Sensory Analysis - Amanda Benson - Hopunion

Sensory Analysis - Amanda Benson - Hopunion


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Hop and Brew School 2012• Why have sensory• How to implement a tastepanel• Taste some spikedsamples

Why Sensory?• Group is better• Quality Control– Instrument– Consistency– Balance between attributes– Trouble shooting• Qualify new processes ormaterials• New Product Development

When to Taste• When you have time!• Where the productchanges• Through out the process– Raw materials– In Process– Finished Product– Aging/Shelf life

Panel• Who will taste– Have an interest– Trainable– Have time– No aversions or allergies

Panel• Panel Leader– Sample gathering– Training– Results• Pre screening– Discrimination ability– Descriptive ability

Panel• Training– Flavor Standards– Develop Vocabulary– Scaling, ranking– Brand recognition

Panel• Where will tasting be– Free from distractions– Lighting– Glassware– Booths– Roundtable

Results• What kind of data will yoube collecting?• What will you do with theresults?• How will you use them?

Resources• ASBC– www.asbcnet.org• Siebel– www.siebelinstitute.com• Flavor Activ– www.flavoractiv.com• Aroxa– www.aroxa.com

Get the most out of Tasting• Good health• No eating or drinking• No lotion, perfume orcologne• No talking

Tasting Technique• Observe• Swirl• Sniff• Taste

Describing a Beer• Aroma– Malt, hops, other aromatics• Appearance– Color, clarity, foam• Flavor– Malt, hops, balance, finish,aftertaste• Mouth feel– Warming, carbonation, body,astringency

Tasting• Basic Flavors– Sweet– Sour– Salty– Bitter

Flavor Standards

Diacetyl• Buttery• Butterscotch• Milky

Diacetyl• Fermentation by-product• Contaminant lactic acidbacteria• Desirable in some alesand lagers• Off flavor in other lagerbeer

Isoamyl Acetate• Estery• Fruity• Banana

Isoamyl Acetate• Present in all beers• Fermentation by product• Important part of thewheat beer character

Acetic• Vinegar• Acidic

Acetic• Contaminate bacteria• Present in all beers• Off flavor at highconcentrations

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