A 750GB drive playbook for ambitious system builders

1Knock overyour competitorswith the world’s two most powerful drives.We’re at the heart of a digital explosion, at work and at play.In our homes, across small businesses, large enterprises and thepublic sector, we’re using digital technology to make our lives richer,safer, easier and more profitable.There’s a plethora of system builders and integrators out there tryingto design and construct the must-have products of tomorrow.In this fiercely competitive environment, you need to build productsthat really stand out and capture the customer’s imagination.That’s why Seagate? has pioneered innovative perpendicularrecording technology to bring you two extraordinary new 750GBBarracuda drives – and two new ways to win business.• How do the two drives differ?• Why do you need so many gigabytes?• What exactly are the new market opportunities that they open up?• What other innovative features do the drives offer to help youwin business?• How can you recoup that extra drive investment?We’ll be answering these important questions, and many more,over the coming pages.So read on if you’rehungry for bigger profits –and start thinking HUGE.

2Beat escalating home and office digital needsBarracuda 7200.10Today’s consumer is much more savvy than they were five years ago.They’re beginning to demand the kind of increased capacities requiredto deliver exceptional PC, gaming machine and server performance.Documents, music, video clips and photos are now almost exclusivelycreated, shared and worked on in digital form – and home usersexpect instant access to a range of powerful applications to maximisethe potential of their technology investments.IT managers also realise that they now need to plan ahead and investin workstation and multimedia PCs, low cost servers and externalstorage boxes that have enough capacity to meet tomorrow’sexponentially growing demands.Integrating the raw power of our 750GB Barracuda 7200.10 is a greatway to give customers the increased capacities they want – and youthe inflated margins you need.

3Win over capacity-hungry storage managersBarracuda ESBusinesses of every size mean big money to ambitious system builders.Storage managers everywhere are battling to stay within budgets andahead of exploding capacity demands, driven by the proliferation ofdata-intensive applications and outside factors such as tighteningregulatory controls.They need systems that can store and process much more data –faster, cheaper and more reliably. A great way to achieve this is todesign the Barracuda ES enterprise optimised 750GB drive intobusiness-critical SAN, NAS and RAID systems, maximum-capacityservers and media archiving and collaboration systems.Find out how it can win you big sales.

4Strengthen margins with theBarracuda 7200.10 driveStorage is coming out of the shadows.On the high street, consumers have fallen in love with high performancePCs and gaming machines. They’re beginning to understand why theyneed so much storage; and they want to have the ability to easily storeeverything in one place.And as more and more valuable digital lifestyle files reside on thehome computer, they’re also keen to backup files to external storageboxes for safe keeping.In the office environment, IT managers are also hungry for capacity.They want to plan ahead and invest in top of the range workstationsand multimedia PCs, low cost servers and external storage boxes thatcan cope with today’s media-rich work environment, as well asmeeting tomorrow’s ever-expanding demands.Thanks to the newBarracuda 7200.10 drive,all this is great news for you.The extra cost of integrating a 750GB drive over a 500GBdrive is insignificant compared to the elevated margins thatcan be achieved by selling a system packed with so muchextra capacity.Check out the huge newapplication opportunities…

5New waysto winIncreasingly sophisticated applications are driving consumer demandin the home and office for an exciting range of high performance,massive capacity solutions, including:• Mainstream PCs• High Performance PCs• Hot-rod Gaming Systems• Multi-media PCs – photos, videos, movies, songs• Home Servers – digital media and file servers• External Back Up Storage• Graphics/Video Editing Systems• Desktop RAID ApplicationsWith up to 750GB of pure digital storage on a single drive, theBarracuda 7200.10 is the largest, most reliable disc drive around –delivering an exceptional blend of reliability and performance for manyyears to come.But there still are more reasons to integrate thisindustry-beating driveSee for yourself…

6See what 750GBof raw power can doThe Barracuda 7200.10 is ideal for consumers and IT managers whoare keen to get their hands on the pure digital power they need today –while avoiding costly storage upgrades down the line.But it also offers a range of additional smart features that improvereliability and boost performance further, all backed by our industryfirst5-year warranty – another powerful selling point that guaranteesyou a smoother after sales experience.• 200GB-750GB capacity options and a 16-Mbyte cache for thescreaming performance you need.• A choice of ATA/100, SATA 1.5Gb/s or a sizzling SATA 3Gb/s.• Perpendicular recording increases data density while decreasingmoving parts for a more dependable drive and decreased systemrepairs.• Adaptive Fly Height offers a consistent read/write performancefrom the beginning to end of your computing workloads.• Clean Sweep automatically calibrates your drive each time youpower up.• Directed Offline Scan runs diagnostics when storage access isnot required.• Seagate SoftSonic motor enables whisper-quiet operation.• Enhanced G-Force Protection defends against handling damage.But how does all this meetyour customers’specific needs?

7Why your customers need theBarracuda 7200.10 driveMainstream PC and High Performance PCsOur emerging digital lifestyle is driving gigantic increases in the amountof precious data that we all create and store, at work and at home.Application sets are also getting richer and more capacity hungry.Hot-rod Gaming SystemsThe gaming sector has always spearheaded the drive formanufacturers to increase performance levels and storage capacitiesdue to the increasingly sophisticated graphic sequences and cuttingedgeplayer capabilities involved.Multi-media PCs – photos, videos, movies, songsFrom home users to small and medium businesses and the enterprise– the need to create, manage, share and store rich multimedia files isspreading beyond its traditional print, design house and advertisingagency customer base. Consumers can now keep their digital libraryat their fingertips.Home Servers – digital media and file serversThis is the way of the future, as the home becomes the content hub.Home digital technologies and devices are set to converge intopowerful, centralised home media centres that will require vastcapacities to store total media/file collections.

8Why your customers need theBarracuda 7200.10 drive (continued)External Back Up StorageAs digital file sizes, types and quantities increase, both home and officeusers will increasingly want to create safe vaults to back up their vitalfiles, away from their PC or Home Server.Graphics/Video Editing SystemsThis is another pioneering sector that is driving the need for ever-highercapacity options. Digital videoing and editing is becoming ubiquitous,requiring speedy access and large storage capacities to store thesehuge files.Desktop RAID ApplicationsRAID is going mainstream. By utilising multiple 750GB drives within thesame desktop system, users can experience the security of automaticdata duplication and achieve an increase in performance – furtherenabling a seamless digital lifestyle.Think HUGE.Talk to your regular distributor aboutswitching to the Barracuda 7200.10 drive.

9Build mean, lean business machineswith the Barracuda ES driveWhile mission-critical, transactional data is brilliantly handled by highperformanceenterprise disc drives, they lack the enormous capacityand low cost-per-gigabyte necessitated by the explosive growth ofreference data.Companies of all sizes urgently need storage solutions that canmanage and protect the massive amounts of data they generate.A recent Enterprise Strategy Group study estimatesthat in 2006 reference information will comprise themajority of enterprise data.The Barracuda ES drive, built with innovative perpendicular recordingtechnology, helps to turn the exciting business opportunities thispresents into tangible system design advantages and bankable profits.Drive up margins. The extra cost of integrating a 750GB drive over a500GB drive is insignificant compared to the elevated margins that canbe achieved by selling a system packed with so much extra capacity.Build simpler, more reliable and cost-efficient systems. Now eight750GB drives can do the work of twelve 500GB drives – meaning asmaller initial investment for you, less power consumption, fewer partsthat may fail, improved reliability and simpler system design.See how you can buildin bigger margins…

10Pump upyour profits!The table below shows how you have the potential to more thandouble your profit potential by selling a 10.5 Terabyte system builtwith 14 750GB drives instead of a 7 Terabyte system built with14 500GB drives.In the 7 Terabyte system, the hard drives account for just 25% ofthe total system cost.With the 10.5 Terabyte system, the increase in total system cost isclearly seriously outweighed by the extra margins you can make.The opportunities are there for the taking!Discover key applicationsfor the Barracuda ES…

11Capacityis driving changeStorage-hungry, 24x7 business applications now play key rolesthroughout the enterprise.• Network Attached Storage (NAS)• Storage Area Networks (SAN)• Maximum-Capacity Servers• Rich Media Content Storage – Audio, Video, Image• Reference and Compliance Data Storage• Enterprise Backup and Restore – D2D, Virtual Tape• Collaboration – Email, Messaging• Infrastructure – Web, Print, File• Video SurveillanceBecause these business-critical, reference-data based applicationsrequire a unique combination of high capacity, enhanced reliabilityand multi-drive performance and availability, they’re also drivinga fundamental change to the type of storage that your customerswant to procure.That’s where theBarracuda ES fits in…

12This 750GB workaholicis simply unbeatable.Desktop-class SATA drives are designed to maintain exceptionalreliability while executing everyday desktop duties. But the rigorousenvironment of 24x7 business-critical applications requires them tooperate in continuously elevated temperatures without good airflowand often in a high rotational vibration (RV), multi-drive environment –which begins to seriously affect reliability.The new Seagate Barracuda ES family is optimised to maintainperformance and availability during demanding, 24x7 enterpriseduty and in tightly packed, high-vibration drive configurations.It delivers:• 250GB, 400GB, 500GB and 750GB models providing up to 50 percentmore capacity than competing drives – the highest found anywhere• Essential multi-drive firmware features.• Best-in-class rotational vibration (RV) tolerance• Advanced power management, reducing power consumption andheat levels.• Workload Management (WLM) which tracks drive temperature andactivity to prevent overheating when workload spikes.• Error Recovery Control (ERC) streamlining error recovery andincreasing system availability• Perpendicular recording technology for great dependability thanksto fewer moving parts• The highest reliability of any 7200-RPM drive in the industry.Every Barracuda ES is backed byour industry-leading 5-year warrantytoo, for added customer satisfactionand an easy after-sales service.But how does the drive meetspecific customer needs?

13Why your enterprise customersneed the Barracuda ESNetwork Attached Storage (NAS)This is a popular way to add network storage without the expenseand complication of SAN; typically entails multiple drives in a singleenclosure, demands high capacity and greater immunity to RV.Storage Area Networks (SAN)This is a premier network storage solution, enabling ready access tomassive quantities of data by a multitude of users; high-density storagearrays require drives with robust temperature and vibration tolerance.Maximum-Capacity ServersThe enterprise’s emphasis on higher efficiency underpins the need forgreater capacity-per-drive in servers. It can eliminate the need for anexternal storage array, reducing power consumption/GBs.Rich Media Content Storage – Audio, Video, ImageRich media content has become a common element of enterprisedata; huge file sizes demand copious storage capacity and the abilityto seamlessly stream content.Reference and Compliance Data StorageRegulatory compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA) stipulates the rapidretrieval of enormous quantities of financial and medical data.

14Why your enterprise customersneed the Barracuda ES (continued)Enterprise Backup and Restore – D2D, Virtual TapeThe enterprise is moving towards continuous, real-time backup tominimise the business impact of system failure; disc-to-disc backupsimpose significant disc space requirements.Collaboration – Email, MessagingLegal requirements dictate the lengthy retention of email and messagingdata. This requires high capacity archival solutions that can quicklyaccess data when needed.Infrastructure – Web, Print, FileThis traditional foundation of enterprise data is growing exponentially;increased capacity must be accompanied by superior reliability toensure business continuity.Video SurveillanceThe migration from analog-based tape surveillance solutions todigital-based disc storage requires enormous capacity and theready availability of archival video footage.Think HUGE.Get your hands on the Barracuda ESvia your local distributor.

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