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TRUCKING• Custom Blended Motor OilsMARINE• Exhaust and Intake SilencersMININGFor Your Heavy Equipment and Industrial Oil NeedsDistributed By:• Greater Efficiency• Reduced Pollution• Extended Equipment Life• Improve Your Bottom LineWE HAVE YOURDIESEL EQUIPMENT&FUEL OIL SOLUTIONSWe CanSave YouMoney• Filter Housing for Fuel and OilPOWERGENERATIONMettle Plus® & Clean Boost®Have BeenASTM Tested And VerifiedLOOK INSIDE FORIMPORTANT INFORMATION

Clean Boost fuel additivesoffer large fossilfuel consumers a simple,cost-effective approach tocombat today’s high petroleumprices and reduceoperating and maintenance costs, especially where incomplete combustion is aproblem. Clean Boost improves fuel and combustion efficiency, byconverting more of the fuel’s chemical energy into useful, kinetic energy,during the power stroke of diesel engine applications. Soot formationis prevented at the source and less fuel is wasted in the form of particulateemissions. Greenhouse gases (CO2 and NOx), acid rain causinggases (SO2 and SO3), soot (black smoke), carbon build-up and fouling,slagging and cold-end corrosion are all reduced, while diesel enginesperformance improves. Turbochargers remain cleaner and require lessmaintenance and waterwashing. Dangerous andcostly exhaust fires canalso be prevented in powergeneration or rail roadapplications.FOR MOREINFORMATIONAND TEST RESULTS FOR:• CLEAN BOOST:Diesel Fuel Additive For # 1 And # 2 Grades• METTLE PLUS:Engine/Gear Metal Treatment• Carbonex HFO:Heavy Fuel Oil Additive For Bunker Fuels & Heating Oils• Custom Blended Engine Oils, Additives and MoreLog On To Our Website: www.combust.comFor Information On Distributors Please Call801-870-1535Mettle Plus metal treatment is designedto achieve better results thanits predecessors on the market place.Mettle Plus has added stabilizing antioxidantformulation and very uniquemetal deactivators to assure that MettlePlus performs well in engine applications and gear oils applications not changingthe chemical make up of the oil the Mettle Plus is being added to. Theoil acts like a delivery truck carrying the Mettle Plus to the asperities ofthe metals and forming a covalent, galvanic bond to the metal allowinga 5 to 8 micron penetration into the metal, creating a smooth lessfriction absorbing metal. Mettle Plus does not layer the metal or puta film over the top of the metal, MettlePlus penetrates into the metalworking with ferrous particulates within the oils environment, treatingthe metal, not the oil.Carbonex® HFO is a concentrated,fuel-bornecombustion catalyst foruse in large, low-speeddiesel engines as well asindustrial boilers of all sizes. It improves the combustion of all gradesof heavy, residual fuel oils. Carbonex® HFO works in the later stages ofthe combustion cycle, where it catalytically enhances the combustion ofhard-to-burn fuel molecules. Improved combustion converts more fuelinto useful energy, translating into reduced fuel consumption, betterboiler performance at reduced levels of excess air, less particulate emissionsand reduced maintenance requirements. By eliminating soot andblack smoke at the source, Carbonex® HFO reduces carbon deposits andimproves thermal efficiency of heat exchangers. Maintenance schedules can alsobe extended. Carbonex® HFO is safe touse with all boilers and residual fuel applications.Carbonex® HFO can be usedfor Heavy Fuels in Marine, Mining, Manufacturing,Generation, and many moreindustries.

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