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Test report

Test report

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File No. DZ67550f2003-12-18Page 4 of 67 TEST METHODThe tests were performed in accordance with:EN 13823:2002 Reaction to fire tests for building products –Building products excluding floorings exposed to the thermalattack by a single burning item.8 TEST RESULTSDate of test: 2003-12-152 tests were performed.Test F1 was terminated before the nominal exposure period in accordance with clause 8.5b inEN 13823. A third test was not carried out.During each test the following measurements were made: Volume flow in the exhaust duct,production of carbon dioxide, concentration of oxygen, and production of light-obscuringsmoke. Based on these measurements the rate of heat release and the rate of smoke productionwere calculated.The graphs, enclosure 2-5, show for test F2:Enclosure 2- Average Heat Release Rate HRR av (t)- Total Heat Release THR (t)Enclosure 3- Average Heat Release Rate per unit time [1000 x HRR av (t)/(t-300)]- Figra 0.2MJ -valuesEnclosure 4- Figra 0.4 MJ -values- Smoke Production Rate SPR av (t)Enclosure 5- Total Smoke Production TSP(t)- Smoke Production Rate per unit time [10000 x SPR av (t)/(t-300)]The graphs, enclosure 6-7, show the measured temperatures for test F1 and test F2:Enclosure 6- T160 temperature (temperature measured between product and substrate, 160 mmfrom upper edge of the burner and 200 mm from the corner)- T300 temperature (temperature measured between product and substrate, 300 mmfrom upper edge of the burner and 200 mm from the corner)

File No. DZ67550f2003-12-18Page 5 of 6Enclosure 7- T750 temperature (temperature measured between product and substrate, 750 mmfrom upper edge of the burner and 200 mm from the corner)The test results are shown in table 1.Test No. 1F1Test No. 2F2FIGRA 0.2 MJ [W/s] - 8824FIGRA 0.4 MJ [W/s] - 8824THR 600s [MJ] - 105SMOGRA [m 2 /s 2 ] - 2082TSP 600 s [m 2 ] - 2525FDP f10s [yes/no] - YesFDP f>10s [yes/no] - YesLFS till edge of specimen [yes/no] - YesTable 1FDP f10s :FDP f>10s :LFS:Flaming Droplets/Particles burning less than 10 seconds.Flaming Droplets/Particles burning more than 10 seconds.Lateral Flame Spread on the long wing of the test specimen.Observations:Test F1min:sec00:00-00:15 EPS melts00:15-00:20 Ignition of melt00:40 Calcium silicate board visible2:03 Gas burner stoppedTest F2min:sec00:00-00:15 EPS melts00:15-00:20 Ignition of melt01:30-01:40 Whole surface of short wing is clear of EPS2:30 LFS>1000 mm3:00 Whole surface of long wing is clear of EPS4:00 Liquid pool fire beyond the half circle, FDP>10s21:00 Gas burner stoppedPhotographs of the test specimens show the damages, see enclosure 8.

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