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History- Outdoor burning-071013.pdf - ORCAA Board

History of Outdoor Burningin theOlympic Region

Washington Clean Air Act• Washington's Clean Air Act(70.94 RCW) adopted in 1967.• This Act is the basis for stateand local air pollution rules inWashington.• Seven local clean air agenciesenforce air pollution rules inWashingtonPhoto shows Lacey Plywood smokestack,circa 1969.

‣ Founding of OlympicAir Pollution ControlAuthority (renamedORCAA in 2003)Photo shows Olympia’s Black LakeRoad Dump, circa 1969.

Passage of ORCAA (OAPCA)Regulation 1:Section 9.01 OPEN FIRES No Person shall cause or allow any open fire withinthe jurisdiction of the Authority except as follows:Fires for recreational purposes and cooking of foodFires set for disposal of waste upon premises ofprivate dwellings housing four families or less …

‣ U.S. Clean Air Act‣ The Clean Air Act of 1970gave the U.S. EPA authority toregulate air pollutants. TheEPA then listed and regulatedsix "criteria pollutants":1. carbon monoxide2. particulate matter3. ozone4. nitrogen oxides (NOx)5. lead6. sulfur dioxidePhoto shows Sedy Shake Co. ‘wigwam burner’ andresidential burning in Raymond. Circa 1970.

Photo shows Raymond City Dump. Circa 1969.Scientific studies havelinked breathingParticulate Matter (PM) toserious health problems,including: Coughing or difficulty breathing; Decreased lung function; Aggravated asthma; Development of chronic bronchitis; Irregular heartbeat; Nonfatal heart attacks; and Premature death in people withheart or lung disease.

ORCAA’s Regulation 1revised:TRASH BURNING BYRESIDENTSPROHIBITED‣ Section 9.01 OPEN FIRES‣ (a) (4) No garbageburning will be allowedPhoto shows smoke from Port AngelesHigh School’s “incinerator” – aconcrete drain tile topped with steelplate (basically, a large burn barrel).Circa 1971

Thurston County DesignatedNON-ATTAINMENT for PM 10• Outdoor burning restricted inThurston County to help bringcounty back into attainment.Photo shows residential burning,wigwam burners and industrial burningat and around Delson Lumber Co.,West Bay Drive, Olympia.

Washington State Comprehensive Plan Adopted creatingUrban Growth Areas (UGAs) and new restrictions on use.

Outdoor burningbanned in high densitycities and in cities withpopulations greaterthan 10,000Photo shows Port Angeles city dump,circa 1970.

Washington StateProhibits the use ofBURN BARRELSstate-wide!

Outdoor Burning in ALLurban growth areas(UGAs) withinWashington Prohibited.In ORCAA’s counties,this expands list of noburnareas (new areasshown in red on map)

ORCAA spendsapproximately $145,000 peryear on outdoor burningenforcement efforts. Themajority of that (66%) isspent in Thurston County,which has approximately50% of ORCAA’s populationbase.Percentage of ORCAA spending onoutdoor burning per Grays county HarborThurstonCounty66%Clallam County6%County9% Jefferson County2%Mason County7%Pacific County10%

ORCAA weighs options tofurther reduce smokepollution from outdoorburningPossible actions include:‣ Restrict times of allowableburning (i.e. spring andfall burn windows only)‣ Fees charged for all burnpermitsPhoto shows shake mill in Forks. Circa 1970.

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