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EXCLUSIVE:PART 4MYSTERY CUSHIONDebbie Abrahams presents the final part of her secondpattern, for subscribers only. Complete the design and followthe finishing instructions to make a stunning accessoryKEYYarn A, Red, K on RS, P on WSYarn C, Black, K on RS, P on WSK on RS, P on WS in Contrast for bobble (as plan)b Make bobble in Contrast (as bobble plan)b Yarn A, Red, make bobbleb Yarn B, Green, make bobbleb Yarn E, Blue, make bobbleb Yarn F, Yellow, make bobbleCHART Upper Back Panel222018b161412108b6422115 10b521191715131197531Upper Back Panel bobble planb b b b bb b b b b bb b b b bb b b b b bIf you missed the first parts of our cushion pattern,please email, typing‘Mystery Cushion Club’ in the subject line andproviding your subscriber number, name andpostcode. You will then be sent the other instalments.14 st patt repeatTKN12.mystery 104823/10/09 11:36:36 am

Subscriber exclusive Mystery CushionREVEALED! THE FINAL part of DebbieAbrahams’ mystery cushion pattern,exclusively for The Knitter subscribers.Here are the details for the upper panel ofthe cushion back, and materials requiredfor the whole project. Debbie’s next fabcushion design starts next month!UPPER BACK PANELBegin by cutting the following yarns intolengths measuring approx 40cm (16in)each (these will be used to knit the contrastcolour bobbles):Yarn A: 5 lengthsYarn E: 5 lengthsYarn B: 6 lengthsYarn F: 6 lengthsCast on 77 sts using 4mm needles in yarn C.Knit 2 rows using yarn C. Knit 2 rows usingyarn E. Knit 4 rows using yarn C. Knit 2rows using yarn E. Knit 4 rows in yarn C.Change to 4.5 mm needles.Rows 1-22 (RS): Using the intarsiatechnique and beg with a RS row and row 1of the chart for upper back panel, workchart rows 1-22, rep the 14 st patt rep 5times across each row, and knitting in thecontrast colour bobbles, as indicated.Rows 23-44: Rep chart rows 1-24, knittingin the contrast colour bobbles, as given.Change to 4 mm needles.Rows 45-48: Using yarn C, knit.Cast off sts using yarn C with RS facingtowards you.MAKING UPGently block the panels to measurements.Ensuring that they are in the correct order,sew tog the 3 vertical panels (9 blocks) tocreate one block for the front panel.Sew the cast-off edge of the front panel tothe cast-off edge of the upper back panel.Sew the cast-on edge of the front panel tothe cast-on edge of the lower back panel.Mark the middle of the front panel alongeach selvedge edge and sew the side seamsof the upper back panel to the side seams ofthe front panel, ensuring that the cast-onedge of the upper back panel meets themarkers on the front panel.Sew the side seams of the lower back panelto the side seams of the front panel,ensuring that the marker on row 56 of theback panel is in line with the markedpoints on the front panel. Tuck the top(cast-off) edge of the lower back panelunder the upper back panel, and sewneatly into place.Using the photo as a guide, sew 6 froggingsto fasten the back panels together. vYARNRowan Summer Tweed (70% silk, 30%cotton, 50g/108m hanks)A Summer Berry (537) 2 x 50g hanksRowan Felted Tweed (50% merino, 25%alpaca, 25% viscose, 50g/175m balls)B Pine (158) 2 x 50g ballsRowan Cashsoft Aran (57% extra finemerino, 33% acrylic microfibre, 10%cashmere, 50g/87m balls)C Black (011) 2 x 50g ballRowan Lurex Shimmer (60% cupro, 40%polyester, 25g/175m balls)C Jet (095) 1 x 25g ballRowan Cashsoft DK (57% extra fine merino,33% acrylic microfibre, 10% cashmere,50g/130m balls)D Cashew (522) 1 x 50g ballE Blue Jacket (535) 1 x 50g ballRowan Kidsilk Haze (70% super kid mohair,30% silk, 25g/210m balls)D Putty (626) 1 x 25g ballE Trance (582) 1 x 25g ballSmall quantity of chunky yarnF YellowYARN NOTESB Green - used doubled throughoutC Black - hold one strand of each togetherD Old Gold - hold 1 strand of Cashsoft DKwith 2 strands of Kidsilk Haze throughoutE Blue - hold 1 strand of Cashsoft DK with 2strands of Kidsilk Haze throughoutSIZEThe finished cushion cover will hold a40cm x 40cm (16in x 16in) cushion insert.Each front panel block measures approx13cm x 13cm (5in x 5in).Upper back panel measures approx 39cmx 21½cm (15½in x 8½in).NEEDLES1 pair 5mm (size 6/US 8) needles1 pair 4.5mm (size 7/US 7) needles1 pair 4mm (size 8/US 6) needlesCable needle (cn)ACCESSORIESSewing-up needle (blunt ended)Fine sewing needle and sewing threadRed seed beads (5mm) x 50 from ref SB5, colour 7Red frogging x 6 (for fastening) fromDuttons for ButtonsTENSION18 sts and 24 rows to 10cm measuredover stocking stitch using 4.5mm needlesSPECIAL ABBREVIATIONSMake bobble (RS): *Knit into the front,back, front, back of the next st making 4sts, turn work, purl these 4 sts, turn workagain and knit these 4 sts, then pass the2nd, 3rd and 4th sts off over the first ofthese sts. Pull firmly on the yarns for thebobble,* and then, making sure thebobble is pushed to the right side of thework, continue to work the next st on thechart. When the block is completed tiethe loose ends from each bobble togethertightly and cut them off.Make bobble (WS): Slip next st (in contrastcolour for bobble) onto RH needle, turnwork so that RS is facing, work from * to *as above. Turn work again so that WS isfacing, and slip st for bobble onto RH needle.Push the bobble to RS of work and hold itthere firmly as you continue to work thenext st on the chart. When the block iscompleted tie the loose ends from eachbobble together tightly and cut them off.TKN12.mystery 104923/10/09 11:36:37 am

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