Photograph yby Neil Godwin Styling by J o G u lliv er - My Favourite ...

Photography by Neil GodwinStyling by Jo Gulliver

The Big StitchLeft Try using anembroidery needle forthe delicate facialfeatures – it will give youmore control with thesmall stitches60hoursRight Save time bystitching the blackareas first, thenfilling the charcoalgrey in afterwardsMoonlightAdvancedserenadeMaria Diaz’s Art Deco scene will makeyour home the height of eleganceYou will need:Stranded cotton aslisted in the keySize 26 tapestryneedle16 count white aida,40x35cmFinishing touches:Frame with a visualaperture of 29x23cmMill Hill seed beadsfrom FramecraftAfashionable lady reclines on her balcony, overlookinga magical moonlit lake. She’s dressed for dancing andwe guarantee that while you stitch her you’ll betransported to a world of cool jazz and glamorous parties.Delicate lines of metallic thread and gold seed beads givethis design just the right amount of 1920s glitzy charm andthe hint of sparkle really stands out against the Art Decoinspiredblocks of dark grey and black. If you wanted to getreally creative, why not alter the colours of the dress andstole to match the decor in your home?Whole stitches Backstitch Fractional stitchesBeadsMetallic threads

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The Big Stitch3 ways to…frame your design1glass frame for extra glamour?23There are lots of different high street frames that wouldreally enhance this project. Why not opt for a mirrored orA white box frame, similar to the one featured on the cover,would make another simple yet effective alternative.For a more stylised look opt for a narrow black lacqueredframe. It will really set off this design.Step-by-stepBeadingTip Save timeWork the grey coloured backgroundin half cross stitch and save aroundtwo hours stitching time!Our stitcher says…“I love the metallic thread patternsin this design. I chose to work allthe metallic details once the rest ofthe design was complete so thatthey really stood out.” Nina JacksonThread your beading1 needle, or a size 9 or 10embroidery needle, witha single strand of cotton.To strengthen it run it overa tablet of beeswax ora thread conditioner.Reverse offabricSecure your thread on2 the reverse and bringyour needle to the front.Thread on the bead andmake a diagonal half crossstitch over one aida block ortwo evenweave threads.Beads can be added3 singly or in clusters.Keep your thread taut tosecure each bead. Once thisis done, to finish your threadweave it through the reverseof your

Moonlight serenadeDMCAnchor MadeiraCross stitch in two strandsDMCAnchor MadeiraBackstitch in one strand310 403 2400347 1025 0407436 1045 2011437 362 2012632 936 2311760 1022 0812761 024 0404815 043 0513950 4146 23093064 914 23123328 1024 04063712 1023 04053713 1021 05013770 1009 23143799 236 17133817 875 1111DMC Light Effects E3821Tip Unstitched areasAvoid carrying threads across areas thatare left unstitched as trailing threads willcreate shadows on the front of your work.Always try to pass the thread through theback of your stitches instead.310 403 2400all other outlines and details433 371 2008hair, bracelet632 936 2311skin outlinesDMC Light EffectsE3821wrap, backgroundAttach beads with cottonMill Hill seed beads ref00557earringsOur design has been stitched on16 count aidaDesign stitch count157 high x 120 wideDesign area25x19cm (9¾x7½in)Instant expertYour stitching tensionYour stitching tension varies fromday to day, which is especiallynoticeable when working a solidblock of colour such as thecharcoal grey background in thisdesign. Any tension differencesyou have will be far less noticeableif you come to a convenientfinishing point before packingup for the day.Step-by-stepAida fractionalsChange your tapestry needle for an1 embroidery needle and work a quarterstitch to lie diagonally from one corner to thecentre of the aida block as shown on the chart.Make another quarter stitch in the second2 colour from the opposite corner of theaida block and take it down at the samecentral point as your previous stitch.To complete your fractional stitch make3 a half cross stitch in the most prominentcolour. This stitch should lie diagonally acrossyour two quarter

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