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Home“A chanceto discoverhow easy itis to learn astylish newstitch”ClassyCashmereBy Kirstie McLeodJune 200569

HomePatternYou will need…4 (6) x 50g/90mballsinfoDebbie BlissCashmerino Aran,Cranberry (Plum)1 pair 5mm needles1 large cable needle1 large eyed sewing needleCushion or stuffing12 (10) in, 30.5 (25)cm zip (optional)For where to buy, turn to page 9618 stitchesTensionsquare[4in 2 ]24 rowsTension18 sts and 24 rows to measure 4in (10cm)square in st st using 5mm needles.Sizing colour keySo you can re-use this pattern againand again, we’ve colour-coded thesizing instructions as follows (see keybelow). Simply follow the relevantcolour-coded measurements andyou’re off.Square 12x12inRectangle 16x10inAbbreviationsC8F Slip next 4 stitches. Knit the 4stitches on to cable stitches from theneedle and hold at cable needle.the front of yourK knitknitting, knit next 4stitches. Knit the 4 meas measuresstitches from theP purlcable needle.rep repeatC8B Slip next 4stitches on to cable sts stitchesneedle and hold atst st stocking stitchthe back of yourknitting, knit next 4Classy CashmereAdd a touch of style to your interior with thesesimple yet effective cushion covers.Why not take a leaf out of the books of topinterior designers and add a little knitting toyour scheme? More and more designers are includingknitted elements, and accessories with pronouncedtextures can work superbly well on a larger scale. Andwhat’s more, it’s really easy for you to do.These stylish cabled covers are perfect tosoften up lines, and because there are somany different shades of yarn, youwon’t have trouble matching them toyour colour palette.Knitted using a simple plait effectcable pattern in an aran weight yarn,these cushions will not only knit upvery quickly, you’ll also get to gripswith a new stitch. So go on, take theplunge and have a go! You’ve got noexcuse now that you have the free cableneedles that came with this issue of Simply Knitting.Expand your skillsIf you like the look that you’ve created, knit 25 of thesquare cushion fronts in different colours and stitchthem together for a fantastic throw. Have fun withdifferent cables, too – you can find more patterns totry on page 78..MeasurementsCushion sizeincmYarn Weight ShadeKNITTIPWe’ve used DebbieBliss Aran, but if youcan’t get hold of it,another aranwill work.Start knitting here…FrontCast on 78 (108) sts using 5mm needles.Row 1 P3 *K12, P3* rep to end of row.Row 2 K3 *P12, K3* rep to end of row.Row 3 P3 *C8F, K4, P3* rep to end of row.Row 4 K3 *P12, K3* rep to end of row.Row 5 P3 *K12, P3* rep to endof row.Row 6 K3 *P12, K3* rep to end ofrow.Row 7 P3 *K12, P3* rep toend of row.Row 8 K3 *P12, K3* rep to endof row.Row 9 P3 * K4, C8B, P3* rep to endof row.Row 10 K3 *P12, K3* rep to end of row.Row 11 P3 *K12, P3* rep to end of row.Row 12 K3 *P12, K3* rep to end of row.These 12 rows form the pattern.Rep these rows until the knitting meas 12 (16)in,30.5 (40.5)cm.Cast off.Squarecushion12x1230.5x30.5Just two of the greatshades from the DebbieBliss Aran range.Rectanglecushion16x1040.5x25DB Cashmerino Aran 50g 300602 4 -DB Cashmerino Aran 50g 300617 - 670 June 2005

HomeHow to…Cable a plait effectThis is just one pattern that can beachieved with a cable needle.1C8F: purl to where the pattern starts,then slip 4 sts onto a cable needle.2Hold the cable needle at the front ofyour knitting and knit the next 4 sts.The plait of the cable stitch feelsgreat to touch, and adds an extratexture to your room’s design.BackCast on 54 (72) sts using 5mm needles.Row 1 Knit.Row 2 Purl.Cont in st st until the knitting meas 12 (16)in,30.5 (40.5)cm.Cast off.Making upWeave in ends.Lightly press the back and pin together the 2pieces of knitting right sides facing. Sew upthree of the sides.Turn your knitting the right way out and put thecushion pad or stuffing inside.Slip stitch the open edge, or you could add a zipif you prefer.3Knit the sts from the cable needle.Don’t twist them. Purl to next cable.With square and rectangledesigns in this pattern, thecushions will suit any sofa.Makethis in aweek!4C8B – as step 1 but hold the cableneedle at the back of the knitting.5Knit the next 4 stitches then the onesfrom the cable needle. Now continue pattern.June 200571

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