A Mod Mod World

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A Mod Mod World - Robert Couturier

with great zeal, on his client’s request for a contemporarylook. Pristine white walls, light wood flooring,and reflective surfaces set off a dramaticcollection of cutting-edge art, before giving way toa wall of sunny windows overlooking Central Parkand the Upper East Side. But the design isn’t onlyabout providing a singular, breathtaking moment.Making the most of the apartment’s unconventionallayout—its diagonal walls and corners that terminateat odd angles—Couturier designed aninterior that slowly reveals itself, with frequentshifts in color, texture, and mood.The main living space, which is defined by a skeletalfloor-to-ceiling ceramic screen designed byPeter Lane, has the cool, open feel of a gallery. WhenCouturier first met his client, he recalls, “She wasdressed all in white, with a blond bob and not onehair out of place.” He wanted the apartment’s publicspaces to reflect her “very controlled look,” he says.Of course, any decent gallery needs stunningworks—in this case, it’s a museum-worthy selectionof contemporary furnishings, including limitededitionpieces by Aranda/Lasch, Joris Laarman,elledecor.com 187

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