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Workshop and Tutorial Scheduleong>Eventsong> start at 8:30 AM and finish by 5:30 PM.Room / Day Monday, June 6 2005 Tuesday, June 7 2005Windjammer 1-21st FloorWindjammer 3-41st FloorSpyglass 11st FloorSpyglass 21st FloorT1 - Temporal and Resource Reasoningfor Planning, Scheduling, andExecutionWS4 - Multiagent Planning andSchedulingWS1 - Constraint Programming forPlanning and SchedulingT4 - Domain Modelling for Planning( 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM )T2 - Hard and Soft TemporalConstraints Techniques forScheduling Problems withPreferences and Uncertainty( 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM )WS3 - Mixed-Initiative Planning andSchedulingT3 - Directed Model CheckingWS6 - Planning Under Uncertainty forAutonomous SystemsCypress 11st FloorWS5 - Verification and ValidationBig Sur 31st FloorWS7 - Plan Execution: A Reality CheckWS2 - Role of Ontologies in Planningand Scheduling ( 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM )K.E. Competition (1:50 PM – 6 PM)Pacific-GroveHyatt MontereyResortMark ThomasFoyer1st FloorLunch (12:30 PM – 2:00 PM )Coffee Break ( 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM and 3:30 AM – 4:00 PM )ong>Socialong> ong>Eventsong> on Monday and TuesdayMonday nightTuesday nightShuttle services between the Monterey Hyatt and Carmel-by-the-SeaBeach Party, offsite

Technical ProgramWednesday, June 8th8:15 Opening RemarksInvited Talk8:30 -9:30 ExpressivityDrew McDermott, Yale University, USASession-Chair: Kanna Rajan9:30 -10:30Applications of P&S ISession-Chair: José-Luis Ambite Automated Composition of Web Services by Planning in Asynchronous DomainsMarco Pistore, Paolo Traverso, Piergiorgio Bertoli, University of Trento, Italy Course of Action Generation for Cyber Security Using Classical PlanningMark Boddy, Johnathan Gohde, Tom Haigh, Steven Harp, Adventium Labs, USA10:30 Coffee Break Mark Thomas Foyer11:00 -12:30Search for P&S I Beam-Stack Search: Integrating Backtracking with Beam SearchRong Zhou, Eric Hansen, Mississippi State University, USASession-Chair: Malik Ghallab Contingent Planning via Heuristic Forward Search with Implicit Belief StatesJörg Hoffmann, Ronen Brafman, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik Saarbrücken, Germany A Generalized Framework for Lifelong Planning A*Maxim Likhachev, Sven Koenig, Carnegie Mellon University, USA12:30 -1:301:30 -2:002:00 -3:30Lunch Pacific-Grove, Hyatt Monterey ResortBusiness MeetingDynamic and Cumulative P&SSession-Chair: Stephen Smith Plan Repair as an Extension of PlanningRoman van der Krogt, Mathijs de Weerdt, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Online Stochastic Optimization Without DistributionsRussell Bent, Pascal van Hentenryck, Brown University, USA Randomized Large Neighborhood Search for Cumulative SchedulingDaniel Godard, Philippe Laborie, Wim Nuitjen, ILOG, France3:30 Coffee Break Mark Thomas Foyer4:00 -5:30Domain Models and Learning Discovering Planning Invariants as Anomalies in State DescriptionsProshanto Mukherji, Lenhart Schubert, University of Rochester, USA Learning Partial-Order Macros from SolutionsAdi Botea, Martin Mueller, Jonathan Schaeffer, University of Alberta, CanadaSession-Chair: Daniel Borrajo Learning Action Models from Plan Examples with Incomplete KnowledgeQiang Yang, Kangheng Wu, Yunfei Jiang, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, China5:30 -5:506:00 -8:008:00 -8:30K.E. Competition ResultsDoctoral Consortium, System Demonstrations, Poster & ReceptionPacific-Grove, Hyatt Monterey ResortTalk by Marcia McNutt Pacific-Grove, Hyatt Monterey ResortAll technical sessions are located in the Regency Grand Ballroom, Second Floor.

Thursday, June 9th8:30 -9:30Invited Talk Understanding Human Behavior from Sensor DataHenry Kautz, University of Washington, USASession-Chair: Karen Myers9:30 -10:30Mixed-Initiative P&SSession-Chair: Pauline Berry Activity Planning for the Mars Exploration RoversJohn Bresina, Ari Jonsson, Paul Morris, Kanna Rajan, NASA Ames Research Center, USA Planning As Mixed-initiative Goal ManipulationMichael Cox, Chen Zhang, Wright State University, USA10:30 Coffee Break Mark Thomas Foyer11:00 -12:30Search for P&S IISession-Chair: Maria Fox Characterizing the Distribution of Low-Makespan Schedules in the Job Shop SchedulingProblemMatthew Streeter, Stephen Smith, Carnegie Mellon University, USA External Symbolic Heursitic Search with Pattern DatabasesStefan Edelkamp, University of Dortmund, Germany Planning Graph Heuristics for Selecting Objectives in Over-subscription PlanningProblemsRomeo Sanchez, Subbarao Kambhampati, Arizona State University, USA12:30 -2:002:00 -3:30Lunch Pacific-Grove, Hyatt Monterey ResortTemporal Planning On the Tractability of Restricted Disjunctive Temporal ProblemsT. K. Satish Kumar, Stanford University, USA Concurrent Probabilistic Temporal PlanningMausam, Daniel Weld, University of Washington, USA Search Control in Planning for Temporally Extended GoalsFroduald Kabanza, Sylvie Thiebaux, Universite de Sherbrooke, CanadaSession-Chair: Martha Pollack3:30 Coffee Break Mark Thomas Foyer4:00 -5:00Planning under UncertaintySession-Chair: Sylvie Thiebaux Pruning Conformant Plans by Counting Models on Compiled d-DNNF RepresentationsHector Palacios, Blai Bonet, Adnan Darwiche, Hector Geffner, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain Fast Exact Planning in Markov Decision ProcessesH. Brendan McMahan, Geoffrey Gordon, Carnegie Mellon University, USA5:00 -6:15 Festivus6:30 -10:30Conference Dinner and Awards Ceremony * Monterey Bay Aquarium* Bus boarding at 6:30 PM, departure at 6:45 PMAll technical sessions are located in the Regency Grand Ballroom, Second Floor.

Friday, June 10thInvited TalkSession-Chair: Susanne Biundo8:30 -9:30 Optimal and Real-Time Scheduling using Model Checking TechnologyKim Guldstrand Larsen, Aalborg University, Denmark9:30 -10:30Applications of P&S II On-line Planning and Scheduling for High-speed ManufacturingWheeler Ruml, Minh Do, Markus Fromherz, Palo Alto Research Center, USA Minimizing Breaks in Sport Scheduling with Local SearchPascal van Hentenryck, Yannis Vergados, Brown University, USASession-Chair: Amedeo Cesta10:30 Coffee Break Mark Thomas Foyer11:00 -12:30Anytime P&SSession-Chair: Adele Howe Enabling Fast Flexible Planning through Incremental Temporal Reasoning with ConflictExtractionI-hsiang Shu, Robert Effinger, Brian Williams, MIT, USA Anytime Dynamic A*: An Anytime, Replanning AlgorithmMaxim Likhachev, David Ferguson, Geoffrey Gordon, Anthony Stentz, Sebastian Thrun,Carnegie Mellon University, USA Maximizing Availability: A Commitment Heuristic for Oversubscribed SchedulingProblemsLaurence Kramer, Stephen Smith, Carnegie Mellon University, USA12:30 -2:002:00 -3:30Lunch Pacific-Grove, Hyatt Monterey ResortOverconstrained ProblemsSession-Chair: Nicola Muscettola Planning with Goal Preferences and ConstraintsRonen Brafman, Yuri Chernyavsky, NASA Ames Research Center & Stanford University, USA Solving Over-constrained Disjunctive Temporal Problems with PreferencesBart Peintner, Michael Moffitt, Martha Pollack, University of Michigan, USA Retaining Flexibility to Maximize Quality: When the Scheduler Has the Right to DecideActivity DurationXiaofang Wang, Stephen Smith, Carnegie Mellon University, USA3:30 Coffee Break Mark Thomas Foyer4:00 -5:00Planning via Modelchecking Satisfiability Planning with Constraints on the Number of ActionsMarkus Büttner, Jussi Rintanen, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, GermanySession-Chair: Toby Walsh A Hierarchical Task-Network Planner based on Symbolic Model CheckingUgur Kuter, Dana Nau, Marco Pistore, Paolo Traverso, University of Maryland, USA5:00 -6:00New Techniques for PlanningSession-Chair: Mark Boddy Reviving Integer Programming Approaches for AI Planning: A Branch-and-CutFrameworkMenkes van den Briel, Thomas Vossen, Subbarao Kambhampati, Arizona State University,USA Genetic Planning Using Variable Length ChromosomesAlexandru Horia Brie, Philippe Morignot, Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau, France6:00 Closing RemarksAll technical sessions are located in the Regency Grand Ballroom, Second Floor.

I C A P S 2 0 0 5Monterey, CaliforniaICAPS 2005Monterey, California, USAJune 6-10, 2005CONFERENCE CO-CHAIRS:Susanne BiundoUniversity of Ulm, GERMANYKaren MyersSRI International, USAKanna RajanNASA Ames Research Center, USA

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