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Wastewater - Waikato District Council

WastewaterReticulationConnection feesThe term „at cost‟ means the property owner or developer is liable for the total cost of constructing theconnection to the council main and is also responsible for the physical work in providing the connection. It isexpected that the client‟s contractor will complete the connection to the service at the time that site worksare carried out and will charge the client directly. The work must be done to the council‟s standards, asspecified in the Hamilton City Development Manual – Waikato District Addendum and will be inspected aspart of the subdivision or building consent inspection.Disconnection feesWhen a building is demolished or removed from a serviced site then a disconnection fee shall be payable tothe council for the existing wastewater connection to be capped and the utilities information recorded on thecouncil‟s „as-built‟ plans.DescriptionConnection feeIn all areas all costs areborne by the propertyowner and stormwatersystems are installed bythe property owner‟scontractors to thecouncil‟s standards.Rangiriri – for schemeinstalled in 2008 (Capitalcontribution additional toboundary connectioncosts).Taupiri – for schemeinstalled in 2007 (Capitalcontribution additional toboundary connectioncosts).Meremere (Capitalcontribution additional toboundary connectioncosts).Tauwhare Pa (Capitalcontribution additional toboundary connectioncosts).Te Ohaki Road (Capitalcontribution additional toboundary connectioncosts).Charge2012/2013$Charge2013/2014$Charge2014/2015$At cost At cost At cost3,031 3,116 3,1912,731 2,807 2,875916 942 9645,617 5,774 5,9132,397 2,464 2,52355

DisposalDescriptionSpringhill corrections facilityMinimum chargeequivalent to 36,500m 3 ofwastewater discharge perannumDischarge above36,500m 3 per annumDisconnection feeHouse removal ordemolitionCharge2012/2013$Charge2013/2014$Charge2014/2015$7.30 7.60 7.881.72 1.79 1.86263 274 284Trade wasteAny users placing a large demand on the treatment and reticulation system may be charged a fair share of thecosts. Any business or industry that discharges liquid waste in the council‟s wastewater system may need toobtain a trade waste consent from the council. Any „permitted‟ and conditional‟ consents relate to the typesof trade waste that these businesses produce.For Tuakau and Pokeno trade waste please refer to the Franklin District Council Trade Waste Bylaw 2007(amended May 2010). For all other areas please refer to the Waikato District Council Trade Waste Bylaw2008.DescriptionCharge2012/2013$Disposal of septic tank cleaningsHuntly wastewaterseptage facility disposalCharge2013/2014$Charge2014/2015$17.80 18.52 19.22ConsentsApplication – all areas 105 109 113Conditional consent935 973 1,010annual charge for all areasInspection charge – allareas165 172 1780.65 0.67Quantity charge rates for conditional dischargeTuakau and Pokeno:Daily flow volume0.62$ per m 3Suspended solidstreatment $ per kg1.17 1.22 1.2656

DescriptionCharge2012/2013$Quantity charge rates for conditional dischargeTuakau and Pokeno:Total kjeldahl nitrogentreatment $ per kgCharge2013/2014$Charge2014/2015$6.29 6.55 6.80Chemical oxygen demand0.52 0.54 0.56(COD) $ per m 3All other areas:Daily flow volume0.94 0.98 1.01$ per m 3Suspend solids treatment0.63 0.66 0.68$ per kgBiochemical oxygendemand treatment0.75 0.78 0.81$ per kgTotal phosphorus4.45 4.63 4.81$ per kgTotal kjeldahl nitrogentreatment $ per kg for:0.72 0.75 0.7857

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