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Step 1© the Center for Urban Pedagogy andThe Bronx Museum of the Arts, 2015The Bronx Museum of the Arts (BxMA) is a contemporaryart museum that connects diverse audiences to the urbanexperience. The Bronx Museum’s Education Programs embodytheir commitment to increase access to the arts, provide a safeand flexible environment for transformational experiences,and help youth develop visual, communication, andleadership skills. To learn more about BxMA,visit bronxmuseum.orgThis project was made possible by supportfrom the Hive Digital Media LearningFund in The New York CommunityTrust, the Bay and Paul Foundations,and the New York City Department ofCultural Affairs in partnership withthe City Council.The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a nonprofitorganization that uses the power of design and art to increasemeaningful civic engagement, particularly among historicallyunderrepresented communities. To learn more about CUP,visit welcometoCUP.orgStep 4Fold over topcornersStep 5Print filedouble-sided at100% on lettersize paperSupport byCreated byStep 2Slide zines intotab pocketStep 6Flip paper overand fold tabs backalong verticallinesStep 3Fold top overzines and intofront of tabpocketStep 7Fold bottom upFinished!What is asthma? What is Aurasma?Asthma is a condition that causes theairways (the tubes that carry air to andfrom the lungs) to swell and tighten,making it difficult to breathe.Aurasma is a free app that transformscertain images in the zines called “Auras”into an augmented reality experience.Asthma is an invisible illness, so identifyingpotential causes, steps towards prevention,and treatment can be difficult. Toinvestigate, students interviewed medicalprofessionals, community health workers,environmental justice advocates, plusBronx residents and created this trio ofzines to report their findings.Step 1:Download the Aurasma app on a smart mobiledevice.Step 2:Follow the Bronx Museum of the Arts’ Aurasmachannel at to unlockthe digital layer in the zines.Step 3:On each page of the zines are dots that indicatethe number of Auras for that page. To find theAuras while in the Aurasma app, point themobile device to different areas or thewhole page.

Zine 1 Zine 2 Zine 3From 2014 to 2015, theCenter for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)collaborated withThe Bronx Museum of the Arts (BxMA)and public high school students to examinewhy there are such high asthma ratesin the Bronx.Step 1Print each page double-sided at 100%.Follow your printer's instructions for two-sided printing.Step 2Cut along the center of pageStep 3Fold each half in halfStep 4Slide folded pieces into each otherStep 5 (optional)Staple zine twice down the middle

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