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One PatternThese practical wristwarmers are perfectfor colder days.Kirstie McLeodSimply Knitting’sTechnical Editor1. StylecraftGet pretty in pink andcreate a girly look withApache yarn.Ever wondered what it might be like to make your favouritepattern in a different yarn? Every issue, we take one simpledesign and knit it up using three very different yarns to showhow texture and colour can change the effect of the design.You will need… 1Stylecraft Apache DK, Pink 2 x 50g/112m ballsA pair of 4Vmm needlesYou will need… 2Patons Diploma Gold Lurex DK, Tosca Blue (06256 )2 x 50g/164m balls1 pair 4Vmm needlesYou will need… 3Wendy Wool Prints DK, Rust (694) 1 x 100g/284m ball1 pair 4Vmm needlesFor where to buy, turn to page 96SizeWidth 8in (20cm)Length 10in (26cm)AbbreviationsK knitpatt patternP purlrep repeatKirstie’s Wrist WarmersCast on 41 stitches using 4Vmm needles.Row 1 K2, P1, *K3, P1* rep to last 2 sts, K2.Row 2 P1, *K3, P1* rep to end of row.These 2 rows form the moss stitch rib pattern.Rep the patt until the knitting measures 10in (26cm).Making upWeave in all loose ends. Fold each wrist warmer in halflengthways, right sides facing. Sew up the seam for 6Vin(16.5cm), weave the yarn in for 1Vin (4cm) to make the thumbhole, then sew together the last 1in (2.5cm).You can make the wrist warmers as long or short as you like.If you need to make them wider cast on extra stitches inmultiples of 4 to the original pattern.56 October 2005

3. WendyThis variegated shadeof wool print is perfectfor men.A greatstyle forwomen &men2. PatonsThe metallic thread ofDiploma Lurex givesan almost gothic feel.October 200557

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