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personalfilingPersonal filing – with the growth of open workenvironments, many filing systems do not givethe individual worker much consideration.P Series Lateral Files from McDowell-Craigfacilitate personal storage that, not onlyaccommodates the individual, but also fitswith the surrounding office filing systems.P42-200 2 drawer lateral file – 42" wide

projectcenterProject Centers play a key role in keepinga working team organized and effective.The versatile design of the P Series LateralFile makes creating a project center easy.P42-300 3 drawer lateral file – 42" widewith laminated radius top

eceptionfilingReception Filing – many offices needsignificant amounts of filing and storage inthe reception area of the office. The L SeriesLateral File from McDowell-Craig meets thehigh paper-volume needs of the typicalreception area, while reinforcing the crucialgood first impression that reception areasare required to make.L42-200 2 drawer lateral file – 42" wide

groupstorageGroup storage – collaborative work is moreessential than ever before in today’s officelandscape. Teams of workers require projectspecific filing and storage that is both efficientand easy to access – P Series Vertical Filesfrom McDowell-Craig offer the perfect solution.Placed in team rooms or other commonareas, these files can serve project specificfiling and storage needs without becomingvisually obtrusive.P15005-drawer vertical letter file cabinet

centralfilingCentral Filing – even in a computer dependentwork-place, central filing remains a critical partof the office landscape. Although computersare intended to act as “virtual“ file cabinets,they tend to produce more hard copy thanever before. With that in mind, you’ll appreciatethe classically styled, easy-to-use NorwalkSeries by McDowell-Craig.1500 5-drawer vertical letter file cabinet1300 3-drawer vertical letter file cabinet

mobilestorageMobile Storage – unheard of a few years ago,today mobile storage is an office necessity.Rather than just “wheels on a file”, McDowell-Craig has created a truly effective solutionfor mobile storage. We call it “ched”. Chedcombines seating with storage, makingit the perfect product for the type of quickconferences that take place daily – and whenit’s not out-and-about, ched sits neatly beside itscompanion product, the QuB Series Pedestal.FMP-C2-24-SRP24" deep mobile pedestal – with seat cushion

more than model numbersToday‘s office is a living, breathing environment.McDowell-Craig understands that within thischanging office framework, filing and storagemust be more than just model numbers in acatalog, they must become solutions that havemerit and practical benefit to teams of workers,as well as to individuals.The preceding pages present solutions thathave been used successfully in thousands ofoffices just like yours.L series lateral files

ealsolutionscentralfilingpersonalfilingprojectcentermediastoragemobilestoragep seriesvertical filep serieslateral file norwalk seriesvertical fileL serieslateral file QuB seriespedestalp series lateral filesp series vertical filesnorwalk series vertical files

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