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Michelle Barrett's Image/Word Narrative - Humanities

Mark R-J’s Image/Word NarrativeImage 1:Palais deChaillotImage 2:MonmartreImage 3:French LoveNoteImage 4:Arago RoseLineImage 5:CaféTrocadéroGallery

Mark R-J’s Image/Word NarrativeMy Father once told the storyof when Hitler conquered Parisduring WWII, he wasphotographed on the Palais deChaillot. In the 1970’s myFather took a photograph in thesame location. In 2010 I tookthis photograph on the Palaisde Chaillot, I think of all threeof our lives being connected bythis one place at different timesof freedom.Image 1: Palais de Chaillot

Mark R-J’s Image/Word NarrativeImage 2: MontmartreMonet, Picasso and Vincentvan Gogh all are know forliving in Monmartre at theirpeak of their lives. I wasdeeply effected by theinspiration and love of thisarea, the history of creatingartwork and music wasmetaphorically in the street,walls and people. My sense ofplace was immersed in artistworld.

Mark R-J’s Image/Word NarrativeThis picture directly relates tothe last. As a symbol of mylove for my girlfriend I left hermessage she sent me in French,in the jacket pocket of her coatin Monmartre. Hoping that itwould be picked up bysomeone who needed it morethan me. After being seducedby Paris I wanted to givesomething back, connectingcultures through a physicalthing.Image 3: French Love Note

Mark R-J’s Image/Word NarrativeWestern culture combined witheastern culture changes themeaning of this particularplace. Rose line is the ancientzero-longitude line, but to methis has meaning to mebecause of The Da Vinci Code.I now placed myself in afictional characters shoes andbelieved that I was in thatfantasy. Then I set out aroundParis to find more like aprofessor destined toadventure.Image 4: Arago Rose Line

Mark R-J’s Image/Word NarrativeCoffee, foreign culture andplace are all achieved in thisphotograph. I felt a sense ofbelonging sitting at the famousarea of Trocadero in Paris. Ihad successfully achieved whatI wanted out of my idea of‘place’ in France, I hadpreconceptions that had beproven right about Frenchculture. A culture that I feltinside me had beenmaterialized into a physicalspace for me to experience.Image 5: Café Trocadero

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