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Turtles in Trouble



Turtles in Trouble: Top 25+ Endangered Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles—2011Table of Species of Tortoises and Freshwater TurtlesConsidered to be at the Highest Risk for Extinction in 2011:Arranged in General and Approximate Descending Order of Extinction RiskIUCN 1 TFTSG 1Genus Species Family Distribution Red List DraftTop 25 Endangered Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles at Extremely High Risk of Extinction:Chelonoidis abingdonii Testudinidae South America: Ecuador (Galápagos) EWRafetus swinhoei Trionychidae Asia: China, Vietnam CRCuora yunnanensis Geoemydidae Asia: China CRBatagur baska Geoemydidae Asia: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar CRBatagur trivittata Geoemydidae Asia: Myanmar EN CRCuora zhoui Geoemydidae Asia: China, Vietnam (?) CRCuora mccordi Geoemydidae Asia: China CRCuora aurocapitata Geoemydidae Asia: China CRCuora trifasciata Geoemydidae Asia: China, Laos, Vietnam CRAstrochelys yniphora Testudinidae Africa: Madagascar CRGeochelone platynota Testudinidae Asia: Myanmar CRChelodina mccordi Chelidae Asia: Indonesia, Timor-Leste CRChitra chitra Trionychidae Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand CRMauremys annamensis Geoemydidae Asia: Vietnam CRDermatemys mawii Dermatemydidae North / Central America: Belize, Guatemala, Mexico CRErymnochelys madagascariensis Podocnemididae Africa: Madagascar CRBatagur affinis Geoemydidae Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand NE CRBatagur kachuga Geoemydidae Asia: Bangladesh, India, Nepal CRLeucocephalon yuwonoi Geoemydidae Asia: Indonesia CRPseudemydura umbrina Chelidae Australia (Western Australia) CRMesoclemmys hogei Chelidae South America: Brazil EN CRPsammobates geometricus Testudinidae Africa: South Africa EN CRSiebenrockiella leytensis Geoemydidae Asia: Philippines CRPodocnemis lewyana Podocnemididae South America: Colombia EN CRBatagur borneoensis Geoemydidae Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia CROther Top 40 Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles at Very High Risk of Extinction:Cuora pani Geoemydidae Asia: China CRTestudo kleinmanni Testudinidae Africa / Middle East: Egypt, Israel, Libya CRHeosemys depressa Geoemydidae Asia: Myanmar CRCuora picturata Geoemydidae Asia: Vietnam NE CRPyxis planicauda Testudinidae Africa: Madagascar CRChitra vandijki Trionychidae Asia: Myanmar, Thailand NE CRMauremys nigricans Geoemydidae Asia: China, Vietnam (?) EN CRChitra indica Trionychidae Asia: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan ENTerrapene coahuila Emydidae North America: Mexico ENAstrochelys radiata Testudinidae Africa: Madagascar CRCuora bourreti Geoemydidae Asia: Cambodia (?), Laos (?), Vietnam NE CRCuora galbinifrons Geoemydidae Asia: China, Laos, Vietnam CRPyxis arachnoides Testudinidae Africa: Madagascar CRGopherus flavomarginatus Testudinidae North America: Mexico VU ENGlyptemys muhlenbergii Emydidae North America: USA EN CROther Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles at High Risk of Extinction:Elusor macrurus Chelidae Australia (Queensland) ENManouria emys Testudinidae Asia: India to Thailand to Indonesia ENHomopus solus Testudinidae Africa: Namibia VUChelonoidis hoodensis Testudinidae South America: Ecuador (Galápagos) CRChelonoidis duncanensis Testudinidae South America: Ecuador (Galápagos) EW CRNilssonia formosa Trionychidae Asia: Myanmar, Thailand (?) ENNilssonia nigricans Trionychidae Asia: Bangladesh, India EW CRSternotherus depressus Kinosternidae North America: USA VU CRPelochelys cantorii Trionychidae Asia: India to China to Indonesia to Philippines EN1IUCN Threat Categories: EW = Extinct in the Wild; CR = Critically Endangered; EN = Endangered; VU = Vulnerable; NE = Not Evaluated– 12 –

Turtles in Trouble: Top 25+ Endangered Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles—2011Top 25 Endangered Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles at Extremely High Risk of Extinction in 2011.Top 25 (red) plus Other Top 40 [26–40] (yellow) Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles at Very High Risk of Extinction in 2011.– 13 –

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