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A Mod Mod World - Robert Couturier

trademark flair for luxuryWhen Robert Couturierbegan designing the interior of an apartment in amidtown Manhattan skyscraper, his client expressedone primary desire. “She wanted somethingultracontemporary, because she had doneeverything else,” Couturier says. The Polish businessman’swife had previously overseen the designof a number of the family’s other homes in Europe.“They have incredibly beautiful houses,” says Couturier.“They have one in Warsaw, another by a lakein the Polish countryside, a place in Geneva, a placein Sardinia, and a boat. Each reflects a different sideof her personality.”But the client envisioned her Manhattan home as“the modern one,” he says. A mutual friend put herin touch with Couturier. While the decorator isknown as a master of mixing periods and styles, hewas thrilled to push his work in a new direction.“Although what I usually do is very different fromwhat she wanted, she recognized that I have a demandingeye and a knowledge of design,” he says. “Ialways love and welcome a challenge. There isnothing more boring than repeating oneself overand over again.” Couturier drew much of his inspirationfrom the personal style of the client herself.“There is something simple yet incredibly sophisticatedabout her that I felt immediately at easewith and that I wanted to translate into her home,”he explains.The client and her husband visit New York onlyoccasionally, notes Couturier, and had one otherwish. Their daughter is attending college in theU.S., and they use New York as a meeting place.The 4,500-square-foot space needed to incorporateboth an appropriately chic apartment for thevisiting parents and a separate suite for the daughter.Beyond those basic requirements, the clientgave Couturier full creative license.Stepping through the apartment’s entrance, it’s immediatelyapparent that Couturier has delivered,elledecor.com 185

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