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Ski, Powder and Adventure to The Alps and Japan with Alpine Event


ALPINE EVENTAs our name suggests, we are experts on everything to do with adventuretravel and skievents in Alpine Europe.With our wide-range of knowledge and a passion for skiing we personallyresearch the Alps to find the best skiing experiences available.We aim to create the trip of a lifetime and provide you with an experiencethat you will never forget! In small groups surrounded by beautifulscenery, we take you on a journey by plane, car and foot straight to theheart of the best ski resorts the Alps have to offer.At Alpine Events, a good day starts with freshly fallen powder andpristine slopes. We offer you the best skiing the Alps have to offer.We warmly welcome you to Alpine Events!

Alpine Event Aosta ultimateWe have the entire Aosta Valley to choose from. We have our own transport.We have experienced local UIAGM guides and we want the best powderedsnow available for you!We will not give you a daily schedule and you will not know where we aregoing in advance.You WILL go wherever the best snow is available!IF YOU WANTTO KNOWTHE PROGRAM,THE DESTINATIONAND THE HOTEL INADVANCE?THEN THIS ISNOT FOR YOU!

Alpine Eventcourmayeur complete>>Mont blanc

AccommodationYou will stay in the Alpine Eventchalet or with our partner hotels inCourmayeur. In a comfortable settingand after a great day of skiing,it will be time to enjoy a warmhearty meal and share in the day’sexperience.nen.Moutains HutsIn search of the best skiing experiencewe may need to make inroadsinto the white mountainous landscape.When we do so, we will stayin the pleasant mountain huts thatare found in the remote Alpine regions.This gives you the opportunityto enjoy the sun setting over theAlps and to be the firstskiers on the powder each morning.mi casa su casaAt Alpine Events, we want you to explore the mountains,ski on perfect snow and have an experience to remember.It is important for us that our guests have a solid and safeplace to base themselves. We aim to provide you with everythingfrom a comfortable bed to hearty meals to the latest skiand safety equipment.EquipmentWe have all the necessary ski andsafety equipment available to us!We have the latest off-piste skiswith or without Randonnee bindings;avalanche safety equipment;ABS backpacks, transceivers andmore.Breakfast & DinnerWithout good food and drinksa great day of skiing will notbe enough. A buffet breakfast isprovided each morning. Whenyou return home tired and excitedafter a full day of skiing, you willshare dinner together in comfortablesurroundings with goodcompany.Alpine EventSuper SaverThis year we introduce the Alpine Events’ Super Saveroption. We have partnered with a local family-owned hoteland have made arrangements for those who want to get thebest out of the glorious Valle d’Aostaand Courmayeur. The Super Saverformat is available Sundaythrough Thursday.We provide you with4 nights accommodationand an evening meal.Flights and airporttransfers can be arrangedfor an additional cost.For 2995 SEKour Super Saveroption providesyou with:– 4 nights accommodation;– Breakfast daily; and– An evening meal.

Alpine EventskitouringThe Aosta Valley is in an optimal position for ski touring.We have fantastic excursions for all levels here in our Valleyas well as in France and Switzerland. All of which areeasily accessible, and not more than one and a half hoursfrom our base.Excursions such as the Chamonix to Zermatt which allowus to be on skis for the whole week, or day excursions in themagnificent areas such as the Cervino Valley, Valgrisenche,Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa or the Bernina area.Alpine EventConferencesAlpine Events can offer tailor-made conference tripsfor you and your business. Our conference events arean affordable option for your business!Skiing, meetings and pure alpine air.Could it get any better?Please note: For small conference groups we recommendour Super Saver option.If you are looking for a charter trip for a large group ofpeople and groomed skiing, we unfortunately must ask youto contact someone else. If you are looking, however, for apersonalised travel agency that specialises in small groupswith an emphasis on good offpiste skiing then you’ve cometo the right place! If you are interested in us and/or anyof our trips, please visit our website or give us a calland we can create an amazing ski experience for you!!

Alpine EventLa Meije beyond>la grave

once in japanNiseko Rusutsu is one of the World’s best skidestinations with 29 mountain peaks over 4000m.The region benefits from the Siberian winter whichprovides large amounts of outstanding drypowdered snow. It is not uncommon for the nearbyski resorts of Sapporo to receive 8-12 metres ofpowdered per season! Niseko comprises four ski resortsAnnapuri, Niseko Village (Higashiyama),Hirafu and Hanazono.Ultimate ZermattZermatt and Switzerland’s Worldfamous Matterhorn. The Matterhornprovides some of the World’sbest skiing with an impressivevertical drop of over 2200m. Thesecond largest in the world! Thepossibilities are endless here withglacier skiing and 29 mountainpeaks over 4000m.Alpine Eventotheradventuresultimate champolucChampoluc is ride focused and onlythe most serious skiers come here.Champoluc is one of 3 villages thatadorn the slopes of the Monte Rosaski system. Ayas Valley, with itswide landscapes and great forests,is perfect for any level of off-pisteskier in all weather conditions. Avariety of off-piste runs are easilyaccessible from the lifts starting inChampoluc/Frachey, Antagnod andBrusson. Champoluc provides unspoiledskiing until late spring andoften after the lift system has closedfor the season.girls freerideHave you ever been on a trip withonly your girlfriends? Adrenalinehungry girls will enjoy a journeyfull of adventure. There is a bit ofeverything for everyone.We love to explore the mountains, ski on powderedsnow and share an amazing adventure.It is also important for us that our guests havea solid and safe base. We aim to provide everythingfrom a comfortable bed, to good food, tothe latest ski and safety equipment.snowboarders onlY!Alpine Events’ snowboard campwith freestyle and back-countryboarding. Fun for all Snowboarders!

Alpine Event Classic RoutesKvälls pose från Refugio på 3900minan det är dax att gå att lägga sig.Verbier - Mont FortThe back side of Mont Fort is agreat area for alpine skiing andoffers a variety of rides thatend at Lac de Cleusson. There arelarge, long fields and hairy guttersthat require a lot of nerves to bothget to and to get down from. MontFort is framed by some of the finestviews available in the Alps.Zermatt - MonteRosaWe take the first lift up fromStockhorn to 3500 metres, takeoff the skis, put them on ourback and walk an hour. Therewe will find Findelgletscher andGornergletscher in front of usand Monte Rosa to our left. Wewill have 2-3 hours skiing on untouchedpowdered snow. This isone of the Alps’ best tours!Engelberg - TitlisRound TourOur toughest ski tour is foundin the Engelberg Valley. It’snamed the Titlis Round Tour!You start by climbing a ridgewith a holding width of 30-60cm. On each side, you’ll findthe slope falling 40-80 metres.Starting the day this way certainlywakes you up! The nextstep is to traverse down a 50 metreravine where you are forcedto put on your skis and skiaway as to minimise the associatedrisks of injury and avalanche.After a little morerappelling and a long hike, youwill have a memorable 3-hourride ahead of you! We willbivouac out in wilderness tostop and rest. The skiing from2700 metres down to 1050metres is amazing, long, variedand thoroughly enjoyable.Varningsskylten uppe på toppenAiguille de Midi och nedanförbalansgångenEfter tre timmar på baksidan avMont Fort och glaciären kommerkyrkanPå med skidorna när du besökerCourmayeur!Courmayeur -Toula GlacierA day on the Toula glacieris highly recommended. Themountain cabin at the summitof Punta Helbronner (3462m)accommodates 8 people and itis necessary to go with an experiencedmountain guide. Theoff-piste ride from the Toulaglacier down to Courmayeuris considered as one of the Alps’finest. You’ll find stunning crvasses, seracs and rock wallsduring your 2000 metre descent.Monterosa Ski -GressoneyGressoney is conveniently locatedwith quick access to all threeMonte Rosa valleys. Pisterides extend from Salati, PuntaIndren and Forcella Bors. Thepiste rides at Gressoney arecomparable to those of Alagna.Vallée BlanceMont BlancVallee Blanche is 24km long andit’s 2800 metre descent is an unforgettableexperience.Intermediate off-piste skiers willenjoy a full day skiing amongst adizzyingly beautiful glacial landscape.Thousands have skied thisoff-piste tour over the years...Andermatt -GemstockWe take the Gemstock chairlift allthe way to the top. Once lookingdown upon Andermatt, we followthe ridge to the right and skialmost all of the way down to Andermatt.Unfortunately, we mustcross a small stream and walk asmall stretch to arrive in Andermatt.It’s a wonderful ride for asunny day! There are numerousgreat off-piste runs available tous. Andermatt surprises and it isa place we will continuously visitevery winter.Titlis Round Tour hel dag med 1600fallhöjdsmeter ner till dalen

aftingFor an amazing adrenaline experiencetry rafting in Courmayeur -Aosta Valley along the most intenseand powerful river in the Alps - notfor the faint hearted!canyoNingPart water, part mountain sportthat consists of following a descenton the small mountain streams,which are often enclosed betweenhigh, rocky walls, and overcomingobstacles on your way using specifictechniques!hikingThere are numerous hiking trailsaround Courmayeur and the AostaValley with different degrees ofdifficulty to suit all levels. Mountainlovers can spend a week doing thetour of the Mont Blanc or insteadchoose trails leaving from Val Ferretor Val Veny.Price ExampleThis package includes:• 4-6 nights accommodation;• Guides and hikes for everylevel, every day;• Breakfast daily;• Two evening meals;• Personal service from the momentyou land until your departure;and the• Possibility for other activitiesincluding mountain climbing,canyoning, spa visits, etc.From 3995 SEK - 4 nightsmoutain bikeThe Aosta Valley with all its charmis simply one of the best placesin Europe for bike lovers. Explorethe Aosta Valley with challengingmountain bike rides and uniquelandscapes waiting to be discovered!Rock ClimbingThere are over a hundred sports’climbing areas within the Courmeayeurand Aosta Valley offeringclimbs at all grades with lengthsfrom 10m to over 350m.Aosta AtmosphereIf you are looking for great tastingfood, reasonable prices, goodservice, fantastic atmosphere andwarm hospitality you have come tothe right place. Courmayeur and theAosta Valley have a wide selectionof excellent restaurants catering toall tastes.relaxPamper yourself during your stayin Courmayeur - Aosta Valley. Thesnow peaked mountains is a perfectsetting for a spa getaway even in thewinter! Courmayeur - Aosta Valleyis home to the famous, natural hotsprings of Pre-Saint-DidierCourmayeur and the Aosta ValleyMountaineering & Mont Blanc AlpinismThe Gran Paradiso Tour: a classic alpine hike which traverses the Gran Paradiso Park (Italy’s first national park) just south of Aosta and Piedmontregion, with breathtaking scenery, in an unspoilt area of alpine grasslands, glaciers, forests, valleys, high mountains and an abundance of wildlife(marmot, chamois, ibex, royal eagle etc). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to overnight in the Italian mountain huts & refuges and experience Italianhospitality, delicious italian food, wine and coffee!Monte Rosa Tour: The beautiful Monte Rosa mountain reaches a height of 4,634m and Monte Rosa massif is surrounded by most of the 4,000mpeaks of the Alps and shares the border with Italy and Switzerland.Mont Blanc Tour: The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is a 180km circular trail, incorporating three Alpine countries: France, Italy and Switzerland,around the base of the Mont Blanc.

There’s more toAlpine Eventsthan just skiingCourmayeur and the Aosta Valley hasmuch to offer in terms of sports andindoor/outdoor activities.We offer a variety of activities to keepyou busy! Hike the amazing trails acrossCourmayeur. Try to reach the summit ofMont Blanc with an experienced mountainguide. Try rock climbing or get wetrafting the white water that Valle d’Aostahas to offer.Not active? How about a round of golfin Courmayeur? Some sightseeing? Winetasting? Or a relaxing day at a spa.

Theroutedown from the skiarea at Switzerland, offersand surrounding peaks on the way down. Themost spectacular off-piste skiing in theworld. To free skiers, it’s sacrilege to crush pristine snowwith a groomer. They like nothing better than waist-deep powder.To them, an untracked slope looks like a giant wedding cake they longamazing views of the valleycessible powder! After a good dump of snow there are acres of slopes waiting in an areato devour. The fewer with the same intention, the better. There’s nothing like skiing to thebottom of a hill, then turning around to gaze admiringly at your tracks. Some of the most ac-with spectacular scenery. Gets plenty of snow but suffers from a limited amount of accessibleterrain. Fresh snow can be found on the sides of the large bowl that encompasses the ski area, but to get to itrequires plenty of traversing, and again, the skiing here doesn’t come cheap. Spectacular scenery and pretty average on-pisteruns that are intermediate difficulty at best. But for the powder enthusiast, this place is a dream come truewith some fantastic runs through pine forest that is just dense enough to keep most skiers out but open enoughto make skiing there plenty of fun. Offers amazing runs or, for the most daring, a climb above avalanche fences to findmore powder stashes below. Massive off-piste areas, although sometimes it takes a bit of exploringto find the best snow. Most skiers who go spend their day sliding up and down a couple of massive icy rampsabove the gondola mid-station. Little do they know that the trees beneath the mid-station are hiding a huge powdery slopethat’s an adventure playground for the three or four folks intrepid enough to find it each day. An important aspect offree skiing is that much of the powder is accessible inside ski area boundaries where avalanche danger has beenmitigated by the use of explosives following heavy snowfalls. However, skiers should be aware of the risks involved,keep tabs on local conditions, ski with a group, carry safety equipment and steer clear of areas where thereis potential for avalanches. superb off-piste skiing. Huge, deserted off-piste snowfields and scenic,wooded descents set in impressive scenery. There are also some great heli-skiing opportunities. The ultimate skiing“off the beaten track”. Superb off-piste descents in one of the world’s premier ski regions. We tackle the 8 most commonmisconceptions about heli skiing 1. You jump out of the Helicopter You may be amazed at the skills of thepilots but who d want to jump out of a helicopter with a pair of skis on!? You wake up, look out of the window,and there’s a pristine blanket of fresh white snow covering everything in sight. To make the most of those unforgettablepowder dates, here are some top tips to help improve your off-piste skiing techniques. With accessto huge amounts of rugged terrain, breathtaking scenery and incredible powder snow, Powder is a totally uniqueheli-skiing and cultural experience. Each day you’ll set out with your Mountain Guide to ski the best snowwww.alpineevent.comwas snorkelit! This is pure backcountry skiing at its best! Snow kept falling at such a ratetime!that all previous tracks were filled in and generously topped up. Skiers often raveabout soft pillows of snow to glide through. Forget that. These werevast double duvets of snow. We could literally diveinto the steeps, kicking up huge plumes of snow as ifsomebody were dragging an industrial-strengthairdryer under a 2ft-deep layer ofgoose feathers. Thisand off-piste, freeriding terrain combined with general coaching, tips and hints and sessions on mountain awarenessand avalanche safety. Powder, spring snow, breakable crust and crud...on these weeks, we ski them all and lovePhone: SE: +46 770 22 11 20 // DK: +45 43 99 01 99 // CH: +41 774 606 404

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