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Precision for your DesignBest of Angle Sensorscustomized productseconomic product solutionsHall Effectrotary sensorsOpticalWirewound MultiturnpotentiometricinnovationPanel EncodersConductive PlasticWirewound Singleturnexpertisedevelopmentdigitalproduct diversitycost-effective OEM solutionsin-house manufacturing

OpticalHybrid MultiturnWirewound SingleturnSeries Keyfacts Special CharacteristicsMRS(C)(T)Miniature panelencoder with andwithout detent. Lifeexpectancy >1 Mio.shaft revolutions.Outstanding priceperformance ratio• Housing: 15/16mm• Detentpositions per revolution: 16, 24,32• 4, 6, 8 pulses per revolution• Supply voltage: 3,3V, 5V• Output: Incremental (A,B)• Technology: Optical• optional with sealing ring in thebushing• optional with push button switch• various options for PCB mountingMOT7Miniature optical rotaryencoder with precisionball bearings• Housing: Ø7mm• Up to 400 pulses per rev.with index pulse• Supply voltage: 5V• Output: Incremental• Technology: Optical• bushing mount with precisionball bearingsMAB18Singleturnserial interfaceMAB18ASingleturnanalog interfaceMIB18Singleturnincrementalinterface• Supply voltage: 3,3V/5V• Output Signal: 5V-PWM, SER-interface• Resolution: 10bit/12bit• Supply voltage: 5V/24V• Output Signal: 0-5V ratiom., 0 -10V/5V• Supply voltage: 5V• Output signal: A + B + Index• TTL-output/Open-Collector-Output• Pulses per revolution: 1...128/256/512/1024• compact housing: Ø18 mm• ball bearings• IP65 protection• Hall Effect TechnologyMAB36/40Singleturnserial interfaceMAB36/40ASingleturnanalog interfaceMAB36/40APMSingle-/Multiturnanalog interfaceMIB36Singleturnincrementalinterface• Supply voltage: 3,3V/5V/15-30V• Output: SER-/SSI-/SPI-interface• Resolution: 10bit/12bit/14bit• Supply voltage: 5V/8-30V• Output analog: 0-5V ratiom. /0-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA, 5V PWM• Resolution: 12bit• Supply voltage: 8-30V• Output signal: 0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA• Resolution: 12bit• Electrical angle ( 0°..10° to 0..200rotations) and zero point easily set infield with Teach-In-Interface• Supply voltage: 5V/8-30V• Output signal: A + B + Index• TTL-output/Open-Collector-Output• Pulses per revolution:1...128/256/512/1024 ppr• housing: Ø36 / 40mm• ball bearing• IP67 protection (MAB40)• shielded cable, optionalside cable output or M12connector• Hall Effect TechnologyPrecision for your Design

Wirewound Multiturn Hall EffectConductive PlasticPanel EncodersPrecision PotentiometersAngle SensorsSeries Keyfacts Special CharacteristicsENA22PM Multi-TurnMiniature encoderwith Teach-In-Interface22mm housing sizedesigned for multi-turnpotentiometerdrop inreplacement• Housing: Ø22mm• Measuring range: 0-10°..200Udr.(Field programmable)• 12 Bit resolution• Lintol. 0,05% @ 3600°• Output: Analog 0-10V• Protection: up to IP65• Technology: Hall Effect• Teach-In-Interface: start and endposition free programmable• true-Power-On ±179°• mechanically compatible withstandard 22mm housing withbushing• optional polymer bearing• life expectancy >25 Mio. shaftrevolutionsMOM18Space saving opticalrotary encoder with highresolution• Housing: Ø18mm• Up to 1600 ppr with index• Supply voltage: 5V• Output: Incremental• Technology: Optical• high resolution• long life expectancy due toprecision ball bearingsEcoTurn® FamilyMAB25ASingleturnanalog interfaceMIB25Singleturnincremental interfaceMAB25Singleturnserial interface• Supply voltage: 5V/8-30V• Output signal: 0–5V ratiom./0-30V/0-20mA/4-20mA/5V PWM• Resolution: 12Bit• Supply voltage: 5V/8-30V• Output signal: A + B + Index• TTL/Open-Collector/Push-Pull• pulses per revolution:1...128/256/512/1024• Supply voltage: 3,3V/5V/9-30V• Output signal: SER-/SSI-/SPI-Interface• Resolution: 10Bit/12Bit/14Bit• housing: Ø25 mm• potentiometer replacement• soldering holes for directconnector mounting• mechanical angle: 360° withoutendstop / 320° with endstop• shaft diameter: 6 mm• max. rot. speed: 3000 rpm• life expectancy: >25 Mio. shaftrevolutions• Hall Effect TechnologyENA22B / ENA28BSingleturnanalog interfaceENI22B / ENI28BSingleturnincremental interfaceENS22B / ENS28BSingleturnserial interface• Supply voltage: 5V/8-30V• Output analog: 0-5V ratiom./0-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA/5V PWM• Resolution: 12 Bit• Supply voltage: 5V/8-30V• Output: signal A + B + Index• TTL/Open-Collector/Push-Pull• Pulses per revolution:1...128/256/512/1024• Supply voltage: 5V/9-30V• Output: SSI-/SPI-Interface• Resolution: 12Bit/14Bit• housing: Ø22mm / Ø28mm• potentiometer replacement• mechanical angle: 360° withoutendstop / 320° with endstop• shaft diameter: 6mm / 6,35mm• max. rotational speed: 800 rpm• life expectancy: >10 Mio. rev.• optional with polymer bearingfor improved speed and lifeexpectancy >25 Mio. rev.• Hall Effect Technology• optional with clamping terminalEcoTurn® FamilyFurther informations on

MEGATRON Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG is a leading German producer anddistributor of Angle Sensors, Linear Sensors, Load Cells, Joysticks undPrecision Resistors. This family held company (founded in 1960) in Putzbrunnnear Munich develops, produces and distributes worldwide its own productsas well as those of trusted international partners. Individual product solutionsare developed tailor-made in close cooperation with OEM customers.MEGATRON´s vast stock program offers products with a short delivery time.MEGATRON Elektronik GmbH & Co. KGHermann-Oberth-Strasse 785640 Putzbrunn / MunichGermanyTel.: +49 89 460 94 0Fax: +49 89 460 94 Edition March 2013

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