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Mississippi and the Delta Blues - Humanities

MississippiPlace can mean differentthings to different people.For some it’ll be a houseand for others it may be thecompany of fiends or lovedones. For me, place isn’t somuch as an actual locationor physical space, but ratherit is a sound; a sound fromMississippi.

The Delta SoundFor a long time I couldn’t pointout where Mississippi wason the map, but I couldalways recognise the musicthat was made here in the1920’s, 30’s and 40’s; theDelta Blues. It issynonymous withbottleneck guitar playingand has influencedcountless musicians theworld over.

Importance and PowerInterestingly, the Delta Bluescan be still be heard todayin virtually every form ofmusic and its place inhistory is unquestionable.Though the landscape fromwhich it came may bedifferent, the recordingsmade nearly 100 years agohaven’t lost any of theirpower.

Hearing the BluesI can still remember the firsttime I heard the Blues. Itwasn’t from Mississippi butit invariably led mebackwards in time until Ifound a record by aBluesman that grounded myidentity in the Delta. Hisname was Robert Johnson.

‘Spiritual’ HomeIn many ways Mississippi hasbecome almost like a‘spiritual’ home to me. It’sthe kind of place that feelsso familiar yet I know I’venever been there. I guessthat’s why I’ve alwayswanted to visit it; so I canfinally see all the things I’veheard about for so long.

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