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ReviewThis may look like some kind of retail park, butwe reckon shopping there might be hazardousAs World of Warcraft is to MMOGs,C&C3 is to RTS: a distillation of whatthe genre is all about, with every roughcorner polished to a high shine.Beautifully presented and smoothlyexecuted, its quite a joy for the RTSlover. And crucially, its bally good fun.The land of NodSo its a few years after Kane, chromedomeddictator of the Nod forces, wassupposedly killed when GDI levelled histemple. But like a morning-after curryguff, hes risen again to trouble the boysin blue. The worlds a different placethough; Tiberium has spread across theglobe, leaving large tracts of humanBattle of the super guns!THE SCRIN MOTHERSHIP At the top of the insectyScrin’s tech tree is this huge floating doom disc. Itfloats slowly over the battlefield, and itsIndependence Day cannon can level any building.habitation incapable of supporting life.GDI controls the Blue Zones – clean,prosperous and civilised. Nod inhabitsthe Yellow Zones – areas under threatfrom Tiberium. The Red Zones,meanwhile, are the ecologicalequivalents of Chatsworth Estate. TheBrotherhood is working with Tiberium todevelop new technologies based aroundthe toxic mineral however, technologieswhich come into play as battlefield unitsand upgrades.The story plays out not only throughthe missions in the two campaigns, butalso through good old interstitial FMVsequences. And theyre peopled with anall-star cast. Youll recognise faces fromAbove The first dayof the IKEA summersale was always onthe feisty sideTHE GDI ION CANNON Target an area, and a numberof spiralling beams coalesce into a single hooninggreat beam of light. You even see chunks of earthrising from the ground, Manga-style. Ace.Dropping some high-yield ordnance on thisfrom afar made PCF scribe Al a happy manLost, Battlestar Galactica, and MichaelIronside puts in a welcome appearanceas the GDI Commander-in-Chief. Its allvery old-school, but welcome in acomforting way.General improvementOut on the battlefield, the resemblanceto C&C: Generals is fairly uncanny.Thats because the game is built on thesame engine, albeit with an appreciablenumber of visual tweaks. Some of theeffects are pretty natty though, such asthe light-refracting cloaked Nod StealthTanks, and the way heat haze pours outof aircraft engines and flame weapons.The splodes are enjoyably incandescent,and the units themselves looktremendous – particularly the GDIartillery mechs.And the mechanics are precisely asyoud expect from a C&C game – its agiant series of rock-paper-scissors“The in-gameexplosions areenjoyablyincandescent“56 May 2007PCF200.play_rev1 56 20/3/07 12:37:20

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium WarsNOD TO THE PASTTiberium Wars is full tothe silo-brim of oldCommand & Conquerfavourites. If youve everplayed any of the earliergames youll instantlyrecognise these stalwarts.1 Mammoth Tanks havebeen around in one form oranother since, well, Dune IIif were honest. 2 Thechicken-like Juggernautartillery pieces might looklike the Borgs Christmasdinner but theyre proven.3 Even the command paneon the right hasnt reallychanged since Red Alert.132Above Withoutdefences, your baseswill be vulnerable.Stocking up on longrangeweapons is agood plan2ND OPINIONGotta say, it justseems like more ofthe same to me.There may be somebeautiful newfreako units, butessentially its still acase of maxing yourtech tree andmassing troops fora tank rush. Orweird-ass mutantrush, as the casemay be. Having saidthat though, I didlove the return ofthe FMV cutscenes,especially witheveryonesfavourite Cylon,Grace Park.Dave JamesSome people off the tellywho wed recognise if wedidnt work day and night tobring you this magazinefeature in the gameconundrums, only with high-techbattlefield units. Later on in thecampaigns, a new race drops out ofspace to join the fun: the insect-likeScrin. Its a cheap-and-easy way to addan interesting streak to a long campaign,but as a fighting force, they balancesurprisingly well with GDIs guns-andarmourethos and Nods tech wizardry.Their tactics can be very effective inskirmish and multiplayer games – andwhile were on the subject, this isprobably C&C3s greatest strength. Thearmies have been balanced with greatfinesse, and its good, easy multiplayerfun. Its not a job of work to take yourbattles online and I expect fully rammedservers in the very near future.Double-click for victoryTheres little to surprise here but, for theRTS buff, theres much to enjoy here. Itoffers simple thrills, and youll knowexactly what youre doing from the off.By the same token, theres barely ashred of original thought in the game.Also sadly missed are unit-facing andformation commands. All of whichreinforces EAs reputation as the brandcentricgames farm it is. Who said thetank rush is dead? Prepare to party likeits 1995, all over again. ¤ Al BickhamTech ExplodedScreen real-estate is what mattersin an RTS like this. It’s a finelookinggame and deserves a greatpanel. For the majority of oursingle-player experience we foundthe Dell 3007 WFP to be an idealcompanion for C&C. It’s crisp andbright andmoreimportantly,it’s bloomin’huge. Greatfor seeing allthe carnagein suitablyhigh detail.Needs 2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 128MB DX 9c cardWants 2.6GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 512MB DX 9c cardGreat visualsAdrenalised RTSismBig splodes! W00tings! Old-school mechanicsZero innovation evident, but81greased eel-slickpresentation and explosive,ripping action go a long wayto make up for itMay 2007 57PCF200.play_rev1 57 20/3/07 12:37:23

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