District 8 Realignment Breakout for 2013-14

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District 8 Realignment Breakout for 2013-14 - District 8 Toastmasters

District 8 Realignment Breakout for 2013-14 Revised 4/28/13Division B 0Area 3 Club Club Name2389 Aerospace Orators Club979450 Cent Louie Toastmasters Club Disbanded2907792 Mallinckrodt Speaks New Club - Chartered 12/14/121118467 M-Powered Speakers3227 River City Toastmasters Club609891 Script Masters ClubArea 3 Total: 5 5Area 13 Club Club Name1392062 Ascension Health Toastmasters4390 Bulls & Bears Club6151 Cable Talk Toastmasters Club1267 Creve Coeur Toastmasters Club1217234 McCarthy Communications Builders841639 Wry Toastmasters ClubArea 13 Total: 6 6Area 16 Club Club Name2397508 B.I.B.L.E. Toastmasters1197 Earth City Toastmasters7866 Grace Church Toastmasters937367 SALT2979094 Starmasters New Club - Chartered 3/25/132264661 Toast on the Rock1847419 Westport DisbandedArea 16 Total: 6 6Area 18 Club Club Name2075 Money Talks Club7865 Monsanto Noontime Toastmasters1229 Plus Factor1491688 Shalom Church Toastmasters710070 TALX Masters Club795552 Thomson Reuters Speak Now ClubArea 18 Total: 6 6Area 20 Club Club Name9677 Cave Springs Toastmasters1293821 City of St. Peters5061 Little Hills Toastmasters1151058 St. Charles County Toastmasters851506 WelDon Toast ClubArea 20 Total: 5 5Division B Total: 28 28

District 8 Realignment Breakout for 2013-14 Revised 4/28/13Division C -4Area 1 Club Club Name1313356 Capital City Toastmasters1130739 Gem City Toastmasters Club51 McBrian Lincoln-Douglas Club1252478 Montgomery County Toastmasters4115 Smedley Hometown Memorial ClubArea 1 Total: 5 5Area 6 Club Club Name230 Alton Toastmasters Disbanded4129 Collinsville Club4206 Fairview Heights Toastmasters Club994 O'Fallon Toastmasters Club9793 Scott Toastmasters Club496 St. Clair Club2967717 St. Elizabeth's Hospital New Club Chartered 2/7/13Area 6 Total: 6 6Area 10 Club Club Name1478393 Horace Mann Toastmasters1179206 League of Our Own Toastmasters7316 Noontime Toastmasters Club1118660 Springfield Parkway Point Toastmasters4587 Lord Effingham Club From Area 11Heartland DentalPotential New ClubArea 10 Total: 4 5Area 11 Club Club Name654 Decatur Commodore Club Moving to District 541354 Ken Degler Lincoln Trails Club Moving to District 541647 Thursday Noon Toastmasters Club Moving to District 544587 Lord Effingham Club Moving to Area 101481419 ADM Toastmasters Moving to District 54ADM New Club Potential New Club - Moving to District 54Area 11 Total: 5 0Division C Total: 20 16

District 8 Realignment Breakout for 2013-14 Revised 4/28/13Division E -1Area 7 Club Club Name1078293 Callaway Community503 Capital Toastmasters Club4492 Columbia Toastmasters Club1119527 Downtown Toastmasters1588582 Huber Toastmasters1488380 Jefferson City Blue Tigers ToastmastersArea 7 Total: 6 6Area 14 Club Club Name2347584 Cuba Communicators493 Fort Leonard Wood Club4850 Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology1056 Ozark Orators Club2842 Waynesville-St. Robert Area Toastmasters1422238 West Plains Toastmasters DisbandedROCPotential New ClubArea 14 Total: 6 5Area 21 Club Club Name972572 Courage to Grow Toastmasters Club4043 Good Neighbor Toastmasters Club9940 Mid-Mo Advanced Club7349 Shelter Insurance Sunrise Club9643 Talu Toastmasters Club1568425 Truman State UniversityArea 21 Total: 6 6 7Division E Total: 18 17

District 8 Realignment Breakout for 2013-14 Revised 4/28/13Division F 2Area 8 Club Club Name4928 F.R.B. Club2187152 Jacobs P3701931 MAC Toastmasters Club2663136 Mackey Mitchell ToastMMasters New Club - Chartered 8/15/12 -From Area 153287 Open Line ToastmastersArea 8 Total: 6 5Area 12 Club Club Name1244109 BJC Toastmasters From Area 152909517 CBPC Toastmasters New Club - Chartered 4/1/13 From Area 8970718 Free Speakers5000 Grand Center Club1588057 MOCO Torchmasters1847 Solae Toastmasters ClubArea 12 Total: 7 6Area 15 Club Club Name9384 Missouri Toast of the Town Club From Area 81159447 Primary Conversations1254245 Sigma-Aldrich Toastmasters Club2185610 Speaking of US From Area 122451465 ToastUS From Area 128974 Wells Fargo Advisors ToastmastersArea 15 Total: 6 6Area 17 Club Club Name4345 Anheuser-Busch Club From Area 15778 SLU Masters Club From Area 123268 Speech Masters Toastmasters Club From Area 15673982 Square Talkers Toastmasters Club From Area 8TarltonPotential ClubArea 17 Total: 0 4 New AreaArea 19 Club Club Name5823 County Communicators Club283 Midtown Clayton Toastmasters Club8399 Rent-A-Toast Club1076374 RubinBrown532 Tarsus Toastmasters1291 Voices In Unity ClubArea 19 Total: 6 6Division F Total: 25 27District 8 Total: 113 110 -3

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