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Dr. Frederick Lam's Presentation - MIT · Stanford · Berkeley ...

MIT-Stanford-UC Stanford-UC BerkeleyNanotechnology ForumNanoMaterials:How Will Nanotechnology Affectthe Future of Materials?Dr. Frederick LamJanuary 29, 2004Stanford, CaliforniaMolecularDiamond TechnologiesChevronTexaco Technology Ventures

Civilizations are Measured by TheirMaterials• Stone Age• Copper Discovered ~8000 B.C.• Bronze Age ~3500 B.C.• Iron Age ~1500 B.C. to ~1000 A.D.• Explosion of new materials in 19 th &– Metal Alloys, Plastics, Silicon IT Ageth & 20 thth centuriesWHAT ABOUT OUR 21 st CENTURY MATERIALS?MolecularDiamond TechnologiesChevronTexaco Technology Ventures2

Tonight’s Speakers/PanelistsProfessor Alex ZettlDepartment of Physics, UC BerkeleyProfessor Jack HowardDepartment of Chemical Engineering, MITChairman and Founder, Nano-CDr. David SoaneCSO and Founder NanoTexDr. Mark EllsworthDirector of R&D, Nanotechnology, Tyco Electronics Inc.(Presentations followed by Q&A Panel)MolecularDiamond TechnologiesChevronTexaco Technology Ventures5

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