Supersoft 4ply(4ply weight; 100% lambswool;246m/269 yds per 50 ball)A Silver Grey (20); 1 x 50g ballB Teal (358); 1 x 50g ballNEEDLES & ACCESSORIES1 set 3mm (UK 11/US 2-3) double pointedneedles2 sets 3mm (UK 11/US 2-3) short circularsor 1 long circular, for your preferredmethod of working in the round3 stitch markersTENSION30 sts and 36 rounds to 10cm in strandedpattern on 3mm needlesFor stockists and abbreviations, see p90cast-on was the one you worked at thecentre of the Thumb, but omitted from theMitten Chart. This st can now be workedfrom the Mitten Chart again.Continue working Mitten Chart to rnd59 (63:67) or until mitten is 2½cm less thantotal desired length. Additional roundshave been provided on the Mitten Chart forknitters with long fingers!SHAPE MITTEN TOPDec rnd: K1 in yarn B, SSK in yarn B, workMitten Chart as set to 2 sts before 2 centralyarn B sts, K2tog in yarn B, K1 in yarn B.Work Mitten Chart pattern as establishedto last 3 sts of rnd, K2tog in yarn B, K1 inyarn B.Repeat dec rnd until 32 sts remain.Knit 1 rnd with yarn B.Divide front and back sts onto 2 needles.Graft sts together using Kitchener stitchand yarn B.THUMBReturn held sts to needles.Next round: Work next round of ThumbChart on the 15 (17:19) sts, using yarn B, pickup 5 sts (3 from the mitten body and 1 in eachcorner. Place marker for start/end of rnd.Next round: Work chart to 6 sts before endof round, using yarn B, SSK, K3, K2tog(using the first st of next round for theK2tog). 18 (20:22) sts.Continue thumb, working Thumb Chart asset until thumb reaches end of thumb nail.Next round: With yarn A, *K1, K2tog to end([to last 2 sts, K2tog]:[to last st, K1]).12 (13:14) sts.Next round: With yarn A, *K1, K2tog to end([to last st, K1]:[to last 2 sts, K2tog]) ,working final dec (dec:st) in yarn B.Thread yarn through remaining 8 (9:9) sts.and pull tight.Sew in ends, wash and block.The back and palmpatterning play withthe same motifchartsChart: Thumb20Chart: Border11109876543215151055049484746454443424140393837363534333231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321The Knitter 41 Issue 51

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