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Home Concepts April 2011-Paris Apartment by Robert Couturier.pdf

PARISPARISParisianPanacheInterior designer extraordinaire Robert Couturier’s puts adecorative, artsy spin on a French-style apartmentTEXT Michele Koh88 home conceptshome concepts 89

PARISPARIS92 home conceptshome concepts 93

PARISPARISThe overall effect looks likea modern-day interpretationof French Queen Marie-Antoinette’s waiting roomIn the living room, antique gilded armchairs are positioned close toa modern looking red, yellow and orange sofa set. Chinese vasesand a Thai statue in the lobby area give the apartment an exoticOriental touch while modern artworks add a dash of fashionablechic. The overall effect is a bright and vivacious home verymuch like a modern-day interpretation of French Queen Marie-Antoinette’s waiting room. The combination of classical Frenchfurnishing and eclectic contemporary accessories, adds an alluringquality where the old and new meet in perfect harmony.94 home conceptshome concepts 95

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