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A particular take on property ISSUE ONE - Strutt & Parker

A particular take on propertyISSUE ONEWelcometo &Shrewsbury, a magazine showcasinglocal properties and giving you a taste ofthe area. Strutt & Parker is one of the mostdiverse property businesses in the UK, andthe Shrewsbury office is a focal point forthe wide range of departments and serviceswe offer. The residential team specialisesin selling a variety of properties acrossShrewsbury and the surrounding townsand villages, while Strutt & Parker alsoprovides unrivalled expertise in farming,land management, commercial property,planning and development.Read on to find out morePage 03 Insight: Strutt & Parkerdiscusses the local marketPage 04 First & foremost: the hottestproperties and local highlightsPage 06 Portfolio: property showcasePage 08 Trends & analysis: expertoverview of the national marketPage 09 Why Strutt & Parker?Page 10 Why we love Shrewsbury:locals reveal why there’s noplace like homePage 11 Find us: local centre highlightsPublished on behalf of Strutt & Parker by Sundaysundaypublishing.com. All information and pricingcorrect at time of going to press.02 &Shrewsbury

Kevin Boulton, Partner, explains how our Shrewsbury office bringsa wealth of experience to the town’s robust property marketphotography (cover and this page) Howard Simmons‘Situated in the heart of beautiful Shropshire on thebanks of the meandering River Severn, Shrewsburyrightly enjoys a reputation as a fantastic place to live,work and play. Throughout this wonderful countytown there is a huge sense of community and identity.‘The beating heart of Shrewsbury is an exceptional groupof educational institutions, both in the state and the privatesectors. Shrewsbury School, with its fine heritage andoutstanding reputation for rowing, the arts and sports aswell as academic excellence, sits above the town in theextremely popular Kingsland area, which has many of thefinest houses in Shrewsbury.‘The town is steeped in history. The site of Shrewsbury Battle(a War of the Roses altercation in 1403 where Henry “HarryHotspur” Percy fell at the hands of King Henry IV’s army)lies to the north, and the town is a wonderful eclectic mixof period buildings, with medieval gems interspersed with someclassic Georgian architecture.‘One of the joys of living in Shrewsbury is the culture – at alllevels – that goes on throughout the town. The riversideTheatre Severn was built a few years ago and has a wide arrayof plays and recitals, plus a notorious Christmas pantomime.The Old Market Hall, undoubtedly one of the most historicbuildings in the town, has been converted into a cosy cinemawith café and shows a selection of avant-garde films as wellas a few blockbusters.‘There are also numerous restaurants and gourmet pubs aswell as a burgeoning café society, which make living in thecentre of town such a pleasure. Known as the River Loop, thetown centre is encircled by the River Severn. The wonderfulQuarry Park – which hosts concerts and events such as thefamous Shrewsbury Flower Show – occupies a substantialarea of the River Loop, with houses enjoying excellent viewsof the charming countryside beyond.‘Shrewsbury is a small town with the gorgeous Shropshirecountryside close at hand. Yet its proximity to the M54 and itsrailway station mean transport links are good to Birmingham,Manchester, Cardiff and, of course, London.‘The Strutt & Parker team passionately adore Shrewsbury –we all live nearby and all take an active part in this busycommunity. We eat, sleep and breathe this town, its surroundsand everything it has to offer.’struttandparker.com/shrewsbury 03

Calves Cote, Chelmick,ShropshireA charming Grade II Listedcottage in a peaceful hamletwith unrivalled views.Originally the stables anddairy of Chelmick Manor.£345,000 FOR SALESutton Road, ShrewsburyThis Georgian townhouseclose to the town centre hasperiod detail, including openfireplaces, moulded ceilings,oak panelling and stainedglass insets.£650,000 FOR SALEBausley Hill Farm,ShropshireA glorious hilltop propertywith an Iron Age fort,far-reaching panoramicviews, a farmhouse,magnificent woodland,paddocks and meadows.£825,000 FOR SALEBrookhayne,LongdenA timber-framedproperty with beautifulgardens, situated onthe edge of the villageof Longden.£485,000 FOR SALEScotsmansfield,ShropshireA Grade II Listed propertywith extensive formalgardens, in an enviableposition on the lowerslopes of the Long Mynd.£579,500 FOR SALEFor further details of any of theseproperties, contact 01743 28420006 &Shrewsbury

PORTFOLIOStraun House, BerwickRoad, ShropshireA terraced townhouse withviews of the River Severn.Improvements include thereinstatement of theoriginal fireplaces andexposure of floorboards.£795,000 FOR SALEPeniarth Uchaf, PowysA small private estate withinSnowdonia National Park.The property is approachedthrough the attractivemeadowland of the DysynniValley and has two cottages.£1,300,000 FOR SALETyr Gwydwr, PowysA unique property set into the hillwith delightful views. Tyr Gwydwrwas designed and built by thecurrent owners in 1999 andoccupies four floors.£1,300,000 FOR SALEThe Papermill,ShropshireThe Paper Mill is aspacious family homewith a fascinatinghistory. Thought to dateback to 1605 in parts,the house has beenused as an iron foundryand a paper mill.£625,000 FOR SALEThe Cedars,London Road, ShrewsburyA Victorian townhouse with anindoor swimming pool, a tenniscourt, garaging and gardens. TheCedars is set back from the roadand fronted by mature gardens.£1,000,000 SOLDstruttandparker.com/shrewsbury 07

Trends & analysisStrutt & Parker experts reflect on thenationwide property pictureRegionalgrowthCost considerations, lifestylechoices, local economicfactors and governmentefforts to kick-start the housingmarket are creating a complexUK residential property picture,according to Michael Fiddes, Headof Agency at Strutt & Parker.‘There’s definitely been astimulus at the bottom of themarket because of what thegovernment’s sought to do forfirst-time buyers,’ says Fiddes.‘Secondly, while more peopleare selling up in London andbenefiting from fantastic valueoutside of the capital becauseof the large price differential,buyers are becoming much moreconscious of the costs such ascommuting, property maintenanceand heating, and education.’Lifestyle choices, too, areresulting in more people livingin an urban or suburbanenvironment beyond London.That’s been good for Oxford,Cambridge, St Albans andGuildford in particular. ‘These keyregional centres are seeing moregrowth in residential value thantheir rural counterparts, althoughthere are hotspots around the UKwhere different economic factorsaffect the marketplace,’ saysFiddes. ‘An example is aroundAberdeen, where the oil industrycreates a massive number of jobs.’A complex market then,but one in which Strutt & Parkerremains best placed to negotiate,with the interests of clientsalways paramount.‘When people are movinghouse, they’re usually dealingwith their most valuable asset,something that’s going to haveone of the greatest effects ontheir lives,’ says Fiddes. ‘Sellinga house is about getting the bestpossible deal for the client, butalso about helping them on ajourney. We always endeavour tolook after them and proactivelymake things happen, rather thanmerely hoping they’ll happen.’25%of Strutt & Parkervendors outsideLondon are lookingto move to smallerpropertiesup to 32%of London buyers areplanning to move tothe countryGettingstrongerThe country house markethas weathered the worstof the recession andalthough last year’s 2% rise instamp duty did have an impact,James Mackenzie, Head of theCountry Department at Strutt &Parker believes that this was ajust a blip. ‘People take thesethings on the chin and move on,particularly when you’re talkingabout buying a family home.’And while the hard winter of2012/13 did little to encouragebuyers out into the country,Mackenzie believes the marketis making up for lost time.‘It’s heading back to where itshould be, with the potentialto get stronger over the next12 months.’Little regional variation exists– it’s all about properties andprices – but the robust Londonmarket remains a key drivingfactor, with buyers recognisingthe potential that city budgetshave beyond the capital. Equally,international and expat interestremains steady and it’s here thatStrutt & Parker’s relationshipwith Christie’s International RealEstate comes into its own.‘Many more internationalbuyers are being pushed in ourdirection,’ explains Mackenzie.‘Our auction house colleaguesare also helping introducepotential sellers to Strutt &Parker. It’s simply a much biggerplaying field for us now.’words Dave Flanagan illustration Dennis Carrier / Synergy

OVERVIEWWHYSTRUTT& PARKER?A holisticviewThe new research team atthe company’s Londonhead office is making itspresence felt with vital insightsinto short- and long-term markettrends. While many industryresearchers have a narrow focus,this department takes a ‘holistic’approach, keeping abreast ofdevelopments across the full rangeof Strutt & Parker’s interests.‘Our work is aboutunderstanding the markets,knowing what the trends are,and identifying where the demandand stock is coming from,’ saysStephanie McMahon, Head ofResearch at Strutt & Parker.But examining statistics isjust part of the process. ‘We’reinterested in the behaviour ofbuyers and vendors,’ explainsMcMahon. ‘It’s important tounderstand what’s driving theirdecision-making.’Downsizing, or ‘right-sizing’as McMahon calls it, is one ofthe trends currently being trackedby the team. ‘Outside London,25% of our vendors are lookingto move to smaller properties,’she says. ‘And out in the country,over 80% of people are usingtheir homes for primary use.Even in London, that figureis almost at 55%.’McMahon is seeing evidence,finally, of movement in themortgage market: ‘It’s becoming alittle bit more accessible for somebuyers, so that’s a positive sign.’OUR BRANDFor more than 125 years, Strutt &Parker has created a brand thatsignifies outstanding resultsdelivered through high-qualityand integrity-rich service.OUR MARKETING EXCELLENCEWe are committed to constantlyevolving our marketing approachto ensure that your property isseen ahead of the rest. Ourdedicated in-house marketingand PR team ensures that ourbrand and your property isconsistently and stronglyrepresented in every media outlet.OUR ONLINE PRESENCEStrutt & Parker has built anindustry-leading websitefor buyers of quality real estate,with more than 200,000 visitorsto struttandparker.comevery month. We also have amobile-friendly website and useQR codes and NFC technology togive access to properties on thego and from any mobile device.OUR NATIONAL NETWORKStrutt & Parker’s extensive andgrowing network of 50 officescovers the whole of the UK, fromExeter to Inverness. Our 400+sales professionals work as ateam to help achieve greatproperty results for you.OUR BUYERS DATABASEWith 2,000 buyers registeringwith us every month, we havemore than 26,000 active buyers –all of whom are shared acrossour network of UK offices,showcasing your home to moreprospective buyers nationally.OUR GLOBAL REACHAs the sole UK affiliate ofChristie’s International RealEstate, we have access to 920affiliate offices in 41 countriesworldwide, bringing globalbuyers to your door.OUR EXPERTSWe offer a total solution approach.Our specialist teams includeResidential Sales, Lettings,Building Surveying &Architecture, Farms & Estates,Land Management, Farming,Commercial, Planning,Development, Resources &Energy and Professional Services.BRINGING BUYERS AND SELLERS TOGETHERFiona Stewart, Head of Marketing & Communications at Strutt & Parker,explains why Open House Days are a mustQ What is Open House Day?A It’s a day when we throw open thedoors of all the houses we’re selling, so thatprospective buyers have the chance to viewas many properties as they wish, withoutthe need to make appointments. We runOpen House Days twice a year, in thespring and autumn.Q How does it help buyers and sellers?A Buyers like it because it gives them thefreedom to see lots of properties on oneday. They can plan their own route andit’s really time efficient. They also like theopportunity to meet vendors. From a seller’sperspective, you’ve got a lot of prospectivebuyers coming through the door to see yourhouse on a single day. We know that 90per cent of searches start online, but nothingreplaces the value of seeing a property for real.Q How effective is Open House Day?A We had 700 properties take part in ourlast event, with one in ten receiving offers onthe day, to a value of more than £85 million.The results speak for themselves.Q What do you have to do to get involved?A You can register to take part online atstruttandparker.com/openday or with yourlocal Strutt & Parker office. Once you’veprovided your details, you’ll receivea registration card. You can then viewas many houses on the day as you wish.

‘There’s a real buzzabout Shrewsbury atthe moment. It’s greatto see investment andpride being taken inmaking the town abeautiful place to liveand visit. The newTheatre Severn is great.My work is mainly withperiod buildings so I’vebeen fascinated by theplans to develop thehistoric Flax Mill – aShrewsbury landmark.’Cory Irvin-Wright,property developerWhy we loveShrewsbury‘Shrewsbury isbig enough to havea high-quality choiceof restaurants, bars andshops, but small enoughto be run successfullyby independents.They give the towna distinct personalityand many people enjoyvisiting Shrewsburyfor that reason.’Sam Taylor, owner,the Libertine CocktailBar and Tea Room‘The Quarry is a lovelypark that our two boysenjoy. It’s also the hub forevents such as the Foodand Drink Festival andmarathon, both of whichwere brilliantly supportedby the local community.’Ceri Littler, owner,Shropshire Hamper Co.What makes the town such a special place towork and live? We ask a few local residents‘There are lots oflovely places to eat anddrink that overlook theriver. And you can findan unusual gift for anyoccasion at one of themany independentshops here.’Sue Kay, manager,Arthur’s Café Bistro‘We moved here nearlyfour years ago becausewe liked the idea of livingin the centre of a livelytown. It’s not just a prettytown, it’s vibrant too, withplenty of good pubs andplaces to eat. You get toknow people quickly, andIzzy loves the attention.’Alan Evitts (and Izzy),local residentILLUSTRATION Maps Illustrated PHOTOGRAPHY Howard Simmons10 &Shrewsbury

FIND USStrutt & Parker ShrewsburyTheatre Royal, 14 ShoplatchShropshire SY1 1HRTel: 01743 284200shrewsbury@struttandparker.comS&PStrutt & Parker network and servicesStrutt & Parker Shrewsbury is part of anational network with 50 offices aroundthe UK, including 10 offices in centralLondon. As sole UK affiliate of Christie’sInternational Real Estate, we also workwith a network of 920 affiliate officesin 41 countries around the globe.To complement our Residential Salesteam, we offer clients a complete servicewith experts across a wide rangeof disciplines, including:Farming – our specialist agricultural adviserswork with farmers and landowners to helpmanage their land and increase profitability.Land Management – we offer advice toestate and land owners managing thousandsof acres with diverse business interests.Valuation & Enfranchisement Services –from property valuations to client supporton planning processes, we offer manyspecialist property services.Resources & Energy – we help clients seizethe opportunities and manage the risks thatenergy issues present.Commercial Property – our highly successfulcommercial team provides forward-thinkingadvice across all commercial property sectors.Planning & Development – we advise onplanning strategy and submit applications forclients, as well as advising on developmentvalue and selling land with consent.struttandparker.com/shrewsbury 11

ShrewsburyTheatre Royal, 14 ShoplatchShropshire SY1 1HRTel: 01743 284200LondonTen offices in central LondonVisit struttandparker.com fordetailsstruttandparker.comTo visit the Shrewsburyoffice homepage, simplyhover your phone overthe QR code (right).

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