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NORTH FORESTP a r e n t N o t e s : R e d e f i n i n g P o s s i b l eOffice HoursM,T,R,FW7:30 AM to 4:30 PM 7:30 AM - 1:45 PM713-967-8699 Office Number281-442-4466 Fax NumberUniforms sold only on Tues. & Thur. MorningsSacrifice is temporary.Legends are forever.El Sacrificio es temporal.Las Leyendas son para siempre.© Yes Prep North Forest. 2015.Teacher FeatureMr. Adam Garner6th Grade Math Co-TeacherShout-out to 6th grade math for“discovering” the area of aparallelogrm! Thank you, Mr. Garner forproviding scissors, graph paper, and asafe space for student to ask questionsand explore math! - Mr. GilbertDid you know?Mr. Garner is a bonafide LOUISIANA man. Hewent to Louisiana State University (LSU) andearned a Bachelor of Music Education Degree.His love for math led him to our school to teach.Mr. Garner is married and the only kids are thetwo Shih Tzu Mix dogs.In High School, he was highly active inBand playing the trumpet, singing bassin the choir & in drama. So, STUDENTSask for a concert! One random thingthat no one here knows about Mr.Garner.... he can blow air out thecorners of his eyes, and he is willing todemonstrate this! (WEIRD!?)Letter from Mr. GilbertGreetings, Parents and Guardians!Welcome to the 2015-2016 schoolyear! I am extremely excited thatyou have decided to come to YESPrep North Forest for another year.Every year that you choose ourschool is a huge opportunity forus…and for you. It is our opportunityto contribute to the NorthForest community by preparingyour students for a college educationand beyond. In addition, it isyour student’s opportunity to learn,grow, and gain confidence throughour academic programs,sports teams, and enrichmentactivities. Itis our hope that yourstudent will leaveour campus a betterstudent, leader, andperson because ofour work with you.This year we are focused onbuilding strong relationships withstudents and parents in variousways. We will continue to do CoffeeTalks, cultural heritage monthevents, homecoming week, andother events to keep you connectedwith our school. We willalso begin Community Circles withstudents and Parent Focus Groupsto gain more knowledge from youabout how to make our schoolstronger and better for every student.If you have ideas about howwe can improve our work, pleaseshare those suggestions with us.We want to become a strongercommunity, and we value yourinput in how we can get there!Last, but certainly not least, weare extremely excited about theSeniors! The Class of 2016 is anamazing group of young men andwomen who will soon join ouralumni in colleges and universitiesthroughout the country. They will,without a doubt, have a very impressivelist of college acceptancessoon and I cannotwait to see all the greatplaces they will have tochoose from. Their journeywill again prove thatour students are amongthe top in the city and aredestined for greatness.-We are excited about all the greatthings to come this year! We willcontinue to work hard and makestrides towards being excellent,because at YES Prep North Forestwe know…Sacrifice is Temporary…Legendsare Forever!Mr. GilbertSchool Director, YES Prep North

Newsletter Issue n. 45, January 2016Upcoming EventsLyons Unity MBCFree Back to School CarnivalAugust 15, 20159:00 am - 3:00 pm3215 Lyons AveFor the entire family© Yes Prep North Forest. 2015.Middle SChoolParent RoundtableAugust 19, 5:00 PMHIgh School Back-To-School DanceAugust 21stMS Parent OrientationAugust 25MS Parent RoundtableAugust 26thHS Parent OrientationAugust 27thYPNF Coffee TalkSeptember 2ndYPNF Open HouseSeptember 8Director of StudentSupportMrs. Celeste MyresHowdy!Having been a founding staff member of the Legend family I am excited to be a part of the continued movement of our visionto get all of our students to and through college in a new role at YES Prep North Forest. This year I will be serving YPNFas the Director of Student Support and will continue to build and sustain culture through my work with the MS and HSDean of Students and our Student Support Counselors. Part of my role involves using data to help drive interventions thatwill help our students and teachers create a tailored approach to determine “a way” to college and not “the way”.RestorativeDisciplineParents,We are very excited to add the utilization ofcommunity circles throughout our schoolthis year. This will help us garner relationshipswith students as well as improvethe overall culture of our classroom andcampus. Our 6th Grade Legends will utilizethese circles for restorative discipline inorder to begin getting our number of suspensionsand behavior issues down. Our6th grade team is open and ready to beginthese circles and have recently completedtraining. For more info, call the front office.© Yes Prep North Forest. 2015. Legends!StockInDesign Inc.Hello Legend Parents and Guardians,I hope you all are as excited for this school year as I am. This is my fifth year at YPNF! After teachingwriting for three years, Middle School Leadership for one, and serving as Grade Level Chair for thepast three years, I am ecstatic to now serve your families and students as the High School Dean of Students.I hold the joy and experience of previously teaching MOST of the students in High School, andam looking forward to continue building relationships with you and your students this school year.Here is some important background information so you can learn a little more about me.I’m a native of Georgia and proud alumni of the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs)! I was born andraised in a small town, but attended high school in the Atlanta area. I actually graduated with a Bachelorsin Broadcast Journalism and minor in Child and Family Development. After college, I made abold switch from the world of tv news to education. I moved to Houston in 2011 after becoming a Teach for America corps member, andhave been in Houston ever since.Fun Fact. I have only taught at one school in Houston during the regular school year…you guessed it…YES Prep North Forest! I considerthis campus like home, and value everyone as my family. I would not trade my experiences for the world. I also have a background inElementary School Special Education, and providing an appropriate education to ALL students is a strong passion of mine.My Work Experience. This year, I am able to truly complete the education trifecta. I started off in Elementary, laid roots in MiddleSchool, and now happily embrace the challenge of High School. I know that the relationships I seek to build with each of you will help usall be successful this year!On Tuesday, August 25th, I will be hosting a parent roundtable while you all will also be able to gain valuable information from ourCollege Counseling department. I’d love to have 10 to 15 parents of high school students come and share with me what they believe weshould keep doing, start doing and stop doing to make sure that all of our high school students are successful. If you’re interested in attending,please email me at or RSVP with Ms. Carlos in the Front Office. I lookforward to working with each of you this year!Legendary Parents,Welcome back to YES Prep North Forest! After four years of teaching high school English andcoaching our teachers as a Dean of Instruction, I am so excited to re-introduce myself to you asyour Middle School Dean of Students! We’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other asparent and educator, so I’d like to take this time to tell you a little bit about me as a person.I’m a country girl. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. I graduated from Spelman College inAtlanta, GA. I’ve been in Houston ever since. I love the idea of snow, but I’d never live somewherethat actually GETS snow.I love WORDS. I fell into teaching English after spending six years of teaching all subjects as an elementary school teacherwhen I got to North Forest in 2011. Teaching kids how to read and write well sparked my natural love of words, and I’ve set agoal of reading a book a month for fun ever since. My personal philosophy on life is that “The book is always better than themovie. ALWAYS.”I’ve spent my entire teaching career in historically black neighborhoods in Houston. I started at Wesley Elementary in AcresHomes. I was a founding teacher at KIPP Spirit in Sunnyside. This is my fifth year in North Forest. I love this neighborhood,and I’m proud to call it home. That’s right! I live right here in North Forest, and I’m always looking for new places to eat!I’ve told you a LOT about me, and I’m excited to get to know you. In fact, here’s your first invitation to come tell me a littleabout yourself: On August 20 and 27 (both Thursdays), I will be hosting two parent roundtables. I’d love to have 20 to 30 parentsof middle school students come and share with me what they believe we should keep doing, startdoing and stop doing to make sure that all of our middle school students are successful. If you’re interested inattending, please email me at or RSVP with Ms. Carlos in the Front Office. I look forward to workingwith each of you this year!© Yes Prep North Forest. 2015.© Yes Prep North Forest. 2015.

ACE Program!Tiffany Hogg, ACE Coordinatorfrom the desk of the ACE Coordinator:ACE Kickoff© Yes Prep North Forest. 2014.It’s that time of year again! School has started, and shortlyaround the corner, ACE will begin it’s after shool program!ACE is a Free After-school Activities program for Middle andHigh School students.We offer many activties from Band, Art/Graffiti, Cookingand so much more. We are even starting sports programsthis year that will include our 6th grade Legends! Don’twait to sign up! Go ahead and get your student active bothphsyically and mentally. We have something for the entirefamily.Contact Ms. Hogg at 832-205-5925 or to sign your student up for Homework Help, Drivers-Ed,Band, Art/Graffiti, Cooking and MUCH MORE! Classes are fillingup fast so don’t delay!Middle School UpdatesIf YES Prep North Forest wants ALL of our middle schoolstudents to be successful, what should we STOP doing?START doing? KEEP doing? Come share your answers toAmazingHonorReliableCode ofConductLegendLegend Athleticsthese questions with the MiddleSchool Dean of Students at our ParentRoundtable.We have space for 30 parents onThursday August 27 from 5 until 7.RSVP,by emailing or see Ms. Carlos in thefront office.Get middle school updates by TEXTby joining our Remind text group! Just text @ypnfms1516 to 81010, and all our announcementswill go straight to your cell phone!08 17 15 08 18 15YPNF HS Legend VolleyballTryouts for the Women’s TeamAfter-schoolin YPNF GymnasiumYPNF HS Legend VolleyballTryouts for the Men’s TeamAfter-schoolin YPNF Gymnasium

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