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Designer challengeThis month’s designerKirstie McLeodKirstie has been designingknitwear and knittedaccessories for many yearsnow. She’s a craft all-rounderbut knitting is her passion.The challengeWe gave Kirstie 100g of the luxuriously soft RowanKid Classic in Iced Jade, to create a fabulous scarf.Whether you’re a beginner or an oldhand at the art of knitting, you canbe sure of one thing; some of your yarnstash will have gone towards making a scarfor six. We all love to knit scarves becausethey’re quick to make, with usually little orno shaping needed, they’re often in onepiece and are a practical piece of clothingthat you can guarantee will be worn lots.If you’ve browsed around the high streetshops recently, you’ll see that knitted scarvesare a must-have for the winter season.And the accessory that is adorningeverything from bags to coats, andshawls to cardigans is the humblepompon. So, we set Kirstie achallenge to make a scarf thatnot only looks great, but alsoincorporated pompons. And weabsolutely love the result.“Rather than sticking with the usual rib orgarter stitch pattern, I wanted to give thisbeautiful yarn a more interesting pattern,”says Kirstie. “So I chose a stitch that wouldcreate a tweed effect, giving the knittedfabric a raised quality. Gathering the ends ofthe scarf and attaching the pomponsfinished off the scarf nicely.”Being a tweed pattern, you could also knitthis scarf in two different colours for afantastic finish. Knit rows 1 and 2 in onecolour, then rows 3 and 4 in a contrast shade.There are 14 pretty shades in the Rowan KidClassic range, so you’ll definitely find twothat will blend well together. You could evenmake the pompons in two different coloursfor a great effect. So go on, make anotherscarf – you could finish it in an evening!Makehigh streetfashion!Each issue we ask a designer for an itemthat uses just 100g of yarn. This month,Kirstie McLeod created this fab scarf.44 February 2006

Designer challengePatternYou will need…Rowan Kid ClassicIced Jade (848)2 x 50g/140m ballsA pair of 5mm needlesCard for making pomponsinfoFor where to buy, turn to page 96Textured stitches addinterest and are great forcreating shading effects.20 stitchesTensionsquare[4x4in]Abbreviations24 rowsTensionYarn used knits as chunky to this tension:20 sts and 24 rows to measure 4x4in(10x10cm) over the pattern using 5mmneedles.Pompon scarfStart knitting here…Pompons(Make 2)Note: Make the pompons first, then you won’thave to judge how much yarn to leave aftermaking the scarf.Making upSew the loose ends in along the cast on and castoff edges and gather them into a point. Sew thepompons to the ends of the scarf.approxapproximatelyK knitP purlrep repeatst(s) stitch(es)sl 1 slip 1 stitch on toright-hand needleyb yarn to back ofwork throughneedlesyf yarn to front ofwork throughneedlesCut the card into two circles, each with adiameter of 2in (5cm) and a 1in (2.5cm) hole inthe middle. Make 2 pompons. Leave the long endto attach to the scarf, and trim the pompon.ScarfNote: Slip all stitches purlwise.Cast on 23 sts using 5Vmm needles.Row 1 P1, yb, sl 1,yf, * P3, yb,sl 1, yf * to last st, P1.Row 2 K1, sl 1, * K3, sl 1, rep from * to last st, K1.Row 3 P3, * yb, sl 1, yf, P3, rep from * to end.Row 4 K3, * sl 1, K3 rep from * to end.These 4 rows form the pattern. Continueuntil you have enough yarn left to castoff (approx 60in, 150cm).Cast off.Choose from 14 shades in theRowan kid classic range.The fluffy pomponsgive your scarf a funkyand fashionable finish.February 200645

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