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Subscriber exclusive Mystery Cushion - My Favourite Magazines

MYSTERYCUSHIONOur new cushion club, exclusively forsubscribers, begins this month!WE’RE DELIGHTED to welcomesubscribers to the first instalment ofour mystery cushion club, designed byDebbie Abrahams. Over the next fourissues, we’ll bring you the patterns to knitdifferent sections of the cushion, andreveal how each piece fits together inIssue Eight to create a beautiful result.The yarn, needles and equipmentrequirements listed here are all you’llneed to complete the whole project.The front is knitted in nine blocks thatare pieced together to create one piece,while the back is knitted in two halveswith an upper back panel and a lowerback panel. The cushion cover is fastenedby seven buttons across the back.FRONT PANELBlock 1Thread 22 pearl beads onto yarn A.Cut yarn F into 23 lengths measuringapprox 40cm (16in) each (these will beused to knit the contrast colour bobbles).Cast on 41 sts using 3mm needles andyarn A.Cont to use yarn A throughout and yarn Ffor the bobbles.EXCLUSIVE:PART 1Row 1 (RS): K8, (P1, K7) 3 times, P1, K8.Row 2 (WS): P8, (K1, P7) 3 times, K1, P8.Rows 3-10: Work chart rows 1-8, rep the16 st patt rep twice across each row,as indicated.Rows 11-34: Rep chart rows 1-8, 3 times.Rows 35-40: Rep chart rows 1-6.Cast off sts with RS facing towards you.FRONT PANELBlock 2With RS facing and using 3mm DPNs andyarn G, pick up and knit 39 sts along thecast-off edge of block 1. This is the first rowcompleted.Row 2 (WS): Yarn G, P.Row 3 (RS): Yarn G, K1, (P1, K1) to endof row.Row 4: Yarn G, P.Rows 5-9: Using the Fair Isle technique,work chart rows 1-5. Rep the 4 st patt rep8 times across each row as indicated on thechart, changing to 3.25mm needles forchart rows 2-4, and then back to 3mmneedles for chart row 5.*Push sts to the other end of the needle sothat the RS of the work is facing towardsyou again.Row 10 (RS): Yarn G, K.Row 11 (WS): Yarn G, P.Row 12: Yarn G, K1, (P1, K1) to end of row.Row 13: Yarn G, purl.Rows 14-18: Rep rows 5-9 including theneedle size changes, and ending witha RS row.*Rows 19-36: Rep from * to * twice.Push sts to the other end of the needle sothat the RS of the work is facing towardsyou again.Rows 37-40: Rep rows 10-13.Cast off sts with RS facing towards you.FRONT PANELBlock 3Thread 50 blue beads onto yarn C.With RS facing and using 3.25mm needlesand a long tail of yarn C (still attached tothe ball, leaving the ball at the start of thecast-on), pick up and knit 41 sts along thecast-off edge of block 2. Slip the sts backonto the other needle so that the RS of thework is facing you for row 1 of the pattern.Row 1 (RS) (increase): P2, [(inc once intoeach of next 2 sts, P1), twice, K1, P1] 4times, (inc once into each of next 2 sts, P1),twice, P1 (61 sts).Row 2 (WS): K2, [(P4, K1) twice, P1, K1)4 times, (P4, K1) twice, K1.Rows 3-6: Work chart rows 1-4, rep the12 st patt rep 4 times across each row,as indicated.Rows 7-38: Rep chart rows 1-4, 8 times.Rows 39-41: Rep chart rows 1-3.Row 42 (decrease): K2, [(P2tog twice, K1)twice, P1, K1] 4 times, (P2tog twice, K1)twice, K1 (41 sts).Cast off sts with RS facing towards you.FRONT PANELBlock 7Thread 50 blue beads onto yarn C.Cast on 41 sts using 3.25mm needles andyarn C.Work as for block 3 from row 1. vBlock 1 Block 2 Blocks 3 & 7The KnitterIssue FiveTKN05.mystery 10409/4/09 4:43:34 pm

Subscriber exclusive Mystery Cushion321YARNRowan Cotton Glace(100% cotton, 50g/115m balls)A Candy Floss (747) 2 x 50g ballsB Oyster (730) 1 x 50g ballC Chalk (827) 2 x 50g ballsD Ecru (725) 1 x 50g ballE Heather (828) 2 x 50g ballsRowan Classic Pure Silk DK(100% silk, 50g/125m balls)F Mist (155) 1 x 50g ballG Bone (151) 1 x 50g ball654SIZEThe finished cushion cover will hold a35cm x 45cm (14in x 18in) cushion insert.Each front panel block measures approx.14½cm x 11cm (5¾in x 4¼in).987NEEDLES1 pair 2.75mm (size 12/US 2) needles1 pair 3mm (size 11/US 2-3) needles1 pair 3.25mm (size 10/US 3) needlesSet of 3mm (size 11/US 2-3) double-pointedneedles (DPNs)Cable needleACCESSORIESSewing-up needle (blunt-ended)Fine sewing needleSewing threadBlue seed beads (size 6) x 100Pearl beads (size 6) x 215Shell small-size round buttons x 8(for decoration)Shell medium-size round buttons x 7(for fastening)TENSION25 sts and 35 rows to 10cm over stocking stitchusing Cotton Glace and 3mm needlesABBREVIATIONSC3B (RS): Slip next 2 sts onto cable needle andhold at back, K1 from left-hand needle then K2from cable needle.C4B (RS): Slip next 2 sts onto cable needle andhold at back, K2 from left-hand needle then K2from cable needle.C4F (RS): Slip next 2 sts onto cable needleand hold at front, K2 from left-hand needlethen K2 from cable needle.Make bobble (WS): Slip next stitch (in Mist)onto right-hand needle, turn work so thatthe right side is facing you, then knit intothe front, back, front, back of this stitchmaking 4 stitches, turn work again, P4, turnwork again and K4, then pass the 2nd, 3rdand 4th stitches off over the first of thesestitches. Pull firmly on the yarns for thebobble, turn work again so that the wrongside is facing you, and slip the stitch for thebobble onto the right-hand needle. Pushthe bobble to the right side of the work andhold it there firmly as you continue to workthe next stitch on the chart. When the blockis completed tie the loose ends from eachbobble together tightly and cut them off.Place bead: Take yarn between needles tothe other side of the work, slide a bead upthe yarn so that it is sitting close to theneedle, slip the next stitch purlwise, takethe yarn between the needles again so thatit is back to where it started.CHARTSFront panel - Block 18 b o p o b76ooOoYoO o OoYoO o OoYoO 54 p o b o p32ooOoYoO o OoYoO o OoYoO 1Front panel - Blocks 3 & 742oo o o o o oooo b o\o b oo 3oo o o o o oooo o o\o o oo 112 st rpt16 st rptBlock 1 keyA Candy Floss, K on RS, P on WSo A Candy Floss, P on RS, K on WSO A Candy Floss, yoY A Candy Floss, P3togF Mist, K on RSBlock 2 keyFront panel - Block 2424strpt531Blocks 3 & 7 keyC Chalk, K on RS, P on WSo C Chalk, P on RS, K on WSC Chalk, C4BA Candy Floss, C3BG Bone, K on RS, P on WSC Chalk, C4FpF Mist, make bobbleF Mist, K on RS, P on WS\C Chalk, with yarn at back, SL1 purlwisebA Candy Floss, place beadE Heather, K on RS, P on WSbC Chalk, place beadThe Knitter 41 Issue FiveTKN05.mystery 10419/4/09 4:43:40 pm

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