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The Australia‐China NanoNetwork Information Bulletin

Bulletin July - Australian Technology Network

The Australia‐China NanoNetwork Information

VOLUME 1—EDITION 2JULY 2009AN INITIATIVE OF THEAUSTRALIAN TECHNOLOGY NETWORK OF UNIVERSITIES (ATN)AND INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGY ALLIANCE (ISTA)The Australia‐China NanoNetworkInformation Bulletin“to promote collaborativeresearch projects andresearch training ;addressing keycontemporary researchchallenges through nanoscience”InsideEvent notice:NanomedicineWorkshopResearcherprofile:Professor NingGuNanoNetworkbuildspartnershipsReseacherprofile: DrVipul Bansal2233EnquiriesMs Vicki ThomsonExecutive Director (ATN) solutions to big problemsATN members of the Australia‐ChinaNanoNetwork will shortly be hostingresearchers from Southeast University,Nanjing, who will be visiting Australia forthe purpose of establishing Sino‐Australian partnerships to examinesome of the significant researchquestions of our time by usingnanoscience and the myriad capabilitesit brings.The research questions that we face inthe 21 st century are not the kind that willbe solved by academics working inisolation. Climate change and the newtechnologies we will need to adapt to itseffects; reliable and efficient fresh watersupply for communities across the globe(including Australia); next‐generationenergy generation that is bothenvironmentally friendly and renewable;the big questions in health – thesolutions to these problems are by nomeans simple and it is throughcooperation between researchers fromdiverse backgrounds that they will befound.Establishing long‐lasting researchernetworks lays down the groundwork forsuch cooperation. To encourage thatgoal, in August Professor Ning Gu andDrs Jianfei Sun and Xin Chen fromSoutheast University , Nanjing, will visitRMIT University, UniSA and CurtinUniversity to meet with ATN members ofthe recently launched Australia‐ChinaNanoNetwork and undertake ‘proof ofconcept’ experiments in detection ofhealth related toxins such as bacteria inwater and their separation, andrenewable energy.During their visit, the visiting researcherswill also participate in the network’supcoming Nanomedicine Workshop (seepage 2), at which Professor Gu is thekeynote speaker. The Workshop isexpected to involve researchers from allthe ATN universities as part of planningfor future collaborative projects for theAustralia/China

The Australia‐China NanoNetwork Information Bulletin
The Australia‐China NanoNetwork Information Bulletin
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